The Sound of Sitar
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The Sound of Sitar

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Item Code: NAN508
Author: Subroto Roy Chowdhury
Publisher: Thema Books, Kolkata
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789381703342
Pages: 112
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

In a freeflowing, lucid and critical overview, Subroto Roy Chowdhury, sitarist and musicologist, traces the evolution of the sitar in a fast evolving musical scenario, under the direct impact of historical forces; and the emergence of the technologies of mechanical reproduction and dissemination of music. The technically insightful distinctions the scholarly performer underscores in the styles of the major vocalists and instrumentalists of the twentieth century-most of whom he has heard and whose music he has meticulously examined-are solidly grounded in a close study of how several memories, traditions, influences and reverberations have gone into the making of these styles; allowing listeners and performers alike a more sensitive understanding of the distinct nuances of the different individual sitar Styles in the classical Indian music circuit.

About the Author

SUBROTO ROY CHOWDHURY (b. 29 January 1943) received his talim in sitar continuously for twenty years- from the late Kumar Birendrakishore Roychaudhuri. He had the rare privilege of coming into close association with another legendary maestro Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan. Eventually he became a gandabandhan shagird of Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar. In a signed note, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan complimented him on his dedication to the 'authentic Dhrupad tradition,' and 'his uncompromising attitude' that 'will surely help raise the awareness of the next generation to our Vedic tradition.'

As a music critic, he has contributed to some of India's major dailies and periodicals. He began teaching in the mid-1970s, lecturing at the Birmingham Conservatory, the Freie Universitat, Berlin, Kassel University, and the Ali Akbar College of Music in California, before setting up his own school in Berlin, where he now lives and teaches. He has more than a dozen CDs published in India, Germany and the USA; and performs concerts regularly in India, Europe and the USA. His record of fusion music, Explorations (1987), with the late Steve Lacy, soprano saxophonist. has remained a bestseller.


Looking Back  
Hafiz Ali Khan 4
Mixed gharanas 16
John Gomes 17
The sitar of western India 18
Radhikamohan Maitra 22
Babbu Sahab 23
Amjad Ali Khan 24
Munawar Ali Khan and Imrat Khan 26
Bahadur Khan 27
Recent entrants and the future 29
The Musical Scene in The Twentieth Century  
Alap: concept and construction 34
Bade Ghulam Ali Khan 41
Enhancing the performance 43
The Dagar Gharana 45
The tabla and the sarangi 48
The sitar and Ravi Shankar 51
The Niyamatulla Khan sarod gharana 53
Shortening of traditional compositions 54
String arrangement in sitar and veena 56
Mushtaq Ali Khan 58
The sitar today 59
Alauddin Khan 60
Imdad Khan 61
The sitar and Vilayat Khan 65
The changing course of Indian classical music 66
Taans and tod as 73
Hierarchy in music 73
Surbahar, sitar, sarangi 75
Enayat Khan 76
Vilayat Khan 83
Standardization 88
Ravi Shankar 89
Nikhil Banerjee 92
Sitar players of Bengal 96
Gharanas and styles 98
Our classical music changes 101

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