Sexual Sites, Seminal Attitudes: Sexualities, Masculinities and Culture in South Asia

Sexual Sites, Seminal Attitudes: Sexualities, Masculinities and Culture in South Asia

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Item Code: IDE590
Author: Ed. Sanjay Srivastava
Publisher: Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 0761997776
Pages: 410 (B & W Illus: 14)
Cover: Hardcover
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From the Jacket:

Discussions on sexuality in the South Asian context have tended to focus largely on men's preoccupations through notions such as 'semen-anxiety'. Another restrictive framework is the excessive importance ascribed to religion in everyday life. The result has been a rather narrow debate on sexuality. By providing accounts of the myriad sites and meanings of sexuality, this remarkable volume is designed to broaden the debate on sexuality in South Asia.

It combines perspectives from history, anthropology and cultural and literary studies to provide an interdisciplinary exploration of the cultures of, and the multiple meanings and contestations that gather around, masculinities and sexualities. The collection is unique in the breadth of its theoretical concerns; its focus on hitherto marginalized sexual identities; and its novel juxtapositions of analyses of colonial discourses with those of postcolonised modernity.

The topics covered include: colonial constructions of sexuality; domesticity and homoeroticism; alternative gender and sexual identities in modern theatrical and literal traditions; ethnographies of urban sexual identities; sexuality, women, 'development' and the nation state; and filmic cultures, commodity cultures and the construction of masculine and sexual identities.

Widening our understanding of gender, power and modernity in the South Asian milieus, this volume will be of considerable interest to students and scholars in the fields of anthropology, gay and lesbian studies, gender studies, cultural studies, South Asian studies, history and sociology.

About the Author:

Sanjay Srivastava, an anthropologist by training, is currently Associate Professor, in the School of Communications and Creative Arts, Deakin University, Melhourne, Australia.


List of Plates9
List of Figures10
1.Introduction: Semen, History, Desire and Theory
Sanjay Srivastava
2.Colonial Aversions and Domestic Desires:
Blood, Race, Sex and the Decline of Intimacy in Early British India
Sudipta Sen
3.Controlling the Ganymedes: The Colonial Gaze in J.R. Ackerley's Hindoo Holiday
Zahid Chaudhary
4.Theatrical Transvestism in the Parsi, Gujarati and Marathi Theatres (1850 - 1940)
Kathryn Hasen
5.Rekhti: Impersonating the Feminine in Urdu Poetry
Carla Petievich
6.Crossing 'Lines' of Subjectivity: The Negotiation of Sexual Identity in Hyderabad, India
Gayatri Reddy
7.A Preliminary Report on Emerging Gay Geographies in Bangalore, India
Chandra S. Balachandran
8.Emancipated Bodies / Embodying Liberation:
Debating through Fire
Vikash N. Pandey
9.Redrawing the Lakshman Rekha:
Gender Difference and Cultural Constructions in Youth Sexuality in Urban India
Leena Abraham
10.Cheli-Beti' Discourses of Trafficking and Constructions of Gender, Citizenship and Nation in Modern Nepal
Sushma Joshi
11.Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices:
The Social Shadow of AIDS and STD
Prevention in Nepal
Stacy Leigh Pigg and Linnet Pike
12.Muscularity and its Ramifications: Mimetic Male
Bodies in Indian Mass Culture
Kajri Jain
13.Non-Gandhian Sexuality, Commodity Cultures and a 'Happy Married Life': Masculine and Sexual Cultures in the Metropolis
Sanjay Srivastava
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