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Author: Debala Mitra
Publisher: Archaeological Survey of India
Edition: 2001
Pages: 67 (Color Illus: 12)
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General Information

Situated at a Distance of About 9 Kilometers south-west of Vidisha between Bina and Bhopal Junctions of the Central Railway, the imposing Buddhist edifices on the hill of Sanchi (Lat. 23 29, N. and Long. 77 45' E.) in District Raisen, Madhya Pradesh, are at once magnificent and instructive. Sanchi has won an international fame through its remarkably well-preserved monuments and attracts thousands of visitors, including pilgrims and students of art and archaeology.

The monuments are within a kilometer of the railway-station of Sanchi, where all passenger trains and Amritsar Express stop. On previous intimation to the station-masters of Bina, Itarsi and Sanchi, Punjab Mail too may stop here for air-conditioned and First-class passengers travelling over 161 kilometers, when travelling in parties of not less than ten for a distance over 400 kilometres in this particular train, can avail of this facility as well. The place is also accessible by road from Vidisha, the headquarters of the district of that name, and Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, respectively 10 and 70 kilometres away.

The monuments are open daily from sunrise to sun set and the Archaeological Museum from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A common entry-fee (for both monuments and the Museum), at the rate of 50 paise each, is charged in the case of the persons over 15 years of age. No entry-fee is charged on Friday. The tickets are available in the counter of the Booking-office attached to the entrance-gate of the Museum. Photographs of the monuments and museum-exhibits are available with the "Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi, as well as with the Superintending Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India, Bhopal Circle, Bhopal. Picture postcards, guide-books and a few other Government publication cab be obtained from the Archaeological Office at Bhopal and the Booking-office at Sanchi. The Assistant Superintending Archaeologist for Museums at Sanchi may, if necessary, be contacted for information. The free services of a guide-lecturer of the Archaeological Survey of India are also available at fixed hours except on Friday and Gazetted holidays.

Persons intending to halt at Sanchi cab get accommodation in the (i) Circuit House (usually reserved for the Government officers), (ii) P. W. D. Rest House, both with two double-bedded suits, (iii) Buddhist Dharma-sala with paid accommodation for a period of three days in twelve rooms. (Four double-bedded) and (iv) I. T. D. C. Travellers's Lodge, besides the two well-furnished retiring rooms, both doubled-bedded, at the railway-station. For accommodation in the first two, prior permission of the Assistant Engineer, P. W. D., Raisen, is necessary, while for reservation in the fourth, Manager, Travellers' Lodge, Sanchi, or State Government Regional tourist Officer, 5 Hamidia Road, Bhopal, may be contacted. One week's notice in advance to the Secretary, Mahabodhi Society, Sanchi, is normally necessary for accommodation in the third.


1 General information 1
2 History 4
3 Exploration and Preservation 11
4 The monuments 14
  A. The Main Terrace 15
  (i) Stupa 1 15
  (ii) Stupa 3 42
  (iii) Other stupas 44
  (iv) Pillars 46
  (v) Temples 48
  (vi) Retaining wall 52
  B. The Eastern Area 52
  (i) Monasteries 46 and 47 52
  (ii) Buildings 49, 50 and 32 53
  (iii) Building 43 53
  (iv) Temple and Monastery 45 53
  (v) Building 44
  C. The Southern Area 57
  (i) Temple 40 57
  (ii) Monasteries 38, 37 and 36 58
  (iii) Building 8 60
  D. The Western Slope 60
  (i) Monastery 51 60
  (ii) Stupa 2 62
  Select Bibliography 67

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