Scientists - (Dhanvantri, Caraka, Susruta Varamihira, Aryabhata, Bhaskaracarya)
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Scientists - (Dhanvantri, Caraka, Susruta Varamihira, Aryabhata, Bhaskaracarya)

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Publisher: Publications Division of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Language: English
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9789354092350
Pages: 102
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Little is known about the origins of Plastic Surgery. It is certainly not a modern achievement. Centuries ago ancient medico experts like Dhanvantari, Caraka and Susruta discovered not merely various medicines of different potencies but also introduced plastic surgery for the handicapped or the wounded soldiers. No less important was the contribution by Indian mathematical giants like Aryabhata whose works are fore runner to any study by the modern astronomers, scientists and physicists. Who these seers were and what they contributed to mankind are still clouded in the mist of antiquity. This book makes an effort to unfold their purposeful life with the objectives they achieved.


We are glad that soon after the volume on the philosophical systems, we are able to bring out the volume on the writers of science in ancient India. While the former volume is important, for emphasizing the ultimate philosophical basis of all Indian thought and culture, the present volume is significant, especially in the present times, for drawing attention to the contributions of ancient India to the scientific and technical fields.

As suggested by H. J. J. Winter', the very belief is one Divine cause and the cosmic law, whether of the Vedic Rta or Taoist way, is a scientific hypothesis, and the theory of cause and effect and of fundamental laws and order in nature, are forerunners of the discovery of scientific laws. It is significant in this respect that science and technology had an ancient history in India as these were developed as ancillary subjects of the Veda, the Vedangas: phonetics, grammar, prosody and etymology to preserve and understand the vedic texts, and astronomy, inclusive of mathematics and geometry, for the determination of the correct times of the seasonal and other rites and rituals and for the construction of sacrificial altars of different shapes (Jyotişa and Kalpa).

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