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Specifics in Bach Flower Remedies

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Author: Dr. DS Vohra
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788131903469
Pages: 138
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Book Description

About the Book

The book ts a rich compilation of 200 cases cured by Dr. Vohra with the help of Bach Flower Remedies. The book proves the efficacy of Bach Flower Remedies when prescribed in combinations. Dr. Vohra through his vast experience, made combinations, which act as specifics for certain ailments.


Combinations usually under the name of specifics for certain ailments are a plenty in the market in twelve tissues, in homoeopathy and in ayurveda.

In allopathy too, several medicines are prescribed to be taken together or separately to cure different ailments in a patient. In Bach flower therapy too, more than one remedy is prescribed to cover the different changes of mood in a patient. The Bach flower remedies are equally effective whether they are given in one combination or separately. It is more convenient and economical to administer the remedies in combination than separately. In the last, more than twenty five years of active practice in Bach.flower therapy and having treated thousands and thousands of patients with diverse physical and mental problems, we have prepared some combinations which are very common in most of the prescriptions.

Thus, for example, in every chronic disease more than one of these elements are very common:

  1. Repetition of trouble and repeated thoughts.

  2. Chronicity or heredity whose effects are very difficult to dislodge.

  3. Fear and/or apprehension.

  4. Desire to get tid of or cleanse the system of unpleasant feelings.

  5. Depression, negative thoughts.

  6. Jealousy, hatred and ill feeling.

  7. Impatience and irritability.

  8. Unbearable pain, physical or mental.

  9. Weakness, physical or mental.

  10. Loss of self-confidence.

Whereas some of these remedies in combination are common in most of the chronic diseases, it is sometimes necessary to add one or more remedies to the basic combination for complete prescription of a particular case.

Thus, for example, White Chestnut + Walnut is the basic combination for most of the chronic diseases, be it a chronic cough and cold or depression or some skin disease; if the patient has fear then his prescription would be White Chestnut-+ Walnut + Mimulus.

In the book, "My Clinical Experiences in Bach Flower Remedies. have given about 300 cases in which various combinations of Bach flower remedies were used.

Another 220 cases are given in this book.

Although the name of the disease does not matter in homoeopathy or Bach flower therapy, most of the patients that come to us are those who failed to get any relief from their long treatment at the hands of allopathic doctors. They are very conversant with the name of the disease, the clinical tests and even the names of the drugs prescribed. They can understand or describe their trouble by the name of the disease.

It is with a view to reach such people that we are prescribing on the basis of the name of disease. We have quite a number of combinations which we use in our daily practice. We have benefited from this practice and do hope that others will benefit from it. We keep these combinations in dilution or pills form and can supply those against order.

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