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श्रावकभूमिः : Sravaka Bhumi of Acarya Asanga-Part: 2 (An Old and Rare Book)

The first Volume of the edited text of gravakabhumi, the XIII Chapter of the Yoracara (-carya) bhumisastra of Azalea edited by the present author was published in 1973. This edition contained the edited text deciphered from the enlarged photo-prints of the microfilms brought from Tibet by the late Mahapandita Rahall Sankritayayana. The first Volume contained only the Sanskrit text (pp. 511) and 64 pages of the Introduction.

Unfortunately, the remaining portions of the Introduction and appendices could not be brought out earlier due to circumstances beyond our control.

Now, the remaining portions of the Introduction along with five appendices containing the reconstructed text of the lost portions of the gravakabhumi (Appendix-I), Verses occurring in the gravakabhumi (Appendix-11), Hetuvidya of Azalea from Cintamayi 131thmi (Appendix-111); Sanskrit text of Paramarthagatha-vyavasthana, Abhi-prayikigathavyavasthana and Sarirarthagathavyavasthana (Appendix-IV) and Analytical Contents of the gravakabhumi (Appendix-V) and three Indices of quotations, verses and important Sanskrit words are being presented here.

The English Introduction contains a study of the gravakabhumi in its various aspects along with a short survey of its contents. An introduction in Sanskrit containing a summary of the general study of the text along with a note on the Yoga-materials in the gravakabhumi has also been given for the benefit of readers.

The Introduction was written nearly twenty years back and is being presented here in its original form as an able Sanskrit text with its Tibetan version indicating the paramount textual and doctrinal significance.

I wished to append a comparative table of the available (14 Buddhist textual dirrerences of the two versions, but due to certain peculiar circumstances this could not become possible. It is proposed to include this appendix in the second edition. Similarly, some improvements on the readings of some portions and a study of the Yogiteara philosophy expounded in the gravakabhilmi could not be given. These too are proposed to be given at a later date.

In spite of these shortcomings, this much awaited second volume of gravakabhfimi is being brought out for the benefit of the distinguished scholars and researchers in the field. I crave the indulgence of the readers for the various mistakes that have crept in.

Any suggestion for improvement will be gratefully acknowledged and incorporated in the second edition.

I am thankful to the authorities of the K. P. Jayaswal Research Institute, Patna for initiating the publication of this volume, especially to its present director, Prof. J. C. Jha whose keenness and initiative have made the publication of this volume possible.

Our thanks are also due to Messer Tara Printing Works, Varanasi for their fine and timely printing of the Volume.

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