Sanatan Kriya: Basic Essence of Yoga (With CD)

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Author: Yogi Ashwiniji
Publisher: Dhyan Foundation
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788190450607
Pages: 75 (19 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 7.7" X 7.7"
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Book Description
About the Author

Yogi Ashwinji the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation is perhaps the only practitoner of the ancient sciences of Yog who despite living in the material world is following the principles of Yog as were laid down thousand of years ago without any modifications or diluctions. He has been studying the being for more than a decade. He has assimilated techniques from the Vedic philosophies and formulated the Sanatan Kriya for the modern man to practice benefit from.

The Sanatan Kriya is a combination of physical exercises, breath control physical and etheric purification and Dhyan with the Guru. This unique practice affects all layers of the being that is physical emotional evolution. However this Kriya should be attempted only under the strict supervision of an expert.

Dhyan Foundation is a spiritual and charitable organisation dedicated to living and sharing and authentic path. The Foundation follow the Guru-Shishya parampara where no fee is charged for what is taught. It conducts regular workshops and weekly classes in its various centres. It also brings out a monthly newspaper called the inner world which discusses ancient like Yog Tantra Vaastu Gemmology Ayureveda and Spiritual Healing.

As part of its volunteer and charity programmes the Foundation runs a school for streets children it also hold regular langars in various parts of the where thousand are fed.

Back of The Book

It was observed by me in the course of my teachings that mostly the students who came were more interested in their present physical well being than their spiritual evolution. As spiritual evolution is not possible without experiencing financial and emotional stability and physical well being I took recourse to recourse to ancient Indian sciences of yoga Tantro, Spiritual Healing and Nigams and synthesized a simple Kriya "Sanatan Kriya" (the complete Kriya) to aid a normal being in achieving a balance between the material and spiritual and evolving on both places simultaneously. In his present book the "Sanatan Kriya: Basic" has been presented in simple language to satisfy the quest of a normal seeker on all aspects of manifested creation basic concepts like Kundalini, Shiv-Shakti Shoonya, ego, emotion etc. this seemingly basic level of the Kriya is enough to experientilly explain to the reader the power of the ancient Indian sciences.

Note: Yoga can only be achieved at the feet of the Guru and not by reading books or taking recourse to listening to CDs. The latter is good enough to only bring the seeker to the door, satisfying his intellectual quest the Guru will open this door. The actual journey beings only with the grace of the Guru.


In the hopelessly and chronically practical scenario of today it is almost impossible to convince somebody about the existence of what is not apparent to the eyes. It is difficult to belive what one has not experienced.

With everything 'tailor made to specific requirements easily available-this extending even to subject like yoga or mantras one cannot help but ask for more as requirements keep changing speedily.

Sanatan Kriya Basic is an initiative by Yogi Ashwiniji to take the reader towards practically understanding oneself with an altogether different perspective. It takes you inwards to make you plump your depth and catch a glimpse of what lies beyond the superficial crust of the visible world.

The techniques given are simple and do-able and yet have a tangible impact on the body and mind in a way that complicated concepts like aura Shoonya etheric dimensions Shiva and Shakti, Law of Karma etc, make their existence not the intellect says Yogi Ashwiniji. The deeply contemplated thought is reflected in the steps of the Kriya embedded in the eight aspects of Ashtanga Yoga. What is experienced is what the intellect fails to deliver-Balance (Inner and Outer) and true Spirituality. The eightfold path of Yama, Niyama Asana Pranayama Pratyahara Dharana Dhyan and Samadhi is brought out without diluting the essence and purity of the subject.

This book is an attempt to make you experience a little of certain forces around and leave you re-thinking about the concepts you earlier had in your mind about the inner and outer worlds.


Om Dhyan Moolam Guru Murti

Puja Moolam Guru Padam

Mantra Moolam Guru Vakyam

Moksha Moolam Guru Kripa. Om.

Om Shri Guruvaya Namah. Om.

The above is the Guru mantra. It is in reverence to the Guru. Its chanting invokes the energy which is called the Guru and is first step that leads you towards a much deeper aspect of life. The Guru's energy temporarily becomes accessible to the one who chants this Mantra with reverence. It begins with giving us the very first step towards the state of Dhyan.

Dhyan Moolam Guru Murti-the particular from that the energy assumes is to be the basis of our Dhyan. The foundation of our practice is the Guru and the physical form of the Guru is the Foundation of Dhyan.

Puja Moolam Guru Padam -the basis of Puja or devotion is the Guru's feet. This is reflective of complete surrender. When you surrender, you don't question. By taking the Guru's physical from to be the veneration, the foundation of devoted service in our lives.

Mantra Moolam Guru Vakyam - a mantra is that tool which has potency to manifest our many desires by invoking the energies required for them. For a Sadhak whatever the Guru says is the mantra and following that has the required potential of liberating and giving the experience as any mantra would.

Moksha Moolam Guru Kripa-the basis of salvation is nothing other than the Guru's grace. Salvation for a normal being is evolution from one stage to the next and can be attained only by the grace of the Guru.

Om Shri Guruvaya Namah-My Veneration to the Guru

There is no synonym for Guru in the English language the Guru is not just a master or a teacher. The Guru is to the Sadhak what the Sadhak seeks and more -the friends the mother the father the guide and more. The Guru is the channel through which the Divine energy flows to the Sadhak. By the Guru's grace you get 'gyan'. Gyan is not intellectuality understanding a subject it is not knowledge it is not even wisdom. There is no synonym for gyan either in the English language. Gyan is your experience and experience which takes you beyond the desire of the specific experience.

This book is dedicated to my Guru who has been my beacon in this rough sea that is the modern day world. A world where words like charity character goodwill honesty non-covetousness are lost to the modern man equated with one' social and financial status subtly reminding one of negotiations in a business meeting. In their place all over the world we see discrimination rivalry jealousy self-centredness and desire to posses what one does not deserve. No surprise though since this is Kalyug. Of all yugs this is the Yug where disparity between the positive and the negative forces is the greatest and therefore the ratio required to maintain the balance between the positive act equaled one negative in this yug so is rare is the positive act that one positive act has the ability to balance a crore negative acts. The difference between a positive act and a negative act is very simple -action for one's own gratification only is negative and that which is done for benefit of others is positive. This is the era of selfishness so selfless were beings of the earlier era that they gave us Ayurved at a time when the described by this science had not even manifested. Long time back they described precise symptoms of the kinds of diseases that mankind would suffer from in the modern era due to ensuring imbalance. They also gave us the ways and means to restore balance and rejuvenate the body as well as prescriptions to correct the imbalance which is the cause of disease even before itself had originated.

It completed contrast to this chaos that we call modern civilisation and an advanced culture where the simplest of diseases are cured by drugs that know only the art of killing, killing the disease and with it the body. The question that can be asked is who dies first: the body or the disease? If it is the disease, then you are cured at least for some time till the weak body falls prey to something else. If the body dies first then too bed well it was God's will then why attempt a cure lat nature take its own course.

With my eyes fixed on the beacon the beacon which I call my Guru I have attempted here to suggest remendies for the modern day man's maladies. Using the ancient principles of Shiva and Shakti I have sequenced the Sanatan Kriya.

This Kriya will help in awakening the hidden potentials of man it will awaken in a controlled manner the Kundalini force and take the practitoner towards the ascent of the Shakti thus achieving Yog. Yog as we understand leads to spiritual upliftment and the byproducts are radiant health emotional stability and prosperity.

I would suggest that the reader keep his or her target as achieving union or Yog. Fixing one's thoughts on the byproducts would result in dissipation and true ananda (bliss) would prove elusive.

The mother as she was lovingly called the Shakti of the Sri Aurobindo movement said that once you on the then it is best not to deviate because having deviated you do not know how many lifetimes it would take you to find the spiritual path again it would be a great waste.

I would therefore recommend that you practice keeping purifications as your prime and most important goal and most of all not to undermine the strength and guiding ability of the Guru.

Om Shree Gurvaye Namah Om

The book is divided into three major parts. The first deals with the basic concepts (including) a brief discussion on the beginning of the Universe). The second part is on purification and Law of Karma. The third and culminating part actually leads you to the experience through the practice of Sanatan Kriya. It also discusses case histories of people initiated into the practice. It deals with self healing through prana.

I have the language very simple and easy to understand. The aim of the book is do bring the practitioner to the door it is only the Guru who can open this door.


2Introduction 7
3Section I: Basic Concepts 11
4Section II: The Law of Karma and Related Etheric Purification 11
5Section III. Sanatan Kriya 54
6Past Script 70
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