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Rasayana and Ageing

Rasayana and Ageing
Item Code: IHE040
Author: Dr. (Mrs.) SujataYadav
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788189469054
Pages: 220
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.6" X 5.6"
weight of the book: 350 gms

Ayurveda the 'Scince of Life' is eternal is its scope and progressive in its outlook towards the concept of longevity. The beautiful concept of 'Rasayna Therapy' aims at rejuvenation, immunomodulation and also geriatric care. It is of great relevance today in a society which is stressed, unhealthy and has compromised immune system. Our ancient seers recognised the importance of this 'Rasayana Therapy' and it is thus included in main eight branches of Ayurveda. It has a multidimensional approach to provide physical, social and psychological support. It gives measures by which age related changes can be prevented and good quality of life can be maintained as long as possible.

This book describes in detail the various 'Rasayana Yogas' scattered in various Ayurvedic texts. Effect of various minerals, metals, gems, single herbs used for Rasayana are being collected together. Two separate chapters of 'Rasayana and immunity' and 'Rasayana as antioxidants' are also included which will surely benefit Ayurvedic students, teachers and research workers.

I am grateful to all my teachers for giving me insight into the concept of Rasayana. I am also indebited to my parents and sons Vaibhav yadav and Prabhav yadav for their cooperation which helped me to write this book. Last but not the least I am thankful to Chaukhambha Orientalia and especially thankful to Sh. Brajpal Das Gupta & Sh. Ajay Gupta for taking up the work of publication of my book and taking keen interest in its completion.


About the Author

Dr. (Mrs.) Sujata yadav did her graduation from A & U Tibbia College, karol bagh, New Delhi and post Graduation, MD (Ay) from illustrious Banaras Hindu University in year 1996. She completed her ph.D. in 2007. Presently working as lecturer (PG Deptt. Of kayachikitra) in A & U Tibbia College karol Bagh, New Delhi. She is doing undergraduate and post graduate teaching and co-guided PG scholars. She has published number of scientific papers and attended many workshops and seminars of Ayurveda in and outside the state.


About the book

The concept of Rasayana aim at rejuvenation, immunomdulation and geriatric care. Our ancient peers recognised its importance and it was thus included in main eight branches of Ayurveda.

This book is a small effort to collect the 'Rasayana Yoga's together various minerals, metals, gems, herbs used for 'Rasayana Therapy' are being collected together. Age related changes are being described in details. ‘Rasayana and lmmunity’ and ‘Rasayana as antioxiodants’ will provide a latest insight into this beautiful concept of Ayurveda. This book will surely benefit Ayurvedic students, teachers and research scholars.




Chapter-1 Introduction to Rasayana 1
Chapter-2 The Concept of Ageing and its Effects on Various Systems 5
Chapter-3 Rasayana defination, Effects, its types and age of use 30
Chapter-4 Single herbs/ minerals/metas/gems used for Rasayana 46
Chapter-5 Rasayana preparations described in Ayurvedic texts 78
Chapter-6 Rasayana therapy and antioxidants 207
Chapter-7 Rasayana and immunity 212
References   217

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