Secrets of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra

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Item Code: IDE519
Author: Dr. L.R. Chawdhri
Publisher: New Dawn Press
Language: English
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9788120768819
Pages: 196 (Figures: 120)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.4" X 5.5"
Weight 270 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
100% Made in India
100% Made in India
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Fair trade
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries

Book Description

From the Jacket:

Unveiled in this book are the secrets of the occult sciences of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra to help the reader achieve worldly success and spiritual enlightenment. Detailed instructions are given for the preparation and application of Yantras for specific purposes: to win favours, defeat enemies and cure diseases, among others. The methods of selecting and using Mantras to attain miraculous powers, and fulfillment of one's desires, are explained in detail. In the Tantra section of the book, methods of treatment of diseases by herbs are given. Information is provided about Tantric articles and where to obtain them.

About the Author:

The Late Dr. L.R. Chawdhri had an experience of 39 years in the field of astrology, palmistry and numerology. He specialized in remedial measures developed through these sciences, and wrote 17 widely-acclaimed books on occult sciences.



Yantra, Mantra and Tantra is part of Indian occult science, with each term having its own importance in the lives of people. Earlier, two separate books entitled, Practicals of Yantras and Practicals of Mantra and Tantra respectively, had been published. However, many readers had requested that all three aspects be combined in one comprehensive volume for their convenience. Keeping this in mind, I am publishing this work on Yantra, Mantta and Tantra.

However, I would like to insert a warning at the very outset that neither the author nor the publishers are in any way responsible if any reader uses the information provided in this book for any harmful or injurious activity. The success of the Yantra, Mantra and Tantta provided in this volume are entirely dependant on the "Sadhaka". Hence I would like to reiterate that these should be employed only for the service and benefit of humanity and not for any nefarious activity, for which the author, publisher and printer accept no responsibility. I am confident that this complete handbook would be of immense interest to all those who want to gain a meaningful insight into Indian occult science.




  Preface v
1. Yantra 3
2. Yantras in Practice 14
3. Practical Yantras for Daily Life 40
4. Charms, Crystal Gazing and Mystic-Eye 55
5. How to Worship Mantras? 75
6. Rosary, Beej Mantra and Samput 82
7. Division of Mantras and their use 89
8. Specific Mantras 110
9. Articles used for Puja 115
10. The Tantra and its Division 121
11. Yoga and Tantra 135
12. Practical Uses of Tantra 141
13. Herbal Plants in Tantra 162
14. Tantric Articles and their Use 177


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