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The Science of Varna & Jati: Through the Eyes of a Self-Realized

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Author: Kaushik Chaudhary
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
ISBN: 9798893224481
Pages: 64 (With B/W Illustrations)
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Book Description

About The Book

What were the Varnas in their original form? How did Jatis come into existence? For what was the Varna system created and for what reason did it deviate or change? And now what is the way forward for the future of Indian society? You are about to read a book that is going to answer all these questions from the deepest level of consciousness in the most scientific form. In just five chapters and some twenty-three thousand words, this one book solves this entire complex subject from past to future. A subject that has surrounded Indian society with questions for centuries is leaving its trap here and is presenting itself before humans as a very clear, simple truth. Let us know, what is the science of varna and Jati from the point of view of a self-realized one?

Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary is an enlightened scholar who has given the very first integral model of the multiverse in his maiden book "It's not a Creation It's a Projection through Expression". The mentioned book has been read by scientist Prof. Stephen Hawking and reviewed by former ISRO chairman Dr. G. Madhavan Nair. Dr. Kaushik has also written a novel named 'The Play of Justice', which is based on the ancient concept of justice embodied in Nyaya Darshan. Dr. Kaushik is currently settled in Gujarat, and along with running a private dental clinic, also writes articles in many newspapers and magazines of Gujarat.


Adhikara and Parampara - The Taqlid of Hindus on the question of Varna Indians always prided themselves on their reliance on Pratyaksha Pramana in contradistinction from the Abrahamic religions, for which belief in the Word of God or Allah was very fundamental to their existence. The nearest that the Indians got to this absolutist principle of total belief, excluding all reason and rationality, was shabda pramana. The principle is summed up in this shloka from Mahabharata:

"Pratyaksham hyetayormulam kritantaitihyayorapi pratyakshenagamo bhinnah kritanto va na kinchana||

The root of both inferential evidence and scriptural evidence lies in direct evidence (empirical/experiential). If the inferential evidence or scriptural evidence is against the direct evidence, their validity cannot be accepted.

The interesting bit is that the conversation is taking place between Rishi Panchashikha and King Janaka, and the Rishi is giving a purva-paksha of the nastikas, who are justifying their viewpoint by referring to what the astikas always contend. So the value and primacy of pratyaksha pramana was universal in our ancient traditions. It is as axiomatic in the Indian traditions as 'belief' or 'shabda pramana' is in the Abrahamic traditions.


Why was there a need to write this book?

This book has not been written to answer any xenophobic anti-Hindu-minded person. It is not to expose again the European concept of 'Caste' which they had influenced in the countries they colonized in the 19th century. It is not again to say to the world that Indian Jatis were occupation-based and the British made them rigid in 1880's first population census by registering a citizen with his occupation, named caste. And then the Jatis of Indian society lost their flexibility. They became rigid castes that can never be changed generation after generation because the government recognizes you as a citizen with your inherent caste. This ultimately turned the Jatis of Indian society into the class hierarchy of European society. No, we are not going to discuss any of this, not even a word. That thing is sufficiently enunciated, and you can read the best conclusive work on it in Rajiv Malhotra's 'Varna Jati Caste', coauthored by Vijaya Viswanathan. This book is a return to the core of the Indian spiritual society. It has been written to make the entire mankind understand the spiritual truth of this subject, which has been lost among Hindus and non Hindus alike. But the initial question is where do I get the right to explain that truth? Come, let's talk about this first.


Evolution of Expression

The enlightened sages of ancient India imbibed the ultimate truth of the cosmos within themselves and created various systems to run human society by that truth. One of them was the Varna system. This was an attempt to recognize the evolution of the human soul and to make humans work accordingly.

But first of all, we have to understand the word 'evolution'. That word is incomplete without the question 'Evolution of what?' Darwin's evolution theory was about physical evolution, which stopped from the origin of animals to the evolution of the human body. In Vedanta, evolution has been talked about for expression. That divine cosmic energy or consciousness which we call 'Brahm' or 'Brahman' (in English translations) expresses itself through a series of creations. The energy that spread out from the ball of light that held everything within itself before the beginning of the creation was called Brahm. Brahm means 'that which spreads'. In English somehow it is wrongly written and pronounced 'Brahman', which is truthfully the word Indians use for Brahmins. Anyway, after spreading out, the Brahm began to express itself. It wanted to tell what it was. This was the reason for its expression. That divine energy wanted to introduce itself through the series of creations. This was the reason for the beginning of this entire creation chain. It was in the form of a projection at each moment.

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