Shatritu & Sindhi Vani: Agony of Sepration (Mahamati Prannath)

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Author: Dr. Raj Kumar Arora
Publisher: Shri Prannath Mission
Language: Hindi Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788190632539
Pages: 286
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.0 inch X 5.0 inch
Weight 410 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

This volume "Agony of Separation" pertains to two main books of "Kuljam Sarup", the pious scripture of Shri Krishan Pranami faith, composed by Mahamati Prannath. The two books are Shatritu Vani and Sindhi Vani, dealing primarily with the pain of separated souls from their Lord and the Abode. A few sections from other books- Kirantan (The Divine Symphony) and Kalash (The Ultimate Knowledge) are also included here as the verses therein are also on the same subject.

Shatritu literally means six seasons of a year. The book describes the wailing of the soul away from the Supreme Lover. In the heart touching verses Mahamati has pleaded unity with Him as the soul is unable to bear the pangs of separation anymore. The anguish of the soul is clearly visible in these verses. In each season the condition of the soul is so pitiable without the Lord that the life in this world is not worth living.

The book Shatritu emanated during Mahamati's house arrest by the king of Jamnagar due to some misunderstandings. Two other books- Ras and Prakash also manifested in this period. Shatritu consists of 230 verses compiled in 15 sections and its language is Gujarati.

Mahamati says that anguish of, go pis' in Vrandavan subsequent to the disappearance of Shri Krishan is similar to the status of the separated soul. As the days pass, the seasons too change in the year (consisting of 13 months here, containing an additional month of Hindu calendar), but the longings of the soul do not subside at all. The weather conditions add more fire to the agony, particularly during the festivals and other celebrations.

The primary source of origin of these feelings and expressions was the separation of Mahamati from his 'guru' Shri Devchandra, during his house arrest.. This ultimately resulted in dwelling of, guru' within him (Prannath) thereby raising his status to Mahamati.

The other book covered in this volume is Sindhi Vani. Sindhi is one of the major languages of India. Mahamati's mother belonged to Sindh province and father to a neighbouring province Kutch, both with very similar languages. It can be said that this was composed by Mahamati in his mother tongue. The 600 verses of this book are in 16 sections and was revealed in Panna during Vikram Samvat 1747- 48.This book is also concerned with the subject of souls separated from their Lord and describes their pain and wailing. Mahamati, in his capacity as the leading soul- named Indravati in the Abode, prays to the Lord to awaken them and recall back to their real home. These souls are absorbed in the unreal world and have lost track of their original home. The separation has caused great pain and agony after learning from the 'guru' about their relations with the Lord. The verses describe their state of affairs in this painful illusive world. Mahamati has addressed his prayers in a very forceful manner.

The illustration of sage Markanday, taken from Shrimad Bhagwat, has been directed for awakening and bringing the souls back to the supreme Abode. The souls had made the blunder of asking the Lord to show them this worldly play and in the process forgot about their origin. The ego of illusion has distracted them from their basic purpose of coming here and led them to a wrong path. It can be overcome only by the true knowledge, awareness and spirtual wisdom. Their liberation is possible by the will of the Lord alone, combined with efforts and inculcation of divinity in their state of mind and also by keeping them free of the blemishes.

Further to the above two books some verses from Kirantan and Kalash included in the last part of this volume depict about the pleasures of uniting with the lover Lord are, particularly after such a long and painful separation. The sufferings finally result in achieving the ultimate aim of reaching the Abode and immense satisfaction of being back in His company. Mahamati has described all this here in this part called Virah Prakash.

The expressions of this agony touch deep inside and stir the emotions vigorously. In the last part of this book Mahamati has said that this play of illusion is basically a satire on the separated souls. The fact is that the souls are seated in the sacred company of the Lord and are experiencing this dream like play from there.

The efforts of Dr RK Arora in carrying out this translation work are admirable. May Shri Raj Shyama Ji bless him with many more years of active life to serve such noble causes.

I will be failing in my duties ifthe contributions of Smt Vimla Mehta, and Shri KK Mehta in this entire project of translating Mahamati's vani is not acknowledged here. Their inspiring and tireless efforts are primarily responsible for the progress in this activity. The association of Dr. Pran Gilotra has also been quite helpful in bringing out this book.



The Shatritu Vani is a small book consisting of 230 verses, and as its name suggests deals with the seasons of the years of Hindu Calendar. Its main theme is the climate and environmental changes, and the unchanging sufferings of a separated soul. In these different seasons the nature reflects change with all its grandeur and fullnes, but the agony of the soul remains the same, whether it is a hot summer when people sweat, but trees are laden with sweat juicy fruits, or the biting chilly icy winds where there is a good scope for a warm embrace between the couple, whether in the physical sense or the spiritual sense. Swami Prannath praises and sings the fluctuations of nature, but his soul aches and awfully waits to have Him by her side. The seasons come and go, but the state of the soul remains in deep agony. On the one side the whole nature dances in its joyful blossoming, and on the other is the sinking heart of that soul. The fragrance of flowers, the sweet breeze and the bounties of nature have little effect on the soul. The Shatritu seems to be an essay in pathos. In the following verses Swami Prannath explains it with a heavy heart and a sorrowful soul.




  Shatritu 1
  Introduction to Shatritu Vani 5
1 The Winter Season - Raag Saameree 9
2 The Cold Season-Raag Sindhudo 14
3 Severe Winter Season-Raag Dhanyaasaree 20
4 The Spring Season - Raag Vasant 25
5 The Summer Season - Raag Kaafee Dhamaar 30
6 The Additional Month-Raag Dhanyaasaree 37
7 The Peak of Six Seasons - Raag Prabhaatee 43
8 The Twelve Months - Raag Malaar 55
9 The Cold Season 58
  Severe Cold Season 61
  Spring Season 64
  Summer Season 67
  Rainy Season 70
10 The Ultimate of Twelve Months 73
  Sindhi Vani  
11 Introduction to Sindhi Vani 85
12 Sindhi Vani 89
13 Meeting and Separation of Devchandra Jee 122
14 Actions and Conditions of the Souls 139
15 Section on Complaint 153
16 About Revelation 178
17 Example of Markanday 190
18 The Fault ofthe Beloved Soul 204
19 Realizing the Ego 213
20 Know His Will 219
21 Praise for the Lord and His Souls 225
  Selected Verses from Kirantan & Kalash  
22 Introduction to Kirantan & Kalsh 231
23 Raag Sidhoro (Kirantan) 233
24 Raag Shri Saameree (Kalash) 241
25 Birah Ke Prakran-Raag Desaakh (Kalash) 246
26 Raag Dhanyaa Mevaado (Kalash) 250
27 Raag Sokh Malaar (Kalash) 252
28 Raag Shree Dhanyaa Kaaphee (Kalash) 255
29 Virah Ko Prakaas-Raag Aasavaree (Kalash) 258
30 Glossary 271

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