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Rasayana Tantra (Gerontology of Ayurveda)

Rasayana Tantra (Gerontology of Ayurveda)
Item Code: NAC109
Author: Dr. Bal Govind Tiwari
Publisher: Chaukhambha Bharati Academy
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788190987165
Pages: 135
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
weight of the book: 160 gms
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The Author

Bal Govind Tiwari has done his undergraduate study from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi. Then he was selected in PG entrance examination of highest reputed Institute of Ayurveda, BHU, Varanasi and NIA, Jaipur both, but he continued his post graduation study at the land of Lord Vishvanath; Varanasi. He completed his MD (Kaya Chikitsa) in 2007. His PG work was based on Rasayana drugs entitled “Evaluation of the Preventive effect of Rasayana Drugs (Vacha & Vidarikand) on Aging Process with Reference to Antioxidant Potential in Human Being”.

At present time he is working as a lecturer in BKD Govt. Ayurvedic College and Hospital at Jhansi in Utter Pradesh. Some scientific papers on aging have also been published in different journals.

The Book

The growing numbers of aged people are making a great impact on civilization. The modem medicine is taking its effort in this direction and created a new branch of medicine; Gerontology in I 9Lh century. Ayurveda is unique for its approach toward this branch. Ayurveda has not only the seriousness towards the unhealthy people to cure but also towards the healthy persons to keep them in healthy state. Ayurveda was divided into eight branches and Rasayana Tantra (branch that cares the aged and healthy individuals) Rasayana Tantra gives organized approach towards the aged individuals and tries to stabilize youthfulness. Provide a path for the healthy aging of an individual by improving the physiological properties.

The primary aim of entire text is to give systematic approach to the age, span of - theory of aging, etiopathogenesis of aging and Rasayana drugs for aged people. There is also discussion at the- end of each chapter to illustrate some unique points of Ayurveda according to modern medical This book is helpful to b° undergraduate and postgraduate students for their exam as well as for their research work.



Mankind is the precious gift given by God to this earth. God composes all the necessary things for the human being to survive here but he also creates evils and ailments by which mankind perceive the happiness and unpleasant things. In the presence of diseases creature feels the sorrow and tries to overcome from ill health. Ayurveda is perhaps the first documented medical science on this earth which offers each individual to live healthy and happily and because of this it was compared with nectar.

Each creature achieves Balya (childhood), Uva (adult) and Vridha (old) stages in their life. The old age is apprehensive for an individual as well as for society. Modern medical science lengthen the life span of old persons but the increasing number of old individuals are making great impact on socioeconomic condition of the world. Modern medical science gave their attention on this issue only when they became a problem for the society and made a new branch Gerontology.

The first aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the healthy state of an individual and Rasayana Tantra is made for the maintenance of health of old individuals. Rasayana arc the drugs which enhance the physiological properties or try to maintain the normal physiology of human being. These drugs not only increase the immunity power of persons but also help to achieve normal and healthy life.

This hook give, admirable Ayurvedic approach about age, span of life, causes of aging, symptoms of aging. Rasayana drugs and need of Rasayana drugs in present time. There is also some modern medical concept of aging according to need.

Now this is the need of time to open the Pandora box of Ayurveda and enrich the medical science not only in Gerontology but also in every field of medical science.



For just as I approve of a young man in whom There is a touch of age, So I approve old man In whom there is some of the flavour of Youth. He also strives thus to mingle Youthfulness and age may grow old in body But old in spirit he will never be.

(Cicero, Dc Sencctute chxi Sec. 38)
Shakespeare has beautifully described in one of his poems that, world is a stage and every individuals has been assigned some particular parts to play, in this series there comes a point when man enters old age. One should not complain or grumble on it’s and accept it cheerfully.

Jean Rostand has quoted that, “A man is not old as long as he is seeking something.’ So keeping this in mind one should proceed and understand that aging is a universal phenomenon that affects everyone in profound way. Ayurveda is the one of the medical sciences which not only emphasis the cure of disease but also give different method for the maintenance of healthy state.
Ayurveda is the oldest recognized system of medicine which includes the physical, spiritual as well as mental well being of human being. If these entire factors are in healthy state then only we consider the healthy state of any one and if there is disturbance or diseases whatever physical, mental or spiritual; we cannot say the person is in healthy state.

The first aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the healthy state of individuals and second to prevent the diseases. We achieve this aim with the help of dietary habit, rule and regulation of diet, Ritucharya, Dincharya, Ratricharya and Achara Rasayana but in present era a part of society is unable to follow these rules regularly. In this condition Rasayana therapy is the most appropriate method to restore the healthy state of body.

In 20th century the life of human being is totally based on luxurious things. Due to these entire luxurious things the strength of human body decreases day by day. People are consuming more and more Junk foods and foods with preservatives. The use of pesticides has also been increased. All these things lead to poor nutrition of the body.

In today’s developing world there are much dissimilarities in food habit, mental behaviour, personal behaviour and social behaviour of individuals that of because a large no. of civilization is suffering from physical as well as mental illness. The Vyadikshamatva which is immunity of person decreases day by day and due to decreased immunity the society is suffering from unhealthy age. Malnutrition or improper or inadequate diet is also an important factor for the unhealthy society like in developing countries.

The simple declaration of charak about Rasayana is “Labhopayaohi shastanam Rasadinam Rasayanum’. On the basis of this statement we can say that Rasayana therapy is just like Rejuvenation therapy by which we can achieve complete physiological and metabolic re-establishment. So the Rasayana treatment is largely used for maintaining the health of healthy persons but it can also be used to treat illness.

Now at this time, when the whole world is trying to achieve such medicines that enhance the healthy life of individual, it is our duty to expose out the possibilities of such drugs from Ayurveda.




1. Ayu and Jara 3-23
  Ayu 5
  Classification of Ayu 5
  Sukhayu-Dukhayu 2
  Hitayu and Ahitayu 13
  Importance of Healthy and Full Term Life 13
  Determination of Life Span in Human Being 15
  Importance of Determination of Life Span in Human Being 23
  Jara 25
  Chronological Kshaya in Human being 26
  Type of Jara 27
2. Theory of Aging 30-41
  Theory of aging in Ayurveda 30
  Theory of Innate Destruction (Swabhawoparamavada) 30
  Theory of Disturbance in Fundamental Principle of Body 31
  Theory Related to Time Factor (Kala) 32
  Theory Related to Environmental and other Biological Aspect 33
  Theory of aging in modern medical science 36
  Genetic Theory 36
  Immunological Theory 37
  Waste Product Theory 37
  The Error Catastrophe Theory 37
  The Somatic Mutation Theory 38
  Neuro-Endocrine Theory 38
  Free Radical Theory 38
  Discussion 39
3. Etiopathogenesis of Jara 42-64
  Etiological Factors for Jara 42
  Aharatmaka Hetu (Etiological factors related to diet) 46
  Viharatmaka Hetu (Etiological factors related to physical behavior) 48
  Manasika Hetu (Etiological factors related to mental behaviour) 49
  Pathophysiology of Aging 49
  Accountability of Doshas in Aging 51
  Accountability of Dhatus in Aging 57
  Accountability of Srotas in Aging 60
  Discussion 64
4. Sign and Symptoms of Jara 66-71
  Prodromal Symptoms of Jara 70
  Discussion 70
5. Rasayana Tantra 72-92
  Etymology of Rasayana 74
  Rasa 74
  Ayana 74
  Definition of Rasayana 75
  Classification of Rasayana 76
  Kutipravesika Rasayana 76
  Vatatapika Rasayana 77
  Droneepraveshika Rasayana 78
  Medhya Rasayana 80
  Acharya Rasayana 81
  Indication of Rasayana Treatment 82
  Contraindication of Rasayana therapy 82
  Shodhana Prior to Rasayana 84
  Time for Rasayana therapy 85
  Pharmacodynamics of Rasayana Drugs 86
  Dosage of Rasayana 87
  Treatment of Rasayana Vyapatti 88
  Use of Rasayana 89
  Discussion 92
6. Role of Rasayana Drugs in Present Life Style 93-102
7. Rasayana in Samhitas 103-116
  List of Charak Rasayana 103
  List of Sushruta Rasayana 15
  List of Astang Hridya Rasayana 106
  List of Astang Sangra Rasayana 109
  List of Bhava Prakesh Rasayana 112
  List of Yogratnakara Rasayana 113
  List of Rasa Ratna Samuchaya Rasayana 114
  List of Chakradatta Rasayana 115
  Book Referred 117-120


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