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Sar Bachan Poetry (Selections)

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Item Code: NAK287
Author: Swami Shiv Dayal Singh
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Language: Hindi Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2002
Pages: 400
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 10.0 inch X 6.5 inch
Weight 750 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Sar Bachan Poetry was written by Seth Shiv Dayal Singh or Soami Ji as he was known affectionately by his disciples. Born in August 1818 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Soami Ji began giving discourses on the mystic teachings of the Saints after many years of meditation. Saar Bachan Nazam yaani Chhand Band was published a few years after his death in 1878. One of his disciples, Rai Bahadur Saligram, prepared the text of Sar Bachan in two parts one prose and one poetry. Another disciple, Baba Jaimal Singh, was responsible for bringing Soami Ji's teachings to Punjab when he settled near Beas at the place where today the Radha Soami Satsang Beas has its headquarters.

Baba Jaimal Singh published the first gurmukhi edition of Sar Bachan in 1902, and for more than a hundred years now, Sar Bachan and the Adi Granth have been the two main sources quoted and used extensively as satsang texts by the Masters of the Radha Soami Satsang Beas.

The mystics' teachings come down to us in the language of their time and place. Thus the Gurus' shabds in the Adi Granth are mostly in the Punjabi of the twelfth to sixteenth centuries, whereas Soami ji's shabds are in a simple spoken Hindi that he felt would best communicate his message to his audience in Agra in the late nineteenth century.

As we begin the twenty-first century, there are many disciples and seekers living outside India-including a large number of people of Indian origin, born and educated in the West, who are familiar with spoken Hindi but do not read the traditional script. With this three-language edition of Sar Bachan Poetry, the present Master at Beas has responded to the needs of his multi-cultural followers around the world. Sar Bachan Poetry (Selections) consists of English translations of the original Saar Bachan Chhand Band, with the corresponding Hindi text given on the facing page in devanagari script as well as roman script. The romanized version of the Hindi has been kept as simple as possible, with ease of reading preferred over scholarly considerations.

The poems were selected to convey the teachings of Sant Mat, the mystic path taught by Soami Ji. As becomes clear from reading his poetry, Soami Ji found many ways to share the fundamentals of the mystic path-sometimes through poems of love and longing, faryaad aur pukaar, or prayers to the Master, binti aur praarthna, some- times through poetic dialogues, prashan-uttar, between disciple and Master or between mind and soul, sometimes through warnings and wake-up calls, chitaavani.

Whatever the mood of the text, Soami Ji typically refers to a whole spectrum of teachings in anyone poem. Most contain references to the practice of the Word, shabd, or Name, naam. Since the Name and the Guru are intrinsically linked, the poems mention both---coming in contact with a living perfect Master being the first step on the mystic path.

By implication or through an evolving discussion, the poems address the essential questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? Is there a rational explanation for the disparate events of our life? Where can we go to get guidance on our personal evolution? Is it possible to achieve our human potential and fully realize our life's purpose? If so, how?

Soami Ji's emphasis throughout is that now is the time to go into action to reach the level of consciousness where there are only answers, no questions-to go beyond mind, beyond pleasure and pain, beyond the endless circling of transmigration. “Let us turn home- wards, friend why linger in this alien land?” (dhaam apne chalo bhaa'i, paraa'e desh kyon rahana) is his entreaty to us all in the shabd taken by Maharaj Charan Singh at one of his last satsangs.

We are grateful to the present Master, Baba Gurinder Singh, for bringing to successful completion this new edition of Sar Bachan Poetry-a comprehensive collection of Soami Ji's poems in English.


  Preface Xlll
  Translator's Note xv
1 Those who sing Radha Soami's Name 3
2 I offer my supplication to Lord Radha Soami 5
3 Come friends, let us sing a song 7
4 Radha Soami has taken a human form 17
5 While I rejoice in the bliss of his darshan 19
6 Establish your base at the third eye 21
7 Fear and doubt besiege my mind 23
8 I see the uniqueness of the path 27
9 Supreme bliss fills my inner being 31
10 On this auspicious day, my friend 37
11 Lord, your humble devotee 43
12 Today, friend, my soul offers a prayer 49
13 I enshrine my Guru's feet in my heart 53
14 With hands joined in prayer 57
15 I have found my Master 59
16 My love for my Guru deepens 61
17 O friend, the Guru bestows true understanding 63
18 Listen to the tale of love, 0 loving soul! 65
19 My Guru's feet now abide in my heart 67
20 Take refuge in the true Master, dear soul 71
21 Today I have come under the Master's protection 73
22 Oh what folly 77
23 How can I spell out all the subtle ways 81
24 Hold fast to the Shabd with the Master's grace 87
25 Without Shabd humanity has gone blind 91
26 Listen to the melody of Shabd 93
27 The two kinds of Nam 97
28 Listen, my friend, while I tell you 103
29 Do not be deceived 107
30 A debased version of the Guru-disciple relationship 109
31 Search for a true Guru, my dear friend 111
32 The soul, having separated from Shabd 113
33 Soul, who are you? 115
34 Come, let someone give an inspiring discourse! 117
35 Why don't you listen, dear soul? 119
36 I know, dear soul, that you have been in distress 121
37 O soul, what foolishness you are caught in! 123
38 Heavy, intense darkness prevails in the world 125
39 Come now, dear soul, to the Master's country 129
40 Your concern with social standing 131
41 Be on your guard, O wayfarer 133
42 None of your companions are truly your well-wishers 135
43 Keep the fear of death in your heart day and night 137
44 You have come into the world and entangled yourself 139
45 My mind, abandon this abode of pleasure and pain 143
46 Observe how the whole world is going adrift 145
47 Will someone please heed my words! 147
48 Why do you tarry in this world, brother! 11
49 Now that you have received this human form 155
50 Go through life with understanding 157
51 O mind, why be proud! 159
52 How can man be on guard against this world? 161
53 How can I rid myself of the misconceptions? 165
54 Let me explain to you, brother 167
55 You faltered through a million lives 171
56 Accept your Guru after thorough scrutiny, brother 179
57 Do only as the true Guru bids 181
58 Live in the will of the Master, my friend 185
59 A good part of your life 189
60 Contemplate on the form of the Master, dear soul 193
61 Without the Master 195
62 Attach yourself to the melody of Shabd, dear soul 197
63 Take refuge in the Master, O yearning soul! 199
64 The Master washes the mind clean 201
65 Go to the Guru's ghaat, O mind 203
66 O mind, listen to the strains of the unstruck music 205
67 Everyone is blind, says the Master 207
68 Why are you confused and disheartened, dear soul! 211
69 Why not submit to the Master? 213
70 Kill your mind, burn your body 217
71 Let us turn homewards, friend 219
72 O mind, see how sick this world is 223
73 Practise meditation and be absorbed within 225
74 The Master explains fully 229
75 Turn around and listen 231
76 Hold the mind still and grind it within 233
77 Why do you drink water, 0 swan soul? 235
78 Separate water from nectar, 0 swan soul! 237
79 Be gentle of heart 239
80 Put your mind to satsang 243
81 I have fallen in love with your beautiful form, Master! 245
82 I rose into the sky and saw the light 247
83 I am in love with the form of my Master 251
84 The drop that is the soul left the ocean of truth 255
85 To whom shall I reveal my secret, brother? 259
86 The whole world is overwhelmed by delusion 261
87 Mighty Kal has set out 263
88 The soul now asks the Lord Radha Soami 265
89 The Lord laughed and said 267
90 Learn, dear soul, about your own secret self 269
91 Now the Vedantists thought all this over 271
92 People who learn from books and theorize 273
93 As the soul prepared to leave 275
94 My heart aches with the pain of separation 277
95 My heart is distraught with anguish 279
96 O friend, my sleeping fortune has woken up today 281
97 The Master has arrived to grace my home 283
98 Take hold of my arm, my Master 285
99 My Guru is the benefactor, I am the slave 287
100 How can I sing your praises, Master? 289
101 I have looked within, my friend 291
102 How can I free myself from the grip of this mind? 293
103 My restless mind doesn't listen to me 295
104 How can I get along with this mind, my friend! 297
105 Superficially you sing the praises of the Guru 299
106 O mind, listen to the one petition I place before you 303
107 The mind spoke to the soul 305
108 My helpless mind now cries for darshan 309
109 Every moment the fear of death overshadows my heart 313
110 Give me the gift of Nam, 0 Master! 317
111 Cast your merciful glance on me, Master 319
112 You have come all the way from your eternal home 323
113 Let me come to your primal home, 0 Master 327
114 Reveal your own real form to me, Master 329
115 Listen, dear soul, and let me explain 329
116 Open the window of my heart 333
117 An intense longing for darshan 335
118 The vessel of my heart is filled with love 337
119 My Master has given me the alchemy of Nam 339
120 Peeping through the window of my heart 341
121 Without Shabd the soul 343
122 Everything my Master has taught me is upside down 347
  Glossary 353
  Index of Hindi First Lines 367
  Subject Index 369
  Addresses for Information and Books 373
  Books on This Science 379

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