Saint Tiruvalluvar and His Message of Life as Dharma

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Author: N.Krishnamoorti
Publisher: Vivekananda Kendra Prakashan Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2011
Pages: 178
Cover: Paperback
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Vivekananda Kendra is happy to bring out this new book “saint Thiruvalluvar and His massage of life as Dharma”. It was originally written in Tamil and its publication coincided with the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of saint s Thiruvalluver tatue on the rock adjacent to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, kanyakumari. The author of the book Sri N krishnamooriis an erudite Scholar and a well Know Writer, and he is a dedicated worker of Vivekananda Kendra.

The immediate inspiration for the publication of the book was the inauguration of saint Tiruvalluvar statue at kanyakumari. It was a dream come true Vivekananda Kendra as the Tamil speaking people al over the world sri Eknathji Ranada, the moving spirit Behind the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, had been cherishing this idea right from the of installation of Swamji’s statue on the Rock. He had also been in correspondence with the Tamilnadu chief Minister Thiru M.karunanidhi regarding this issue. WhenFinally he came to Know that the idea of saint Thiruvalluvar statue was finalised by the Tamilnadu Government, Sri Eknathji wrote him a letter which shows how happy he was about the decision. He wrote on 25.1.76. “The announcement (regarding the installation of the status of saint Thiruvalluver )has immensely gladdened our hearts as it is in the fitness of things the book adjacent to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial should be adorned by a statue of an equally great saint saint and savant of our country”

Kanyakumari has always been one of the most important places of pilgrimage for the entire country, not only because it is the southernmost tip of our country looked upon as the Holy feet of Bharat Mata, but also because it is the confluences of the three great oceans. The installation of the august memorial to Swami Vivekananda added a new dimension to the sanctity and significance of Kanyakumari, Now hat saint Thiruvalluvar statuehas also been installed close by, the greatness and grandeur of Kanyakumari has manifold. There is a significant symbolism and an eloquent massage emanation twin memorials existing side. It is a mute but eloquent testimony to the cultural of Bharat it not only the unity of culture but also its continuity that is symbolised in this unique Memorial. Saint Thiruvalluvar hailing from the south, more then 2000 years ago, and Swami Vivekananda haling from the north , hardly a century and a half ago, both represent the great culture of this country in its two distinct manifestation. The twin statues proclaim how, unaffected by the ravages of time and clime , the same Sanatana Dharma expressed itself though the life and massage of two great saintly stalwarts by two thousand miles as by two thousand years.

Sri krishnamoori has ably brought out the important details of the life and times of Thiruvalluvar ,so far as one could gather from scanty, and has presented. It is not surprising that elaborate details of saint Thiruvalluvarare not accurately available because true to the tradition of India, he has cared to to leaves behind for the posterity, much details about his personal life. This has been the casa with all our great men of the past , each one of whom can easily stand comparison with the tallest figures elsewhere. The philosophical perspective of all man in India has been one of self effacement, total annihilation of ego centred personality . they never bothered to about themselves in order to perpetuate there name and fame. All that they cared for was to leave for posterity a great massage which they themselves lived and projected through there respectful creative expressions. It was not the man but the massage , not the person but the principles that they considered worth preserving and wanted to convey to the word at large. Unbounded by personal limitations, they delivered their massage for all times to come . In essence, this self effacement has been a major reason for the universality of their acceptance.

Non –availability of basic detail about the life and personality of Thiruvalluvar has no doubt given room to different and even conflicting views and version about the great saint. Scholars have differed widely on almost all matters of importance. Claims have been put forward on behalf of Jainism, and atheism and even Christianity. It has always been a difficult Job to arrive to undisputed findings regarding the lives of all our great men of the past whether it is Valmiki or Vyasa, Panini or Patanjali, Kalidasa or Kambar, Thiruvalluvar belong to that category .

There is great advantage in thus being ‘elusive’. Historical personalities of whom almost every detail is known have great limitations in their appeal. There is a rigidity about them which does not lend itself to flexible approaches, Persons like Thiruvalluvar possess a mythological aura around them which immediately appeals to the subconscious mind of the race and goes on working from there in a mysterious way. Sometime , they are neglected or forgotten, even ridiculed but they a knack of re-emerging with redoubled force and also recapture their imagination. This is what is happening in the case of Thiruvalluvar as in the case of many of India’s of veteran saints and stalwarts in various field.

Sri krishnamoorti has been successful in presenting all the cardinal ideas which Saint Thiruvalluvarhas expressed through his inimitable song “Thirukkural’. He has also been able to show how, in spit of the uniqueness of Thiruvalluvar;s style, the massage that he conveys is what other saints and scholars have been propagating all over India, down the corridors of time .To the Tamil people, Thiruvalluvar conveyed the same massage of sanatana Dharma as was done by the great post saints of other parts of India.

Sri Aurobindo has said that great poets are all rishis and their Composition are mantras, The highest from of poetry is that of mantra. Vedic seers were such. Saint Thiruvalluvar belong to that category of poets who will be read and re-read resorted to in time of crises for guidance and cherished reverentially. Generation after generation.

Statues are symbols, the massage they convey is matters. This small is a book Humble endeavour by the Vivekananda Kendra Prakashan Trust to lit a candle with a view a to light up that massage.

Content s

1Tiruvalluvar's life and his Times1
2The structure of the Tirukkural13
3Kanchi Paramachary on Tiruvalluvar'23
4Valluvar' Show The way for a perefect life29
5The Tirukk as a port of Indian Vision of the40
6Religion as expounded in theTirukkeral54
7Valluvar on Kama (nature of Love )82
8The great commentatiors of Tirukkural86
9The fame and Influence of Tiruvalluvar97
10The Form and Text of Tirukkural119
11Tiruvalluvar' Stimulates132
12Great Men Thinjkalike161
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