Shadow Forms A Collection of Occult Stories

Shadow Forms A Collection of Occult Stories

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Author: Manly P. Hall
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 9788177691191
Pages: 71
Cover: Paperback
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In an erratic moment we conceived the notion of attempting to portray certain great occult truths through the medium of fiction. We believe many people will read stories ho would never consider a philosophic dissertation on the subject. For that reason we have gathered together a number of incidents in no way related except by the common denominator of fantasy.

While engaged in more serious literary pursuits a number of vagrant thoughts injected themselves, and from time to time were jotted down. Some of these were published monthly, but the periodicals in which they appeared have long been exhausted. These have been collected and to them has been added other material not previously printed.

One cannot sojourn for long abroad without hearing strange stories, all of them vouched for by the natives. Most of these would make one's blood run cold, but they are irresistibly fascinating to many people. Shadow Forms is a Collection of weird and uncanny tales based upon mystery, magic and sorcery. Some of the stories are based on mythology and folklore, while here and there will be found one raised from the shaky foundation of superstition and hearsay. All of them have a message.

The Spirit of the Snows is an old Japanese myth. The torture that was inflicted upon Hat-pin Jake in the story of Silver Souls is based on early systems of punishment used both in the Orient and in Europe during the Middle Ages. The Witch Doctor is vouched for by a young African boy whose father fought with the natives in the battle during which the white troops were routed by the magic and sorcery of Gomo.

No claim is made as to historical accuracy, nor is it claimed that any of the stories are reasonable or logical. To certain minds they are both; to others, neither. But more and more our world is realizing that it is dangerous to say "This is so" or "This is not so." The absurdities of yesterday are the facts of today.

Very truly yours


About the Book:

Haunted by the shadows in our mind tales of the occult feed upon these deep recesses incessantly. They conjure up the devils of our own sub-conscious to haunt us during out waking moments. The inexplicable and the horrific have as always confounded the simplicity that is man.

Call it warped imagination; morbid fear in the mind or just ghastly nightmares; the power of the occult and horror stories have entranced people since man first walked the earth.

Long ago the demons of the night in dark forests, in empty deserts and in brooding canyons, haunted man in his darkest hour. Today in the long dark shadows lurk unseen shapes and destructive ghostly vibrations. Is this some unknown power, or the forces within out minds, that dare to creep into our conscious state?

'Shadow Forms' is a collection of stories from around the world, mostly from the East, which have been passed down through the ages by word of mouth and coalesced into both fancy and morality. Each story will surprise you and provoke your thoughts perhaps casting its own shadow form on your mind.

The author Manly Hall is also well known for his more serious works on esoteric subjects and has written several books, which delve into the world of the occult. Through this collection of tales he successfully represents the shadow world of the occult.


Introduction to the New Edition xi
Introduction xiii
Black Hat Sorcery 1
The witch Doctor 11
The Teapot of Mandarin wong 17
Silver Souls 21
The Third Eye 27
The Spirit of the Snows 34
The Lota of the Great God Shiva 39
The Temple of sin 43
The dance of veils 49
The Emerald Tablet 56
Your God and my God 64
The cave of the apes 71
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