So Far So Near

So Far So Near

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Author: Amal Kumar RoyAlias Kinkar Krisnananda
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788172764098
Pages: 182
Cover: Paperback
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Amal Kumar my was born of parents phani Bhushan roy and Pratibha Rani Roy in jognala Village of Pabna 01st In East Bengal (at present Banga Desh) on Makos sankranti tithi The 14th January, 1929 In his maternal house of big Zaminder Gupta Bhaya Family. He was brought up In his paternal house at Dinhata Subdivision of the then royal State of Cooch Behar during British Raj. He passed matric examination from Dinhata HE. School, I St examination from Cooch Behar Victoria College (Now B.N.Sil College.) Professionally he worked In some thermal power stations as Engineer and some allied jobs In Delhi and Kolkata, before retiring in 1987.

Being brought up in Cooch Behar disst. under the foot of Himalayas in sylvan surroundings of the greeneries all around of the mother earth and with the legacy he Inherited from the rich family culture, he developed special bent of mind that used to experience tremendous gravity of attraction of the universe unknown, swelling into the aspiration to know the unknown. In particular reference to the divine sight of the golden peak Kanchan Jangha that peeped through, daily In the early hour of the day to amaze to ponder over, what lies beyond the golden peak. But this mental make-up gradually dimmed faint and fainter during his professional career. Which was the story of struggle for existence. Though he was fighting fit, yet the world of reality appeared hard and cruel to him. Possively that was the saddest story of the sweetest song of the seed of the mental makeup of his boy-hood. singing in the dense darkness and sprang up as the root by the magic touch of Maha Yogi Sri Mat Narendara Nath Brahmchariji of Deoghar, Badynath Dham, who guided him as torch bearer, till to his wonder, he, for himself read Sri Aurobindo:

“Hills after hills were climbed and now
Behold the tremendous brow
and the great rock that man has never trod
A sep. and that is sky and god”

And that sky descended on him in the human form of Sri Sia Ram Das Onkarnath. essentially “so far” came “So near” to initiate him with mantra and to baptise with name Kinkos Krisnananda. He had no schooling in any philosophical or spiritual course. But to his credit a lot of obscure metaphysical writings have appeared in some journals, appreciated by men who matter, about which he states that those were the dictations of his master in the sound of silence and he has worked as stenographer only. Two of such articles were borrowed freely by Gupta Press Panjika, namly Onkar Panchami and Maha Matrika Chaturthy to use as termino1o’ for Birth Date Tithi for onkarnathjl and Maa Anand Mayee resepectvely every year.

Besides, there are some unwritten articles of divine vibration that are transformed in concrete forms. for which he worked, as follow:

A) i) Rennovation of cemetery of Raja Ram Mohan Roy in Bristol. ii) Onkarnath Ashram in Uttarkashi, which had a miracular escape from being bull dozed by I.T.B.P. at the last moment of the happening to take shape in 1992. iii) Illustrious Abanindra Nath Tagore, father of Bengal oriental art in amazing water colour, On the verge of being swept away by the avant grade, movement of commercial art and gasping for life at the hand of idealist young artist Ratan Acharya. who also was fighting for existence for his ideal, set by his guru, miraculously regained life with full vigour and now buzzing with the age old value culture, depicting relics of this land in the restructured easel of Ratan Acharya. The famous celebrity Dr. Karan Singh was instrumental for every of happenstances stated.

B) Rennovation of Siddveswari Kali Mandir in Dhaka in 1982. where H.M. Ershad the then. Martial Administratior of Bangladesh came handy to become instrumental.

C) Rennovation of the room of the Bunglow where Swami Vivekananda used to stay In Almora of Himachal Pradesh. occasionally having had written sort of explosive articles, sitting in that room which were the ingredients for freedom struggle In disguise, setting fire in the hearts of all the then leaders of the country. B.N. Mullick said to be the then defect Prime Minister during the early independence of India became Instrumental in 1981

But for every of such activity. Roy remained an unseen catalyst, who preferred not to come out on the surface, rather delved deep into abysm of unboldies infinite” where he waits with constant aspiration to find the region beyond the golden peak that “soars straight Into the pure empyrean of the infinite” to merge and remains mystically ever unseen. He. at this advanced age, even after undergoing huge brain tumur operation and other major operations with consequent ailments during the period of writing this book, Is found alone in his small half dark room with pen and paper, always alert not to spare any knock of divine vibration that may appear as a sudden shower of nector without any indication before hand.



The secret of India’s continued spiritual dynamism down through the ages lies in the fact that this land has always produced men and women of great spiritual power and realization who have kept the torch of our culture and philosophy ablaze. In the 20th century several such people lived in India including such iconic figures as Swami Vivekananda who passed away in 1902, Sri Aurobindo and Sri Ramana Maharshi who passed away in 1950. Mother great saint was Shri Sitaramdas Onkarnath, a mystic and a realized soul.

In this book his close disciple Amal Kumar Roy (alias Kinkar Krisnananda) has given us a fascinating account of four mystic incidents from the life of Sitaramdasji, about which he seems to have had a personal conversation with the great Guru. In the course of his exposition, Roy has ventured into all kinds of fascinating areas including Quantum Physics, Einstein’s Theories, the Stages of Yoga in Kashmir Shaivism, the fivefold descent of Shiva from the un-manifest to the manifest, and many other such thought- provoking areas.

Clearly Roy himself has had something of a spiritual awakening, and this book in a way is his testament to that and his homage to Sri Sitaramdas Onkarnathji. One of the reasons why he has asked me to write a preface is that apparently at one point his Guru was on the way to Jammu to visit the famous Sri Raghunath Temple there when he suddenly changed his mind at the last moment. This has always fascinated Roy, and in fact he is proceeding to Jammu to offer the manuscript of the book at the Sri Raghunath Temple on the auspicious day of Sri Ramanavami. My good wishes are with him in his spiritual quest.


In this book, Kinkar Krisnananda recounts several mystical experiences that his esteemed gum Baba Sitaramdas Onkarnath underwent and communicated to him. - I met Baba Onkarnath myself a few times. When I met him the first time, he gave me a white woolen mat. In the Tibetan tradition we consider this auspicious; a sign of longevity for the person to whom a mat or cushion is presented. However, I was even more impressed by the Baba’s evident spiritual qualities, and the respect he was accorded at the assemblage of religious dignitaries. This put me in mind of masters I have known in Tibet, who were completely immersed in the life of the spirit, with little or no regard for the comings and goings of this world and prompted recollection of the spiritual traditions we uphold in Tibet which have their origin in the scholars and adepts of ancient India.

I was also moved to know that Baba Onkarnath was not only a stalwart in his personal support for Tibet and the preservation of our spiritual traditions, but also that he frequently encouraged his followers to acknowledge our cause.

It is my hope that readers may be touched by Baba Onkarnath’s message of peace and harmony and may find here inspiration and understanding that in some way contributes to their own awakening to inner peace. And I pray that through that inner peace they too will become better human beings able to help create a happier, more peaceful world.




  A few words viii
  Preface – Dr. Karan Singh Padma Vibhusan xii
  Introduction – His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, Nobel laureate xv
  Acknowledgement 1
  Prologue 8
  Middle Path 15
  A) First Incident – Probodh 35
  B) Second Incident – At the age of six 44
  A) Third incident – Matrix and Creatrix 76
  B) Fourth incident – Mahakas (The Infinite sky 91
  Epilogue 136
  Appendix 159

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