Saptaswara's Classical Gems (With Notation)
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Saptaswara's Classical Gems (With Notation)

Item Code: NAL637
Author: T.H. Thiyagarajan
Publisher: Saptaswara Musicals, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2009
Pages: 76
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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Carnatic music is great among all systems of music for the reason that it is raga oriented and also demands imaginative skill. Raga is the backbone of Indian music in general and of carnatic music, in particular. By ways of permutation and combination, innumerable raga scales can be deduced. But all of them will remain only as skeletons, until the svarupa of any particular raga is manifested. This would be possible only by meditation for each svara in the gamut which is called Nadopasana. Vaggeyakaras have simplified this process by creation of compositions. Compositions are the concrete shape of each abstract raga form.

The uniqueness of our music system lies in these compositions which simply pave way to understand the real raga rupa and the melodic possibilities. The method of preserving compositions came in to use atleast from the times of Veenai Ramanuja Ayya but the notation method was not in a systematic way in those days. The works of the period have no commas or semicolon or any such notational marks. Later a proper method of notating compositions gradually gained currency. Then it became easier to learn any composition in a proper manner.

Many have worked on this and have brought out books containing compositions with easy notations. Shri T.H. Thiyagarajan is one who has involved himself on this and has published the present book containing a chosen list of compositions. It is needless to say that the notation is simple and clear. I wish all success for his endeavour and I hope he will bring more such works in future.



The fine art of music which is popular in Indian subcontinent for centuries has been gaining from strength to strength and becoming very popular especially in the southern part of India and also overseas.

However for those who evince keen interest in learning this art and also those who have considerable skill in music, there is a desire to have a reference book with notation (including of-course the name of the raga and tala), which remains unfulfilled to a larger extent even till date. Hence this book has been brought out for the benefit of carnatic music lovers.

I wish to express my thanks to the proprietor, "Saptaswara Musicals" for his keen interest shown in the preservation and propagation of the art by encouraging me to prepare this book, containing popular songs.




1 Maha Ganapatim Nattai Muttuavami Diksitar 1
2 Adinaye kanna Mohana kalyani Ambujam krishna 3
3 Bhavayami Yaman kalyani Annamacharya 7
4 Dolayam Khamas Annamacharya 10
5 Eppadi padinaro Karnataka devagandhari Suddhananda Bharati 13
6 Eppo varuvaro Jonpuri Gopalakrishna Bharati 15
7 Govardana giri Darbari kanada Narayana Tirta 18
8 Govinda ninna Janasammodini Purandaradasa 21
9 Jagadodharana Hindustan kapi Purandaradasa 23
10 Jayati jayati Khamas Mayuram Visvanata Sastri 27
11 Kakkai ciraginile Brindavana saranga Subramanya Bharati 29
12 Kanda nal mudal Madhuvanti N.S.Chidambaram 31
13 Manasa sancarare Sama Sadasiva Brahmendra 33
14 Muralidhara Mand Periyasamy Thooran 35
15 Muruganin maru Behag Guru. Surajananda 37
16 Nadar mudi mel Punnagavarali Pambatti Siddar 39
17 Nanati baduku Revati Annamacharya 41
18 Ododi vanden Darmavati Ambujam Krishna 43
19 Pavana guru Hamsanandi lalita dasar 46
20 Sricakra raja Ragamalika Agastiyar 48
21 Sudhamayi Amrutavarshini Muttaiah Bagavatar 52
22 Tamarai putta Sindhu bhairavi M.M.Dandapani Desikar 54
23 Tunbam nergaiyil Desh Bharatidasan 56
24 Vellai Tamarai Bhimplas Subramanya Bharati 59
25 Maitrim bajata Ragamalika H H Chandarasekara Sarasvati 62

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