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श्री विद्या सपर्या पद्धति: Shri Vidya Sarpaya Paddhati

THE 'Brahmavidya Vimarsini Sabha which has been in existence for a little over eighteen months has been assisting, by means of periodical lectures and publication of books, persons who are worshippers of Sri Devi, in the better understanding of Sri Vidya and Advaita which are closely connected or, more correctly speaking, identical. The members of the Sabha as well as other Upasakas have long felt the need for a publication setting out an accurate and exhaustive worship of Sri Vidya. The Navavarana Puja was till now available only in manuscripts varying with each Upasaka and containing mistakes which have crept in when transcribing from one manuscript to another. The Sabha decided to undertake the publication of a book which whilst giving in detail the ritual proper of the Navavarana Puja should at the same time be free from mistakes and follow the Kalpasutras. For this purpose they appointed a Committee which under the guidance of the president of the Sabha, Brahmasri N. Subramania Iyer, a devotee of Sri Devi for over 30 years, brought out this publication and I have much pleasure in commending to the public, this work which is chiefly based on the South Indian manuscripts. A number of diagrams have also been included in the book explaining the positions of the various Devatas in the Srichakra and their worship.

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