Shree Lakshmee Sahasranaama Stotram : श्री लक्श्मी सहस्रनाम स्तोत्रं
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Shree Lakshmee Sahasranaama Stotram : श्री लक्श्मी सहस्रनाम स्तोत्रं

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Item Code: UAB755
Author: Meenkshi Balu
Publisher: Sri M. B. Publishers, Chennai
Language: Sanskrit and English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788181240901
Pages: 164
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Every individuals life is guided by the vedic theme of comfortable and upright (life morally) with the ultimate goal of attainment of liberation.

The vedic seers understood the value and importance of wealth in an individual’s life and hence prayed for material prosperity (Shreehi) along with spiritual progress.

The Goddess Lakshmee is personified as the bestower of the wealth. The term wealth not only included money but all round prosperity. Lakshmee in eight forms (Ashta Lakshmee) is worshipped by the followers of vedic dharma.

The Puraanic legend attributes the manifestation of Lakshmee during the churning of milky ocean when after advent of many articles, Lakshmi emerged and wedded Sri Vishnu.

Vedic and Puraanic legends state that Lakshmi resides in red lotus, in the root of Bilva tree, in the saubhaagya dravyas (auspicious items such as turmeric, salt, gold etc) and in the heart of Vishnu. (which is her ultimate resting place).

She is various by glorified as daughter of ocean (Kseera- saagaratanayaa), sister of Chandra (Chandra sahodaree), beloved of Vishnu. (Vishnupriyaa) etc. She incarnated along with Vishnu in Raamaavataara and Krishnaavataara as Seetaa and Rukmini to help the Lord fullfill his task.

According to the Taantric Legends, the Aadishakti manifested as Mahaakaali, Mahaa-Lakshmee and Mahaasarasvatee who were the Taamasic, Raajasik and Saatvik powers of the primordial Shakti. From Mahaakaali emerged Paarvatee and Vishnu, from Mahaalakshmee emerged Lakshmee and Brahma and from Mahaa Sarasvatee emerged Sarasvatee and Shiva. Later on the pairs of Brahma-Sarasvati, Vishnu Lakshmee and Shiva Paarvati took upon the responsibility of creation. Sustenance and destruction, of the universal creation.

According to Shrividyaa mode of worship, Shreem, is the effective beejaa mantra of goddess Shreehi which when added to the fifteen syllabled Pancadasi mantra renders it as the most powerful and efficious Shodashee mantra.

The greatness of Shree is beyond the comprehension of human intelligence. May we pray to the supreme Goddess to bestow Her grace on the devotees who are ever devoted to Her and who take pleasure in reciting Her thousand names with devotion.

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