Rambles in Vedanta
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Rambles in Vedanta

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Item Code: IDD341
Author: B.R. Rajam Iyer
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 9788120809130
Pages: 885
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

This book deals with the ideals and Elements of Vedanta and the exposition of Vedanta symbology by taking recourse to the stories and illustrations drawn from the Epics, Puranas and Classics. The principal aim which runs throughout-from the short story of Suka's advent to the long life-tale of Vamadeva and other miscellaneous stories-is the realization of Self, the Knowledge of the Atman, the elaboration and impression of the sublime truth taught by all religions and sages of antiquity, lord Srikrsna and Jesus Christ. 

The author has delved deep into the subjects of great controversy such as the concepts of Atman, Karma-yoga, Bhakti, Virtue and Sin and has cleared the intricacies of the subject-mater in as simple, homely and interesting style as possible. the variety of pabulum presented with the splendid linguistic and literary flourish, it is hoped, will be found pleasant and delicious both by the young and advanced readers. 



   B.R. Rajam Aiyer : A Sketch
   In Memoriam

I. Ideals of Vedanta :
   Modern Civilisation and the Vedanta
   Suka and the Steam Engine or The World's Progress
   What is Vedanta?
   A First Principle - From Maruthaiveeran to Mahavishnu
   Hinduism and Religious Evolution
   The Universality of the Vedanta
   A Great Superstition
   Karma Yoga
   Para Bhakti or Wisdom
   Free Will versus Fatalism
   Karma and Freedom
   Man, His Littleness and His Greatness
   Work and Saintship
   The Sages and Their Real Usefulness
   Is the World Real or False? I
   Is the World Real or False? II
   The War
   The Vedanta and the Emperor of Emperors
   The Glory of Suicide

II. Elements of the Vedanta :
   The Object of Vedanta
   A Strange Vision
   Gnana or Wisdom
   The Atman
   The Self in Us

III. Thoughts on the Bhagavad-Gita :
   The Two Questions at the Outset
   The Anthem to the Atman
   The Crisis
   The Doctrine of Non-Resistance :
      i. Nature and Application
     ii. Meaning
   Gnana-The Direct Means to Moksha
   Avatars :
      i. Ordinary Theories
     ii. Vedantic Theory

IV. Symbology :

V. Imitations of Vyasa :
   Man Never Alone-What is the Nature God (1-2)
   Tit for Tat-Love God for Love's Sake - A Story of Emerson (3-5)
   Where is God-Transmigration-A Simile-The Siddhis-The Mystery of Creation (6-10)
   A Strange Teaching-Truth-Bargaining with God (11-13)
   The Tree of Samsara-Wanting God (14-15)
   From Heaven to Hell (16)
   From Hell to Heaven-A Wonder (17-18)
   The Great Beyond-Self-Sacrifice (19-20)
   Imitation and Reality (21)
   Going Round the World (22)
   The Value of Books (23)
   The Great Samsari (24)
   What is there in Him-A Good Story (25-26)
   A Text and a Commentary (27)
   Right Learning-A Sharp Reply-The Glory of Mental Worship (28-30)
   God is Everything-Where is God? (31-32)
   The Efficacy of Prayer-Going to Heaven (33-34)
   Our Religious Differences-A king and a Sage (35-36)
   Fate Inevitable (37)
   Silence is Golden (38)
   The Mind, a Maddened Monkey-Thirst for God (39-40) 
   A Child and a Sage (41)
   An Old Man and Sri Krishna (42)
   Science, Religion and Truth (43)
   The Heroism of a Missionary's Life (44)
   Saved and Lost (45)
   The Above of God (46)
   Reforming the World (47)
   What is Duty? (48)
   Each is Great in His Own Place (49)
   Theodora (50)
   Who is the Real Chandala? (51)
   Ahamkara or Egoism (52)
   Real Faith (53)
   Isvara and Brahman (54)
   Ahamkara (55)
   Is Vedanta Pessimistic?-Manki-the Brahmin Calf-breeder (56-57)
   The Power of Faith (58)
   The Glory of Love (59)
   Helping Others (60)
   Cause of Misery (61)
   The Story of Nachiketas (62) Faith-Samadhi-The Nameless! (63-65)
   Gnana and Karma (66)
   Om! Santih, Santih, Santih (67)

VI. Pitfalls in the Vedanta :
   What is Real Asceticism?
   The World an Illusion

VII. Seekers After God :
   Nanda the Pariah Saint
   Sri Alawandar the Vaishnavite Sage
   Buddha or The Great Renunciation
   Saint Vayilar
   Sree Tatwaraya Swami
   Sree Ramakrishna Raramahamsa
   Sree Jayadeva Swami

VIII. True Greatness or Vasudeva Sastri :
i. The Dewan Bahadur and a C.I.E.
ii. A Vedantic Conversation
iii. Annammal the Terrible
iv. The Death Scene
v. After Krishna's Death
vi. Subbi and the Wild Cat
vii. A Timely Expedient
viii. Very Angry with Nature
ix. A Mysterious Figures
x. More Wonders
xi. Sastri and His Daughter
xii. The Plot Thickens
xiii. Siddha's Early History
xiv. Sastri on Duty
xv. A Window Consoled
xvi. In Search of a Guru
xvii. Very Angry with God
xviii. Sastri in Samadhi
xix. Moonlight Revels
xx. Sastri Stands the Test

IX. Miscellaneous Stories :
i. The Beach
ii. Monism Qualified and Pure
iii. The Wilderness of Life
iv. The Secret of Death
v. A Fowler and a Serpent
vi. Time How Far Real
vii. The Glory of Devotion
viii. The Glory of Mental Worship
ix. The Manner of Giving
x. The End of Desire
xi. Radha and Krishna or The Confessions of an Honest God
xii. An Idler and a Temple Trustee
xiii. The Missing Tenth, or Reckoning without the Host
xiv. How Ramdas Saw God
xv. Goodness is Happiness
xvi. The Story of Bali
xvii. The Extent of my Dominion
xviii. Seeing God?
xix An Unconscious Prophecy
xx. Gnana-The Highest Sacrifice

Appendix :
   Some Questions and Answers
   How to Kill out Anger
   The Story of Jada Bharata
   The Living are Few but the Dead are Many
   In the Brahma Loka
   The Skandopanishad
   Sadhanas or Preparation

Manana Mala or the Meditations of a Mauni :
   Meaning of Visvarupa-Ideal Teacher-Thirst for Truth, an Impetus to Seek it-Sages and Pairs of Opposites-Truth in Proverbs (1-5)
   Sin in Its Absolute Sense-Gnana Dissolves Names and Forms-Best Offering to a Guru-The Highest Teaching-Ignorance to be Removed, Nothing more to be Done-Gnanis and Agnanis (6-11)
   Marjala and Markata Nyayas-Mind Married to the Lord-Scriptures as Boats (12-14)
   Guru in a Child-Brahman Beyond Word and Thought-Mind Defined-Pure and Impure Giving (15-18)
   Sat Sanga-Killing the Mind-World a Shadow of the Soul-Unaided Effort Useless (19-22)

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