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शल्य सुभाषितानि - Shalya Subhasitani

शल्य सुभाषितानि - Shalya Subhasitani
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शल्य सुभाषितानि - Shalya Subhasitani

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Item Code: MZG421
Author: Devendra Nath Pande
Publisher: Chaukhambha Visvabharati , Varanasi
Language: Sanskrit and Hindi
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788194356615
Pages: 96
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.16 kg
About the Book
Dr. D.N. Pande, author of book born in Village Khalispur, Distt. Ghazipur (U.P.). His Father Late Ram Autar Pande was Founder Principal of Inter College, Khalispur, Ghazipur. (U.P.). His mother, Late Smt. Sarswati Pande was a humble lady and a good manager.

Dr. D.N. Pande did B.A.M.S. from Bihar University, Diploma in Yoga, M.D. (Ay.) Shalya Tantra & Ph.D. Shalya (Sangyaharan) from B.H.U., Varanasi. Further he joined Department of Shalya Shalakya B.H.U., Varanasi as Clinical Registrar on 2nd June 1987 and further as Lecturer on 17th March 1993, Reader in 2002 and Professor in 2009. He was appointed as Reader & Head, Deptt. of Shalya Shalakya, I.P.G.T. & R.A., G.A.U., Jamnagar in 2003 (on lien). He was appointed twice as Head, Deptt. of Shalya Shalakya, Faculty of Ayurveda, I.M.S., B.H.U., Varanasi. He was appointed as first and founder Head, Deptt. Of Sangyaharan, I.M.S., B.H.U., Varanasi. He was President of A.A.I.M. (INDIA) 2003 to 2010. He is Chief Editor-Sangyaharan Shodh and member of several Editorial Boards. Writer of Sangyaharan Prakash, Anushastra Karma and Apada Praandhan. He had published nearly more than 150 Scientific Research Papers.

It is my pleasure to write few words by means of introduction and appreciation of Dr. D.N. Pande book's entitled `Shalya Subhasitani'. As a follower of Acharya Susruta Dr. D.N. Pande is a competent authority to focus on this very important discipline of Ayurved. He deals the topics using all his expertise and knowledge to simplify to memorize the golden surgical references. He covered all the golden words of Acharaya regarding surgical principles and management of surgical diseases. No doubt the book will be an asset in the armamentarium of Ayurvedic and modern surgical disciplines.

I congratulate the Author of this golden book-Dr. D.N. Pande, B.A.M.S., M.D. (Ay.) Shalya, Ph.D. Shalya-Sangyaharan, Diploma in Yoga, Professor & Head, Deptt. Of Sangyaharan, I.M.S., B.H.U., Varanasi, President-A.A.I.M. (India) 2003 to 2010, Chief Editor-Sangyaharan Shodh for his contribution to the Ayurved.

I congratulate the Co-author of this golden book-Mrs. Padmja Pandey, M.A. Hindi, GKP University, Gorakhpur, Dr. Vineet Mishra, M.B.B.S., M.D. Anesthesiology, Sr. Resident, A.C.P.M. Medical College, Dhule, Maharashtra and Dr. Shuchi Pande, M.B.B.S., M.D. Psychetry, MVP's Vasant Rao Pawar Medical College & Hospital, Nashik for their unique contribution to the treasure of Ayurved. I hope that they will continue to write more and more for Ayurvedic intelligential.

India is known for its Traditional medicinal systems-Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani. Medical systems are found mentioned even in the ancient Vedas and other scriptures. The Ayurvedic concept appeared and developed between 2500 and 500 BC in India. The literal meaning of Ayurveda is 'Science of Life,' because ancient Indian system of health care focused on views of man and his illness. Ayurveda is also called the `Science of Longevity' because it offers a complete system to live a long healthy life.

Affluence of working population with changing lifestyles and reducing affordability of sick care, in terms of time and money involved, are some of the forces that are presently driving people towards thinking about their wellness. There has been increased global interest in traditional medicine. Efforts to monitor and regulate traditional herbal medicine are underway. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, remains the most ancient yet living traditions. Although India has been successful in promoting its therapies with more research and science-based approach, it still needs more extensive research and evidence base. Increased side effects, lack of curative treatment for several chronic diseases, high cost of new drugs, microbial resistance and emerging, diseases are some reasons for renewed public interest in complementary and alternative medicines.

I tried to contribute in this book under the supervision of Prof. & Head, Department of Sangyaharan, I.M.S., B.H.U.; Dr. D.N. Pande. This includes surgical aspects of Ayurveda in collaboration with modern medicine, required to improve the traditional medicinal system of India. It will prove a very useful book for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. This book is written in a very simple language with a very clear concept. Though it is my first effort to contribute in a book, I sincerely hope that the information will be some help to the readers.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. D.N. Pande for his blessing and guidance and providing me the opportunity to contribute in this book.

I am indebted to my dear loving parents Mrs. Bindu Mishra and Late Dr. Bal Chand Mishra who encouraged and helped me at every stage during preparation of this manuscript. They have guided me and showed me the path of optimism in challenges that lie ahead in my carrier. I deeply miss my father, who is not with me to share this joy.

I would especially take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to my mother and father in law's Mrs. Padmja Pandey and Dr. D.N. Pande for being supportive and boosting my morale during the course of my academic carrier and preparation of this book. I would also like to thank my wife and best friend Dr. Shuchi Pande for his endless love, encouragement and constant support. Thank you for being such a delight and making it memorable.

I express my sincere thanks to all my seniors, colleagues, friends and juniors for all their help and co-operation provided during the period of writing this book who constituted the key stone to my study.

Last but not the least, I bow in gratitude to the Almighty GOD for making this humble attempt a success.

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