The Secret of Inner Voice (How God Spoke with Ancient Rishis!)

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Author: Amarakavi Ramachandra
Publisher: Hayagreeva Publication, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788190392426
Pages: 223
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

This divine work by Amarakavi Ramachandra, a Brhama jnani reveals the configuration of human entity on earth where thought is silenced but active for a direct charge with the divine in the forth dimension. The vedic text describes the human body as a temple with its soul as the guidance from the sanctum. It is unfortunate that the how of it and the method of reformulating our system for inner guidance are missing. Down to date, the spiritual experiences and source and substance of self-communion with the divine spoken of as the vestige of Mahapurushas are still a mystery and not categorically depicted in Vedas and Upanishad.

This masterpiece reveals the entire dimensions of Chit Prakasa Nishta / Brahma Nishta / Thuriya Atheetham regions exclusive to the highly evolved beyond the frontiers of time and space etc.

May the readers enlighten themselves with truths of inner guidance, its source and substance and digest the need for reorienting the physical function and order to match and keep pace with the divinity from within.



India is known to be a land of mystics. The history of India has witnessed and one its record great seers and sages who have explored nature, to the core. Vedas an Upanishads followed by "The Song Celestial" the great "Bhagwad Gita" have been the outcome of the spiritual researches made by the seers. It is true that the Bhagawad Gita is nothing but a part of the great epic "Mahabharata" written by the great "Veda Vyasa." Equally true is the fact that all standard commentaries on "Bhagwad Gita" unanimously treat it as a dialogue between "Lord Krishna and Arjuna" the two being personified as "Soul and Intellect", respectively. In this connection, common man should, at the outset, find answers to the following relevant issues standing in the way of reading or before taking up the task of any research work on "Bhagawad Gita."

Speech is God (Amarakavi's Theory):

Amarakavi, the author and "brahma Jnani", self- transcended to "Adhi Poorvakam" of conscious inflow resting to seven in depths of conscience like bird, animal, man and Superman. A "Braham Jnani" is a Super human carrying in him the word of God in self communion a unique conscience or the sheet anchor of the Vedic dictum "Aham Brahmasmi" propounded by the great "Sri Adhi Sandara." In other words, it means "Pragnya" or consciousness enclosed to conscience generations of "Sarvam" activised to life in "Bhuloka Vasam."

The present day practice, according to the author, is not upto the standard reached by the Vedic Rrishis and Upanishad Seers. A thorough knowledge of human faculties and their inter-related and interdependent functions is obviously the pre- requisite for any attempt towards God realisation. God made men, men made means and means are different and not wholesome. The author is the first on earth to introduce his grand theories like theory of "Vacant" Look, Thought – free silence", etc. to prove that Speech is God. It is logically acceptable that God- realisation is realisation is possible and meant only for human beings in the map of comic evolution.

Speech amongst various yardstick is the predominant one for proving human evolution on earth. Equally true and next in rank to "Speeah" is the faculty of Breathing in all its dimensions. Even the 8- fold feats of "Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali Maharishi" are formulated with breathing as the Pivot of Yoga Samadhi. Samadhi (Jada Samaadhi") is supposed to be the end of the race therein. But the author has author has successfully proved and established that there are regions beyond Samadhi unknown to the present – day aspirant – day aspirants and difficult to enter without a bye – pass just short of Samadhi state.

Samadhi ("Jada Samaadhi") is according to the author, nothing but neutralization of "Ida and Pingala" Nadis or the alternating breathing motions through the right and left nostrils. It is a state of seize with intellect like "Coma," where man is alive but not active to attempt for conscious participation with the divine. What predominates there in Samadhi is a powerful state of bliss enjoyed by the soul. Here, it goes without saying that soul in Samadhi is under the joy and spell of Bliss waves. It is also a state of thoughtlessness.

When there is no thought, there is no wisdom or knowledge. Therefore man cannot commune with God and get enlightened with revelations through transactions with the infinite, in "Jada Samadhi." That is because Divine Revelations could reach man only through "Dream and Fourth Dimension of Speech." The summit and object of Sri Vidya is, in fact, to commune with God from within in and tap revelations from divine guidance, which was possible only with Maharishis of yore. This depth of inwardness with the support of "Mantra Siddhi" and consecration of sensuous ramification leading to "Dhyana Samadhi" or Thought-free silence is the only way out for a transition from personal to cosmic presence for anyone. This reach, according to the author, is not witnessed, much less, identified with anyone today on earth including the deemed torch dearers. The author had brought out his earlier wonder books purely from his self experience with the divine. He had no master (or) Guru in mortal frame. He accosted a number of intellectuals and torch-bearers and shared his spiritual experiences and he understood that his experiences remained astonishing to them and all of them were mere silent spectators, helpless to cognize the depth and meanings of the author's successful "Sadhana and siddhi." It is unfortunate that none of the torch - bearers incapacity to comment on these works of divine origin and much less to award a "Sri Mukham" / Introduction to any of his previous two titles sought for during his lifetime.



These are valedictory pages of this great work wherein human conscience turned to omniscience scales of pervading spirits in Brahman. It is the womb of creative intelligence and the venue of self-guidance with the divine direction of surpassing intelligence in him. Vedas and Upanishads came to be that way, and so too this mighty research work in Amarakavi. We are so much inherent but unidentified and Amarakavi exposes it, in total self-fulfillment with that great reorientation is the physical – the fourth dimension of living presence in Human.

It is " Aham Brahmasmi" presence wherein the knower and its directing inner voice creeping to one's own conscience – all within itself is in the summit of human evolution – that abode of conscience (as the all in cosmic radiation of "Athi Suksham Indriya Vyakthis," down to its core – Prakrti Layam", so to say) – turned to a cryptic whisper – wherein the pervading conscience is, by itself, the cryptic whisper.

It is "Jnana Oli" – it is the word of God felt in deep communion, never heard, but only felt to a conscience – reckoning of it, in deep "Nishta." A prevailing moment with it is where the human conscience, is fully absorbed into the divine and the directing intelligence with it in this mighty research work as with the self-attainment of super sages of yore in timeless tradition. Conscious growth into divine is it – an immanence to serve God to fulfil his mission such as this work in the modern age – of declining "Nistha," around the spiritual evolution in human. It is an highly advanced state of "Sthitha Pragya" (conscious participation with the Divine) an immanence of human nature living to cosmic presence in Brahman. That transcend in the personal becomes "Deho Devalauam."




  Introduction By V.R. Vijayakumar 7
  Preface –By the Author 19
  An Appeal – By V. R. Vijayakumar 21
  Prelude Chapters  
1 Salutations to Mula Ganapathi 23
2 Know thyself as Sathya Swarropa 30
3 Summit of mental Evolution 36
4 Life in the divine 39
5 Life of a man 43
6 Genesis of human nature 48
7 Physical life on earth in all its dimensions 50
8 The peaks of human evolution 53
9 The cosmic intelligence frame – work 56
10 Physical presence 59
11 Immortal Life 62
12 Cosmic intelligence with Amarakavi 65
13 They mystery of human nature 70
14 Amarakavi's theory 75
15 The summit of human evolution 77
16 The summit levels of human conscience 79
17 Discover thyself as Sat Swaroopa 82
  Amarakavi and His Success  
18 A word in introduction 85
19 A brief auto biography 88
20 Major works of Amarakavi 93
21 Amarakavi's yoga Nishta 96
22 Amarakavi – An Immortal 101
23 The cosmic stand of Amarakavi 104
24 Amarakavi's cosmic conscience 108
25 The 4 Gradients of Transcendental Meditation 113
26 Brahma Upadesam to Amarakavi 120
27 A spititual diary of a Siddha 124
28 Amirtha Swasam 129
29 Amarakavi – A super soul 132
  The Doctrine of Inner Voice  
30 Self fulfilment into higher intelligence phases 136
31 The conscience frame work of a Brahma Jnani 140
32 The quest fathom in Amarakavi's research intelligence 143
33 Chit Prakasa Nishta 153
34 The Physical is cosmic home of the infinite 157
  High way of Mahapurushas  
35 Brahma Nishta in cosmic-bear 162
36 Beho Devalayam 166
37 The 4 dimensions of Tapo Nishta 168
38 Athi Manusha Swaroopa 174
39 Human conscience resting to omniscience potentialities 176
40 Athi sukshma vichara 178
41 Nishta Anubhava of selfless seek with the divine 182
42 The sacred path of Brahma Janani 184
  Guidelines for Readers  
43 Know thyself 186
44 A notable research on human values with the physical 190
45 An invitation to research laureates 193
46 Conscience vs. Inner voice 198
47 Omnipresence of Brahman 201
48 Sadaja Nishta 206
  Glossary 209
  List of out Publication 240

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