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The Root Cause

The Root Cause
Item Code: NAO988
Author: Alok Jain
Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789352661084
Pages: 344 (Throughtout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.00 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.5 kg
About the Book

ANGEL and DEVIL both reside inside us. AYURVEDA- one of the Vedic Sciences of India had explained this logic very beautifully using concepts of SATTVIC — the minds possessing positive virtues and TAMASIC — the minds with negative virtues arising out of passion and ignorance due to the force of inertia. It explained how different foods invoke the sattvic or tamasic quality in our minds and that how a tamasic mind not only leads to physical and mental diseases but it also manifests itself into a chaotic state of mind leading to crimes, with scales ranging from as small as uncontrolled/aggressive behavior to as big as ruthless killings in the name of cast/ creed/ religion/ countries.

ASTROLOGY is another occult science of Vedic wisdom that is inseparable from Ayurveda which explains that how each one of us has been gifted a different body and mind by the nature and that how Ayurvedic principles can be applied on different bodies and minds to invoke the Sattvic mind for leading a blissful life.

This book is first of its kind to explain the concepts of Ayurveda, Astrology and other allied sciences of Vedas in the modern scientific language that a layman understands.

About the Author

After completing his graduation in Botany, the author Alok Jain, served the Indian Army as a Short Service Commissioned Officer. During his civil stint he has worked in various organisations managing the Infrastructure, Facilities, Procurement, Health and Safety. Currently, he is employed as a Property and Facilities Head in a Telecom Giant. It was those soul stirring experiences which he has captured in the beginning of the book that pushed him to study the various fields of Vedic sciences and literally live through them. Over a period of years, the author has realised that science and spirituality are inseparable. His advice to all, especially the younger generation, is that Knowledge, especially the knowledge of self and its sincere implementation on ground is the only tool which can transform this world into a heaven. And therefore it's essential to understand the connection between science and spirit.

The Root Cause Alok Jain


Humans have made so much of progress on technology front but still our dream of having a disease free society remains far from being achieved. In fact, the ironical part is that with more technical advancement, the statistics, of occurrence of deadly and chronic diseases has become worst only, instead of improving. Not just the physical front, even on mental front, the aberrations are so evident in form of depressed, erratic, eccentric, unsocial, intolerant, obsessive behaviour leading to disharmonious relations, broken families, and violent manipulations like murder, rape, corruption, increasing economical differences, terrorism and wars at the larger scale. Even the reason that we are warming is also because of mental aberration—the aberration which has pushed us into so much of inertia that we are unable to visualize/register the cascading effects of what we are making out of ourselves of what we are gifting to our coming generation.

Ayurveda, the ancient science of India referred this state of inertia of mind as "Tamas" which brings ignorance and is the root cause of all mental as well as physical aberrations. It is, therefore, essential that using Ayurvedic wisdom, we understand that how our human body and more importantly mind work, that what are the cascading effects of modern lifestyles including some quick fix solutions that we all look for; that how they manifest themselves into physical and mental aberrations and agonies touching each one of us directly or indirectly. Because, once we understand the root cause, we shall be able to overcome this inertia/tamas and then you wouldn’t need fairy tales to visualize heaven. This earth will be heaven itself. So, let’s begin our journey to redeem "THE GOLDEN AGE".

Word "Ayurveda" is a combination of "ayur" meaning long and healthy life and "veda" meaning, the compendium of knowledge. Thus, Ayurveda which is sometimes referred to as the fifth Veda [after the four Vedas, which are the scriptures of knowledge written in India during ancient times] means those scriptures of knowledge which can heal us for a healthy, meaningful and harmonious life full of bliss. Ayurveda has explained the working of human body and mind with excellent logic and great ease by using simple principles of electricity which flows in our bodies through various channels [nerves etc]. the aim of this science is to teach us to fine tune our body and mind in such a way that each of its body part right till the smallest of cell gets tuned with the other and live in total harmony and infinite happiness. And that is what "Bliss" is. Thus, Bliss is total control of our awareness on our body and mind. And therefore, those who think they are fit also need to know the principles of Ayurveda as lack of inertia making them lose their control on their mind and body. As such Ayurveda says that, "Absence of disease doesn’t mean real health because while disease is the expression of fully blown derangements happening round the clock in everyone’s body and mind, which need realization of their existence, their analysis and regular rectification to ensure they don’t convert into a disease-mental or physical". So, let’s take the first step towards knowing how our body and mind work and then what can be done to not only remain just disease-free, but also move to a state of bliss.

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