Sanskrit Keys to the Wisdom Religion: An exposition of the philosophical and religious teachings embodied in the Sanskrit terms used in H. P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, Voice of the Silence and other classical Theosophical literature

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Author: Judith Tyberg
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing Varanasi
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788177692471
Pages: 179
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
SEVERAL years ago a strong wish and will to understand more fully The Secret Doctrine H. P. Blavatsky led me to study of Sanskrit. The results have been so gratifying to me through the years that I have longed to share with others the fruits of this profound yet delightful study. Therefore this book has been prepared and written in order to clarify for other lovers of Truth the beautiful, and yet to some, difficult Sanskrit terminology which is so abundantly found in nearly all Theosophical and Occult literature. The contents of these pages are the result of several years of specialized study and instruction under Dr. G. de Purucker, combined with the experience of teaching and explaining to others these Sanskrit words, each of which is a symbol of some truth.

Students who have followed this Sanskrit philosophical course in Theosophical University, and in other Theosophical centers in Europe and America, have found that this study of the mystical Sanskrit terms awakens the intuitive perceptions and opens the door to a greater understanding of the esoteric truths of the Ancient Wisdom, now called Theosophy. My hope is that this book may make it possible for many others to grasp these Sanskrit key-words so that they in their turn may unveil a little more of the mystic lore of The Secret Doctrine.

To all who have so willingly helped in the preparation of this book, and to those who have given valuable suggestions and advice, I wish to express my thanks and appreciation.

Back of the Book

More than 500 words from this ancient mystery- language are here gathered from some of the great Theosophical classics and lucidly explained in short yet adequate Lessons. These words are not fossilized relics from a forgotten age. They embody a philosophy of man and nature as alive today as it was thousands of years ago, as useful and stimulating to psychologist and educator as to the student of ancient races and cultures.

Chapter IThe History, Development, and Character of Sanskrit1
Chapter IISanskrit Rules and Guides: Rules of Pronunciation, Spelling, Derivation, and Combination13
Chapter IIISanskrit Terms from "The Ocean of Theosophy"
Lesson I25
Lesson II32
Lesson III38
Index to Chapter III45
Chapter IVSanskrit Terms from "The Voice of the Silence"
Lesson IV47
Lesson V55
Lesson VI61
Lesson VII68
Index to Chapter IV77
Chapter VSanskrit Terms from "Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy"
Lesson VIII81
Lesson IX85
Lesson X96
Index to Chapter V105
Chapter VISanskrit Terms from "The Secret Doctrine"
Lesson XI109
Lesson XII116
Index to Chapter VI123
Chapter VIISanskrit Reading Lessons and Translation125
Enlarged Chart of Devanagari Characters138
Chapter VIIILessons in the Writing of Devanagari139
The Prajna- Paramita- hridaya-Sutra( example of Devanagari Script)146-7
References for Further Study149
Complete Index of Sanskrit Terms155
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