Soul Searchers: The Hidden Mysteries of Kundalini

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Author: R. Venugopalan
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788192229447
Pages: 316
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About The Book

The whole basis of Kundalini energy is a science that raises the capacity of the human mind to respond to higher vibrations, and to perceive, catch and assimilated the infinite conscious movement going on around us in the universe. In fact it make one aware of the energy and its expanse within the body and allows one to connect to the Divine Energy through a network of nerves at Five different levels of consciousness, beginning with the gross body and ending at the basic Subtlest level of Spirit force.

The whole of the science confirms and expands through ten important vayu-nadis, i.e. nerve impulse pathways, allowing one to realize the potential and power of pranayama. The three major subtle nerves (Nadi) Ida (left side of the body), Pingala (on the right), Sushumna in the center, piercing the skull and joining the cerebrum (Brahma-chakra). These are some of the Nadis that work through hundreds of Chakras with the power of Prana controlled and directed through the Ida and Pingala Nadi. The deep levels of consciousness that one is tuned to allows one to rise to the heights of the energy, connecting one to the source of the creation itself.

In ancient period this science was only taught to those who had the ability to work upon this and was capable of spreading the knowledge to others. But today the need for this science is comparatively higher than in the ancient period.

In the middle of such a chaotic ambience, The book "Soul Searchers-The Hidden Mysteries of Kundalini" provides deeper realization and allows one to gain a deeper grip over the state of thoughtless awareness and the awakening of our inner system into higher state of consciousness and power. A state in which we understand better, enjoy more and become more effective in all aspects of life. This enlightens the path to a truly humanistic way of life and develops a collective consciousness, sense of security and peace within ourselves.

The book covers in detail about 14 Major chakras, 300 Major-Minor Chakras, 237 Minor Chkras, 180 Nadis, 16 Granthis. The level of understanding is shown through Five Major levels of Consciousness, beginning detailed introspection about the origin of the Kundalini from the ancient period of time.


A Word from Author

A word of explanation is necessary with regard to the book now being offered to the esteemed seekers of truth. The book, which is in your hands, is the one of the initial books I had written back in 1998-99.

Initially I had never wanted to write a book of this kind as many great people in India and in the west had written voluminous books about energy, chakra and Kundalini but every book even with deepest research was boiling into one realm that they were limiting the energy and the subtle aspects to one area of the ancient scriptures. Subtle aspects of energy is not a new way, a new path of knowing the truth in the most exuberating and divine manner for the ways of ancients truly originated from the deepest subtle and subtler aspects of truth revealed openly through the cosmic connection yet few of them were able to develop the subtlety within themselves to receive the revelation in the true manner. Even these revelations over the period of time got corrupted through limited understanding and awareness and the way of communication.

These very factors have led to creation of more and more conditions that have made it nearly impossible to convince a human being that the revelation strands are still embedded within Him. Connection to the revelation, shall allow Him to gain the glorious personality of peace, harmony, love and compassion which cannot be understood and known till the time He is pondering about the problems of modern times.

The original purpose of writing this book was to take one a step further into the basic understanding of the secrets contained in the anatomical level of all chakras and energy centres present in the body. It had the newness of providing the esteemed seekers of truth with a completely new aspect of Kundalini and Chakras allowing them to move into the world of spiritual beauty and endless ecstasy.

Over the years we have found that lot of discrepancies, loss of paragraphs and spelling errors have crept into the book due to repeated composing and design changes. I have gained this opportunity to bring to you the enlarged updated edition of the book through Universal Centre for Spiritual Research and Development which has been long overdue.

There have been quite a lot of changes which have been incorporated in the book so that the readers feel more comfortable and get a more systematized flow of the chapters. "Soul Searchers-The Hidden Mysteries of Kundalini" has been a revolutionary in the sense that it provided a newer perspective to our way of looking at spiritual evolution through the Original Primordial force. Through the present book, I offer a theory of the Basic Anatomical structure of the forces upon which Kundalini Energy works, adapt and connect one from the physical level to the subtle and subtler level.

The current book is a part of the inner connectivity series of books and notes that shall truly interest the true seekers of knowing the spiritual crisis, awakening syndromes at the physical, psychological and physiology.

Many areas of the book for many general readers may look dry but with first couple of readings one will see the tool for seeing the light that is truly required for one who is seeking the truth in reality. The core of the book is to embed the seed of knowing within the heart and mind of the reader allowing one to truly understand and know the life and pattern of energy within the physical, mental and emotional body.

Many people think that it is important to awaken/ raise the force of Kundalini as soon as possible, which I personally do not recommend unless one has undergone the process of cleansing, purification, learning, understanding and are clearly aware of the risks and precautions to be followed under the able guidance of a Master or have actually developed deep inner connection to flow with it to know and realize the true way without any problems or risks.

It is never possible for a person to cover everything especially pertaining to such a vast and subtle topic in one or couple of books. Certain symptoms and issues pertaining to Chakras on the external front may create a sense of fixation to some readers who feel it is happening to them, coupled with their understanding and conditions of traditions and culture bringing a complete halt to their development and evolution, for such people it is quite important to learn the way in the traditional manner from a Master.

In a moment of time and space I live and I am indebted to all the divine mediums that have allowed me to be here and now. I have been blessed one for I have been supported and cared by more than one mother in my life who have carefully laid the foundation of me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the day of revelation provided through great eternal saints and Divine Light.




A Word from the Author 3
An Offering 7
Advent 9
Kundalini - An Introduction 28
Nadi- Channels of Consciousness 57
Granthis-Psychic Knots 86
Chakras- A Beginning 99
Muladhara Chakra 107
Svadhisthana Chakra 131
Manipura Chakra 157
Anahata Chakra 190
Surya Chakra 215
Bindu Chakra 222
Vishuddhi Chakra 234
Lalata and Agni-Kunda Chakra 262
Anjna chakra 269
Sahasrara Chakra 286
Beyond Sahasrara Chakra 296
Minor Chakra 299
Mandala Meditation 310


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