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The Spiritual Significance of Flowers (Set of 2 Volumes)

The Spiritual Significance of Flowers (Set of 2 Volumes)
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Item Code: NAM571
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8170586097
Pages: 492 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.0 inch X 11.0 inch
weight of the book: 2.4 kg
Part I

About the Book

THE SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF FLOWERS Each variety of flower, according to the Mother, has its own special quality and meaning. During her lifetime she gave "names" or "significances" to 898 flowers. In this book these flowers, with their significances, are arranged thematically in twelve chapters. In each chapter flowers of related significance are grouped together and placed in a sequence that develops the chapter's theme. Brief quotations from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother accompany many significances as an aid to understanding them. 630 colour photographs help to identify the flowers and reveal their beauty. A separately bound reference volume contains indexes, glossaries, descriptions of the flowers and botanical information on them.

Publisher’s Note

"Flowers speak to us when we know how to listen to them," the Mother said. "It is a subtle and fragrant language." As if to provide a key to this language, she identified the significances of almost nine hundred flowers. In this book, these flowers and their meanings are presented in the light of her vision and experience.

The book consists of two separately bound parts. Part 1, the text and photographs, is arranged thematically on the basis of the Mother's flower-significances. In each of the twelve chapters, flowers of related significance are grouped together; these groups are then placed in a sequence that develops the theme of the chapter. The organization of the chapters is outlined in the Contents.

For each flower in Part 1, the following details are given: the Mother's significance, her comment on the significance, the botanical name, and the colour or colours of the flower. Relevant quotations from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother accompany many flower-significances as an aid to understanding them. For most flowers there is a colour photograph to facilitate identification.

Part 2 is a reference volume containing indexes, glossaries, detailed descriptions of the flowers and other information. The d indexes make it possible to locate the flowers in Part 1 by looking under the Mother's significance, the botanical name or the common name.

The Origin of the Significances
The Mother
Sri Aurobindo
Flowers and Their Significances
1Aditi and Avatar
Aditi 3
Avatar 5
2The Divine
Sachchidananda 9
Divine Presence11
Divine Love 12
Divine Grace 16
Divine Help 18
Protection 21
3 The New Creation
New world 29
New creation 30
The future 31
Super humanity 32
4 Living for the Divine
To live only for the Divine36
Attachment to the Divine (orchids)36
Trust in the Divine 44
Friendship with the Divine 45
Love for the Divine (roses) 48
5Road to the Divine
Road to the Divine60
Aspiration 64
Prayer 69
Tapasya 83
Renunciation of desires85
Endurance 95
Service 98
Work 99
Organisation 105
Help 107
Progress 109
6Bases of Spiritual Life
Sincerity 112
Peace 120
Right attitude134
Life energy136
Boldness 142
Absolute truthfulness144
Spiritual speech 145
No quarrels148
Certitude 151
7Spiritual Attainments
Mastery 154
Wisdom 156
Inspiration 158
Revelation 159
Consciousness turned towards the Light160
Conversion 166
New birth168
Realisation 169
Immortality 173
Beauty 174
Art 180
Refinement 183
Wealth 188
Agni 197
Supramental Consciousness198
Beauty of supramental youth200
Charm of the new creation206
Individual power 212
Dynamic power 218
Power of progress 220
9Planes of Consciousness and Parts of the Being
Complexity of the centres224
Supramental influence227
Spiritual aspiration230
Spiritual beauty 233
Psychic work235
Psychological perfection238
Mind 241
Higher mind 244
Mental simplicity249
Quiet mind 258
Vital opening261
Vital purity 265
Elegance in the emotions273
Refinement of sensations275
Physical consciousness turned entirely towards the Divine282
Light in the blood284
Peace in the cells286
Peace in the sex centre288
Health 290
Dreams 293
Power of Truth in the Subconscient294
Divine Will acting in the Inconscient 296
10Collaboration of Nature
Blossoming of Nature 299
Spontaneous aspiration of Nature towards the Divine301
Abundance 304
Light in fairyland307
Bird of paradise 308
11Awakening of Matter
Psychic awakening in Matter310
Gold 313
Fire 314
12Radha and Krishna
Radha's consciousness 316
Krishna's light in the Overmind317
Krishna's play 321
Krishna's Ananda 323
Part II

Publisher’s Note

This reference volume contains indexes, glossaries, descriptions of the flowers and other information.

There are three indexes giving the location of the flowers in Part 1: an Index of the Mother's Significances, an Index of Botanical Names and an Index of Common Names. The user should note that in all these indexes the reference numbers are those of the flowers as they are arranged in Part 1, not the page numbers of the book.

Two glossaries explain technical terms used in the book. A Glossary of Botanical Terms defines words that occur in the Descriptions of the Flowers. A Glossary of Philosophical and Psychological Terms provides definitions of the Sanskrit and other words that are found in the quotations of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

A brief section, The Symbolism of Colours, explains the meaning of various colours and their relationship to the Mother's flower- significances.

Descriptions of the Flowers, the largest section of the book, gives the full botanical name and family of each flower and indicates its size, shape, colour, lifespan, leaf-type, etc.

Note on the Texts and Photographs, the concluding section, identifies the sources of the quotations of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and provides general information on the texts and photographs.

1Index of the Mother's Significances325
2Index of Botanical Names 335
3Index of Common Names343
4Glossary of Botanical Terms 353
5Glossary of Philosophical and Psychological Terms357
6The Symbolism of Colours 365
7Descriptions of the Flowers 367
8Note on the Texts and Photographs 457

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