Recent Perspectives on Prehistoric Art in India and Allied Subjects

Recent Perspectives on Prehistoric Art in India and Allied Subjects

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Author: Edited by: R.K. Sharma and K.K. Tripathi
Publisher: Aryan Books International
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 8173050708
Pages: 336 (B & W Illus: 71, Figures: 52 & Maps: 7)
Cover: Hardcover
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About the Book:


The present volume constitute the literary tributes from the friends and admires of Dr. Shyam Kumar Pandey, whose contribution in the field of Indian rock-art studies ranging fro over three decades are too well-known. His wide vision and depth in the subject born out of his extensive explorations conducted throughout India as well as rock-art sites in Europe and Australia has led him to postulate certain hypotheses which have contributed a lot in solving knotty problems of the chronology, date and other aspects of the Prehistoric art in India.

Research papers contributed by galaxy of specialist working in various fields of Indian rock-paintings comprise Section I of this volume entitled: 'Prehistoric Art'. The themes covered are: dating, chronology, conversation and preservation, documentation in addition to regional studies and new discoveries. Research papers on Prehistory, Protohistory, Art and Architecture, Numismatics and Epigraphy, to which also Dr. Shyam Kumar Pandey has contributed a lot, constitute section II of this volume entitled: 'Allied Subjects'. New dimension have been added to the study of Prehistoric Art in India and other fields of Indology by the penetrating studies presented in the research material incorporated in the present volume.


About the Editors:


Dr. R.K. Sharma, Professor and Head of the Department of Ancient India History, Culture and Archaeology, University of Jabalpur retired in May 1992. Subsequently he was visiting Professor in University of Sagar. At present he is Senior Research Fellow in the Indian Council of Historical Research.

Dr. Sharma's contributions to the cause of archaeology are widely acclaimed. His publication include, Madhya Pradesh Ke Puratava ka Sandarbha Granth (Bhopal, 1974), the Temple of Chaunsatha Yogini at Bheraghat (Delhi, 1979), Art of Paramaras of Malwa (Ed.) (Delhi, 1979), The Kalachuris and Their Times (Delhi, 1979), Indian Archaeology-New Perspectives (Ed.) (Delhi, 1982), Archaelogy of Bhopal Region (Delhi, 1980), Rock-Art of India (Ed.) (Delhi, 1983), Vajapeya-Essays on Evolution of Indian Art & Culture (Prof. K.D. Bajpai Fel. Vol.) (Ed.) (Delhi, 1987), Studies in Shell Script (Ed.) (Delhi, 1990), Art of Kalachuris (Ed.) (Bhopal, 1991), Excavations at Kakrehta (Delhi, 1992), Krsna-Smriti-Studies in Indian Art and Archaeology (Prof. K.D. Bajpai Commemoration Volume) (Ed.) (Delhi, 1995).

Dr. K.K. Tripathi, b. on 1.3.1944 (Distt. Unnao, U.P.), M.A. in Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology (1972), Ph.D. on the topic "Archaeology of Vidisha District" (1989), one illustrated monograph entitled 'Malhar Darshan' (in joint authorship) and more than thirty five research papers on Indian art & archaeology published in reputed jouries; assisted in archaeological excavations and explorations conducted by the Sagar University, viz. Eran, Tripuri, Tumain, Malhar, Nandur, etc. At present working as Field-Work Incharge of Archaeological Excavation & Exploration in the Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology, Dr. H.S. Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar. Has experience of teaching undergraduate and post-graduate classes with specialization in field archaeology.


In the history of Indian Archaeology, the past few decades will be remembered for extensive researches conducted in the field of Indian rock-paintings. Scholars responsible to highlight this area of Ideological research in recent times may be counted on finger only. Among them is Dr. Shyam kumar Pandey whose contribution to the cause of Indian rock-painting ranging over a period of more than three decades, are too well-known. Starting his career as a research student and subsequently as a regular member of teaching staff of the post-graduate Department of Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology, University of Sagar, he began his study of rock-painting in 1961. Since then he has been ceaselessly pursuing field-work to promote the cause of Indian rock-paintings. His observations and analyses coupled with his finding in the excavations conducted in the rock-painting area of Bhimbetka led him to propound certain hypotheses to solve the knotty problem of the chronology of Indian rock-paintings. It is heartening to record that his views are now getting wide acceptance by scholars working in this highly specialised field of Indian archaeology. Dr. Pandey's love for rock-art studies is evident from the fact that even after his retirement in 1993 he is pursuing researches to promote the cause of Indian rock-paintings. His wide vision and depth in the subject born out of his visits to several rock-art sites in Europe and Australia is bound to yield fruitful results.

Latest researches in various disciplines of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology also owe a great deal to Dr. Shyam Kumar Pandey for his original contributions to highlight several aspects of the pre and protohistoric archaeology of Central India in general and Dakshina Kosala in particular. His contributions in several archaeological excavations conducted in Central India viz Tripuri, Bhimbetka, Tumain, Malhar and Nandur have opened flood-gates to reconstruct the past glory of this part of our country. His explorations too have added new dimensions to restore many missing links in the history and culture of Central India.

The list of positions held and honours earned by Dr. Shyam kumar Pandey is by no means poor. It is indicative of the high esteem in which he is held by his admirers. It is, therefore, in the fitness of thing that the admirers of Dr. Pandey were eager to present him a literary tribute in the form of a Felicitation volume. The present festchrift represents the same. We join the friends and admirers of Dr. Shyam kumar Pandey to present this volume as homage to his life-long dedication to the promotion of rock-art researches in India, and wish him many more years of active and fruitful life with perfectly sound health.

We are thankful to our contributors for sending their research paper at short notice and within time schedule. Thanks are also due Shri Vikas Arya, M/s Aryan Book International for his keen interest in getting this volume with excellent get-up published in a recorded time.



Editorial Board

Editorial Preface

List of Plates

List of Contributors


Dr. Shyam Kumar Pandey : A Literary Sketch

Born for Rock Art - Nirmala Pandey

My Dada - Urmila Misra

My Friend-Shyam Kumar - M.S. Kachhawaha

Love Me Less But Love me More! - R.S. Pathak




  1. Rock Art in India-Some Problems in its Study - S.P. Gupta


  2. On Simulation of Rock Art - Asok K. Ghosh and Biplab Kumar Bhukta


  3. Colour Notation in Rock-Art Documenation - V.H. Bedekar


  4. Explorations of Rock-Art Sites : Some Suggestions - Radhakant Varma


  5. The Ecological Aspect of Animals Depicted in Rock Art at Bhimbetka, Distt. Raisen, Madhya Pradesh - G.L. Badam and Vijay Sathe


  6. Painted Motifs of the Bhonrawali Hill (Central India) - Yashodhar Mathpal


  7. An Engraved Geometrical Design from Gudnapura : From Harappa to Sonda (16th-17th Cent.) - A. Sundara


  8. Beliefs and Art-An Ethno archaeological View - K.T. Reddy and S.K. Rao


  9. Prehistoric Art in India-A Visual Expression - Atul Chandra Bhowmick


  10. Rock Paintings of Gujarat - V.H. Sonawane


  11. ISCO-Rock Art Site in Hazribag District : An Ethno-Archaeological Profile - Somnath Chakraverty


  12. Recording Standards and their Ratings : A Model for Counducting Study and Research in Purakala Vigyan - Giriraj Kumar


  13. Conservation of Rock Art in India - Gajendra S. Tyagi


  14. Conservation and Management of Bhimbetka : A Study - R.C. Agrawal


  15. Rock Art of Naryaoli (Distt. Sagar) - Nirmala Pandey


  16. Rock Shelter Painting of Narsinghgarh - Jitendra Datt Tripathi


  17. Protection of Rock Art - Its Potential for Research and Development - S.K. Rao


  18. Documentation of Rock-Shelters in Gwalior Region - R.A. Sharma


  19. The Sahibee River Valley : A New Region of Rock Art in Rajasthan - M.L. Sharma


  20. Rock Paintings from Sehore, (M.P.) - Madhuri Sharma


  21. Rock Engravings from North Raisen Region (M.P.) - Pradeep Kumar Shukla


  22. Stereotyped Portrayals in Pahari Paintings Analysed - Y.B. Singh


(Art, Architecture, Epigraphy, Numismatics etc.)


  1. The Indian Proto-historic Copper/Bronze Anthropomorphs: Their Significance - Krishna Kumar


  2. An Introduction to Roman Pottery - D. Dayalan


  3. Underwater Archaeology: An Introduction - Alok Tripathi


  4. Prehistory and Historical Archaeology of Meghalaya and Social Formation in Khasi-Jaintia History - Nishipada Deva Choudhury


  5. Archaeological Excavations and Antiquities - K.K. Tripathi


  6. A Yaudheya Clay Seal : Some Observations - Nisar Ahmad


  7. Rama Cult : Earliest Epigraphic Evidence - Ajay Mitra Shastri


  8. Uninscribed Cast and Die-Struck Coins from Tripuri - Veena Misra


  9. National Integration as Reflected in the Ancient Inscriptions of Madhya Pradesh - S.K. Bajpai


  10. The Problem of Vajrata - Brahmanand Deshpande


  11. A Medieval Door-Surround from Kalayat - Devendra Handa


  12. Temples and Sculptures at Thoban - B.L. Nagarch


  13. A Unique Terracotta Head from Sanchankot - K.S. Shukla


  14. An Unusual Postion of Uma in some Uma-Mehesvara Panels - A.L. Srivastava


  15. The Arch-like Canopy on some Kushana Sculptures - Deena Bandhu Pandey


  16. Nehru on the Influence of Indian Culture on the Western World - Rachna Mehrotra

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