Secrets of Vastushastra

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Author: N.H. SahasrabudheR.D. Mahatme
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788120720428
Pages: 126
Cover: Paperback
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N.H. Sahasrabudhe is a graduate in Civil Engineering from College of Engineering, Pune, with a postgraduate degree in Structural Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is a Fellow of Institute of Valuers. A leading consultant in Pune, he is also associated with various educational and research institutes in Maharashtra as an advisor. He has authored a book in Marathi, Vastu-Shiv-Vigyan, and lectures and contributes to various journals and magazines on Vastu science.

R.D. Mahatme is a graduate in engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, with a postgraduate degree in engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. After gaining experience as a research and development engineer in a couple of engineering units, he is currently engaged in the manufacturing and consultancy business related to electrical energy monitoring. He is equally engrossed in studying the latest developments in laser, plasma and nuclear sciences.



Vastushastra is an ancient Indian science dealing with construction technology and techniques for building environment-friendly dwellings which are in harmony with nature, cosmic forces and the universe. Cosmic forces, is used as a generalised term. It covers the forces like gravitation, electro-magnetism, the electro-weak force and the strong force which are well defined in modern physics. The mathematical analysis describes the forces in terms of their strengths, long range and short range effects, mechanics, various interactions, and in general fries to understand how a force acts, but remains silent on questions like why four types of forces only, or why the individual forces act in a characteristic manner only. Despite the advent of the Grand Unified Field Theory (GUT), the Quark Theory, the Superstring Theory and a host of other theories including the Theory of Everything (TOE), modem physics has not been successful in unearthing the fundamental source of these forces. Vastushastra goes beyond mathematical description of these forces and studies the nature of these forces in terms of their micro effects on plant and animal life in general, and on human life in particular.

We are living in an era of accelerated scientific and technological progress with its attendant turmoil and turbulence creeping into routine human affairs. The pace of an individual’s life is being dictated by the changing social scenario. In the work ethos known as rat-race, the spirit of competition and one upmanship is governing every walk of life and over-shadowing the time-tested values like peace, love, harmony, and universal brotherhood. In an era where most men are following a mechanical life pattern, the real purpose of life is lost in the constant struggle of ambition versus achievements, success versus disappointment, happiness versus sorrow, pleasure versus pain, and a sense of victory versus defeat. These conflicting paths can result in mental depression for some individuals who either choose the illogical path of surrender to the transient cults or try to immerse their miseries in wine, women and sex. In the absence of any will to understand the phenomenon of life, for all practical purposes any well thought-out plan to lead a purposeful life is simply missing. Almost every action or response is immature or premature. Even the design techniques associated with human dwellings are undergoing rapid transition with the guiding principle, “a commercial age requires different architecture from that of a religious age”. The mass-housing compulsions of present-day human settlements in cities and towns have resulted in a man losing his individuality and identity in rapidly spreading concrete jungles.

Against this background, the authors are making conscious efforts to rediscover the ancient science of Vastu- Vidya in terms of modem scientific principles. A practical approach has been adopted. The conclusions and the definitions follow from the inferences drawn from similarities of concepts in various disciplines like Astrology, Yogashastra, Modern Science and Vastushastra. Ancient edicts can be followed only if these are fully comprehended and certainly not because of the faith in the adage “Old is gold”

In this book, efforts have also been directed towards finding a common link between Yogashastra, Astrology and Vastushastra. Reference has been made to a few couplets from ancient scriptures to establish a link between the thoughts expressed therein and the modem scientific viewpoint. This type of correlation serves its purpose in overcoming the unscientific fear of delving into the past. Faith and intellect are not two poles apart, but in fact are two sides of the same mind. In the all encompassing basic tenets of life, these two can be perceived as bosom-friends, co-existing happily. The science of Vastu appears to be closely linked with God and faith. We have endeavoured to study and explain Vastushastra from a scientific angle. We hope that this attempt will spur others to go deeper in all aspects connected with Vastushastra in order to simplify and explain the concepts in detail.

Let us turn to the following couplet of the great saint poet of Maharashtra, Shri Dyaneshwar:

“Blindly engaging in Yoga practices and Yagna rituals will not lead one to salvation. On the contrary, it will only be a nuisance to others.”

A balanced and studious approach is required for comprehending the finer points of Vastushastra. The endeavour should be taken up with due sincerity and integrity, as faith in the cause is a must for achieving success in any field. Faith only can lead to understanding. As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is”. Human abode is associated with values like love, affection, happiness, and pride which are irrevocably tied with pure thoughts, well-defined actions, and faith in God to transform a house into our own ‘home’. Study of Vastushastra requires the same degree of love and devotion that goes into setting up a home.

Lord Shankara mad the cremation ground his abode to experience the eternal peace, while Lord Vishnu attained his own peace re sting on a snake (bhujag shayanam api shantakaram) in the midst of worldly disturbances. So, we can say that Vastushastra is a road leading to happiness, but not the only one.




  Acknowledgements v
  Preface vii
1. Quest for the Science of Vastu 1
  Knowledge and Science of Vastu 1
  The Physical World and the Abstract World 2
  Significance of Words, Signs, Thoughts and Symbols 3
  Helix, Asymmetry and Evolution 8
  Helix, Golden Ration and Vastushastra 10
  Helix – a Remedy on Vastudosha 12
2. Modern Science and Vastushastra 13
  The Planet Earth and Vastushastra 13
  Energy-Matter Balance and Vastushastra 23
  Conservation Laws in Physics and Vastu Principles 23
  Cosmic Rays and Vastushastra Considerations 24
  Nuclear Science and Vastushastra 26
  Vastushastra Tradition and Scientific Reflections 27
  Vastushastra and Scientific Analysis 27
3. Yogashastra – Mother of Vastu Science 30
  Nabhi in Ayurveda, Yogashastra and Vastushastra 30
  Ida-Pingala Nadis in Yogashastra and Vastushastra 31
  Prana in Body and Cosmic Energy in a Vastu 32
  Nadi Excitation and Directions of a Vastu 35
  Five Basic Elements in Yogashastra and Vastushastra 37
  Sanskara in Vastushastra and Quantum Memory in Medicine 40
4. Insight of Astrology in Vastushastra Analysis 42
  Astronomy and Vastushastra 42
  Correlation between Vastushastra and Astrological Analysis 43
  Vastu Purush Mandal 43
  Vastu Purush Mandal and Modern Science 44
  Significance of Vastu Purush Mandal 46
  Vastudoshas and Calamities 48
  Directions, Flaws in Vastu and Remedial Measures 49
  Important Vastuchakras 58
5. Balancing and Dynamic Planning: Vastu Concepts 64
  The Importance of Shape in Vastushastra 64
  Dynamic Balance and Geometric Symmetry 65
  Before Planning a Vastu 70
  Vastu Rachana (Layout of a House) 72
  Centre of Energy Balance 73
  Establishing the Nabhi of a Vastu 75
  Agriculture and Vastushastra 76
  Landscaping as per Vastu Science 77
  Planning a Vastu in Plots of Irregular Shape – a Novel Approach 79
6. Vastushastra and Other Building Design Techniques 84
  Vastushastra and Geomancy 85
  Vastushastra Remedial Measures – a Methodology 86
  Vastushastra and Feng-Shui 87
  Vastushastra and Pyramids 90
  Vastushastra and Modern Architecture 92
7. Practical Vastushastra Analysis 94
  Analysis of Vastu ‘A’ 94
  Analysis of Vastu ‘B’ 96
  Analysis of Vastu ‘C & D’ 97
  Vastu Analysis of a Plot 98
  Vastushastra Approach 100
  India and Vastushastra 100
  Maharashtra – Vastushastra – Modern Science 102
8. Concluding Remarks 107
  Summing up 109
  Bibliography 111
  For Further Reading 112

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