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सितार वादन शैली में राग और बंदिशें: Ragas and Compositions in Sitar Playing Style

I am delighted to write the foreword for the second publication of my most beloved pupil, Dr. Panchali Nandy. This comes as a sequel to her much appreciated debut bestseller, Professor Dhruva Tara Joshi: An Illustrious Personality, in which Panchali has furnished rare facts about the Sitar virtuoso, vocalist and unparalleled legend of the Hindustani Classical Music. The current publication focuses ban the various nuances of Sitar - raga (melodic framework), bandish (bound compositions), parampara (musical tradition) and prayog (handling and treatment).

Through brief and lucid descriptions, Panchali has communicated to the music lovers the special place of Parampara or Tradition in music and its treatment in the modern times. In the second segment, she has essayed a brief history of the Sitar tradition reflecting on the two chief styles or `gat' of rendition: Masitkhani and Razakhani, with respect to the eminent Sitar maestros following them. She has also enunciated the conventional style of rendition, offsetting it against the modern, acceptable variations exercised by the contemporary artists. Complementing her descriptions are intricate illustrations defining the anatomy of a Sitar in addition to the accompanying instruments of Indian classical music.

The third segment encapsulates explication of the different guaranties, or genres of Indian music, biographies of eminent instrumentalists and their contribution to Indian classical fraternity.

The final segment of the book provides notations of conventional Sitar compositions and their nascent and evolved aviations. Panchali has been one of my most dedicated pupils for the past twenty years and it is my unstinted faith that her book will provide an effective learning experience to the music lovers and benefit the contemporary and future generations of budding musicians.

Book's Contents and Sample Pages

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