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Song of The Siddhas - Siddha Gita (An Old Book)

Song of The Siddhas - Siddha Gita (An Old Book)
Item Code: NAO914
Author: Pushpa Chadha
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 1994
ISBN: 8172760450
Pages: 123
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 150 gms
About the Author

Smt. Pushpa Chandha Hails from a Delhi-based Punjabi family, now settled in Bombay.

She graduated from the Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow, majoring in Philosophy, English and Hindi Shi is foun of reading and writing.

She writes poetry both in English and Hindi. Her poems have been published in various magazines as well as in Anthologies, published by the National Library of Poetry, USA, for which she has received the Editor’s Choice Award.

Smt. Chadha pursued the Manipuri and Kathak styles of Indian dancing and performed before select audiences. She also worked with social organisations helping the handicapped and destitute children.

We hope readers will enjoy reading this book as much as she did in translating it.


The “Song of the siddhas” is a translation of the Siddhas Gita”, which is a part of a hindi book Gyan Vairagya Chandawali. This long poem by 108 Brahmanishta Swami Bhole Babji Mahaja of U.P.. Narrates how King Janak, ventured into a forest and gained knowledge from the Sisshas’. After the king returned to his palace. his transformation and the dialogue between the King and his Queen. make interesting reading.

I have experienced hoy and satisfaction is undertaking this work which has token me approximately five years of dedicated effort.

I am pleased that the English reading public can now have access to the Siddhas Gita.


  Preface iii
  King Janak's Transformation v
1 King Janak Hearkens vii
  The siddha's Song 1
2 King Janak's Contemplation  
  Part I- 'The world's unreality 7
  Part II- 'Detachment' 14
3 King's janak's Resolution 20
4 King Janak Counsels his mind 27
5 Glory of Deliveration & Janaks's Liberation 34
6 King Janak And His Queen ( a Dialogue) 41
7 Mean to Mental Peace' ( Dialoue continued) 47
8 Purification of the Mind' 53
9A Means of Dissolving the Mind 60
9B Means of Dissolving the Mind 66
10 Man of Discrimination 72
11 Desire Descried 78
12 Characeristics of the Liberated 83
13 jeevan Mukti-Videha Mukti 89
14 State of the Wise 95
15 Means to Salvation 101
16 Mind Conquered' ( Dialogue Ends) 107
  Couplets Composed by Bhole Baba. 113

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