Secrets of Vimshottari Dasa

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Author: O.P Verma
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2019
Pages: 176
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Book Description

Vimsottari Dasa system of the timing of events has an elevated place in Hindu system of astrology, Hindu Astrology have been using system effectively from the time immemorial. Vimsottari Dasa system is logical and has stood the test of time. Complex western system of the events.

The author has tried here to eradicate many misconceptions and tried to show by should be used. The author has enriched the preset work by introducing the Principle of Sudarsana of Maharisi Parasara. The system has been explained in a lucid and simple way. The quotations and slokas from the classical works of Maharisi Parasara, Mantreswara Vaidyanatha Dixita etc confirm the reliability of this work. Numerous charts from the actual life events justify the dasa and the transit treatment and suggest that Vimsottari Dasa is unparallel in the timing of events.

The book has been written taking it for granted that the reader is well conversant with the basic principles of Astrology. The author feels that the readers will find this work a meritorious addition to their library like other publications of M/s Ranjan Publications.



Astrology (jyotisa) is a Vedanga (a part of Vedas) and is mentioned in Atharva-Veda consisting of one hundred and sixty five verses. The science of astrology (jyotisa sastra) then was movement of the sun, the moon etc through affairs only. As the time passed on the zodiac was divided into 12 signs (rasis) and was made relative to the naksatras and with the cultural exchanges and invasions by the Mohamedans and the Greeks the Hindu science of astrology got mixed up with the Greek and the Egyptian astrology. The present jyotisa is what has evolved after all this intermingling. The facts in support of this view are the famous classis like Vriddha Yavana jataka, Tajik Neelakanthi, Sripati Paddhati etc. for every science and the scientific benefits to the humanity efforts are made in different part of the world by the devoted savants of the science for its improvement. There is nothing wrong in it if we have adopted some thing good of others or some one has adopted our good sides.

The directional astrology (Dasa paddhati) of Hindu astrology is the unique one to predict the time of events as promised by the birth chart or natal horoscope and is the simplest and easiest one to understood and comprehend. The dasa paddhati gives very satisfactory results when used with the transits (gochara). There are a number of methods given for directing in the Indian and western system and some of them are following.

1) Primary directions (one degree of M.C. for one year).

2) Secondary directions (one day for one Year)

3) Solar revolutions (Tajik system)

4) Planetary period (Dasa system)

5) Transits (gochara)

The first two systems are western systems. The primary directions are motion of one degree of M.C. for one year of life and subsequent aspects of the Sun the Moon and other plants to M.C., Ascendant (lagna) etc. in secondary directions number of days after birth corresponds to the number of years of life completed and the chart cast for that day with the same time of birth is called progressed horoscope for that particular year and rest of the delineations are done as in the birth chart.

Solar revolutions known as varsha Phala is used by both the Indian as well as Western astrologers. In this system the chart cast for the time of birth longitude of the sun every year forms the solar chart and sahamsadn dasas are calculated. Here the predictions are made for one year in consonance with the birth chart.

The method known as planetary is used in Indian system. of astrology Maharisi Parasara has mentioned 42 kinds of Dasas; but the great Maharisi considers Vimsottari dasa paddhati Vimsotttari dasa is of 120 years of comprising of 6 years of the sun, 10 years of the Moon, 7 years of Mars, 18 year of Rahu, 16 years of Jupiter, 19 years of Saturn, 17 years of Mercury, 7 years of Ketu and 20 years of Venus thus totaling 120 years. The ruler of dasa at birth is the lord of naksatras occupied by the moon at birth.

Transists are the current passage of planets over the planets and houses of the birth chart. In western system the transits are taken from the ascendant or lagna while in Indian system they are taken from the moon. Transits are for précising the time of an event.

Out of all method of directing mentioned above first two are purely western methods and out of them the method of Primary directions is very rarely used even by the western astrologers due to its cumbersome calculations. The method of secondary directions is widely used now a days. There is boasting about these methods to be scientific and accurate. Secondaries are recent origin and primaries have descended from Ptolemy the father of western astrology. Dr. A.J. Pearce in his text book of astrology writes “yet modern practitioners of the Arabian and Chaldean astrology regard secondary directions as primary and pass off the former alone as reliable without any arcs of primary directions which may happen to coincide and without which the secondary directions are of not the slightest importance. I have never found any secondary direction effective in my own nativity.” He further write’ “Secondary directions are nothing more than transits in the heavens on the days after birth where as primary directions are all farmed within a few hours where as primary directions are all formed within a few hours of the moment of birth:” through primaries are considered to be karmic, they may be; but none of them assures us of greater percentage of results as compared with the Vimsottari dasa system of Hindu Astrology. Vimsottari dasa system has been considered reliable and upheld by modern savants as well as Indian writers of the past centuries. The only thing that goes against the dasa paddhati is that there are many dasa system and different rulers rule in different dasa systems at the same time for a native. But Maharisi Parasara has eradicated this fallacy by saying. Vimsottari dasa of 120 years has been mentioned earlier. Oh! The nice of Brahmins has dasa to be used in Kaliyuga is Vimsottari.

Even the renowned western savants like Sepharial, Buell D. Vimsottari dasa-paddhati for the timing of events. C.E.O carter has used some of the methods of Indian Astrology in his work symbolic Directions. All the above discussion suggests that there in nothing parallel of the Vimsottari dasa paddhati for the timing of events if in used according to the principles laid down.

Dasa means living standards in particular physical and environmental conditions at a particular time. The physical and environment conditions may be good or bad according to the dasa at that particular time. There should be no doubt that the configuration of planets in a birth chart at the time of birth is according to the deeds done in the previous births and results will be experienced in this birth in different dasas accordingly.

This is very graciously presented by Varaha Mihira in his ‘Brihat Jataka’ Configuration of plants acquired by the native at birth is due to his previous birth deeds.

The proficiency in astrology is the ability to depict the future events according to the configuration of planets at the time of birth. Dasa system is also one such method. There is reign of a planet in its Mahadasa (main period) according to the nature characteristics and strength of the planet and event happen accordingly. In Ram rajya the public feels secure, prosperous and there is justice in day to day matters. In Ravana rajya there is injustice anarchy and chaos everywhere. To summarise, joys and sorrows are experienced according to the dasa at that time.

Maharisi Parasara has said at length about different kinds of classes but the great Maharisi has himself concluded that Vimsottari dasa system is the best among all of them. Though Astottari Yogini and Kala-chakra dasas are used by the rank and file of astrology; but Vimsottari dasa is widely accepted one. Maharisi Parasara has said, Vimsottari dasa is the supreme in Kaliyuga.

The benefic and malefic nature of planet their auspicious or nauspicious placements and their strengths decide whether the vents signified by them will be good or good or bad are good had been good. It is like shape, size and fruits of a tree depending on the seed (quality) that was sown for that tree. The deeds of the previous births are the seeds of the life tree of this birth and the prosperity or adversity that has to be experienced in this birth by the native depends on the quality of seed the native has inherited due to good or bad deeds done in the previous births.

Vimsottari dasa system of timing of events is the most prevalent system now a days the world over. In India Vimsottari dasa is mentioned most essentially in birth charts though other dasas are also sometimes given as an additional advantage. The principles of Vimsottari are very near to the perfection say the learned in astrology. Even the results given in famous ‘Bhrigu Samhita’ are based on the Vimsottari dasa paddhati (system) for timing the event.

The Nadi works of south India like ‘Bhrigu-Nandi Nadi’, Chandra Kala Nadi’ (Dev Keralam) Sapta Rishi Nadi etc have used Vimsottari dasa system for nativities mentioned therein. The authors like Varaha Mihira, Satyacharya and Kalyana Verma did not use Vimsottari dasa system which is not prevalent now a days and no author or practitioner now a days uses that dasa system perhaps due to its inefficacy. Though these authors have mentioned Maharisi Parasara in their work but have followed the dasa system different from Vimsottari dasa system.




1 Introduction 6
2 Dasa Calculations 11
  Years of dasas etc, frame of Vimsottari dasa and sequence of Planets basis of dasas years of Bhukties  
3 Secrets of dasa Interpretation 23
4 Vimsottari dasa of Maharisi Parasara 33
  Classification of plants in four categories and their results benefits and malefics for different lagnas and their combined results, Yogas.  
5 Results of Maha dasas and Bhukties 53
  Results of Maha dasas and Bhukties as depicted in ‘Laghu Parasari’  
6 Importance of Sudarsana in dasa context 68
  Three lagnas results by majority of Lagnas Daivy and Aasuri Lagnas, Natural Dasas of planets etc.  
7 General results 68
  Results as lords of houses, Results of Bhukties in different dasas, classical evidences on Dasas and Bhukties etc.  
8 On Locating Trend of events 117
9 Dasa And Transit 149
  Dasa is more important than transit Important of Jupiter and Saturn in timing of events through transit marriage progeny promotion disease foreign travel denouncing the world etc with practical charts discussion and arriving at the time of an event.  
10 Rationale Behind Vimsottari Dasa System 168
11 No Alternative to Vimsottari 172
12 Index of technical Terms used 175

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