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Quick Bed-Side Prescriber (Relation of Homeopathic Remedies)

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Item Code: NAU267
Author: J.N. Shinghal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788131903513
Pages: 726
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100% Made in India
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Book Description

About the Book

In today's era, as literacy levels are growing, people are moving towards natural systems of medicine, realising the harmful effects of conventional system. They want to keep themselves away from surgeon's knife as well as unwanted medication. The book ‘Quick Bed-side Prescriber’ is devised for the same class of people who believe in the natural art of healing. The ailments with the recommended medicine are covered alphabetically. First the ailment is explained elaborately, followed by medicines which can treat it effectively. This book will be useful for those who have interest in homeopathy and want to use homeopathy for themselves and their family. It is a labour saving device and a ready reckoner, providing therapeutic pointers not only in common ailments but even in cases of emergencies.

About the Author

Dr J.N. Shinghal (FRHS, Cal.) was interested in the science of medicine since childhood and whenever he had time he used to read books on medicine in his father's library. He assisted his father in running a charitable dispensary. He worked with Dr Sircar where after seeing wonderful cures by homeopathy his interest in the system started blooming. He has also worked with Dr Yudhvir Singh and Dr Guha who guided him and persuaded him to take a step further in the same direction. Later on, Dr Shinghal started his own charitable dispensary through which he served many people for a long time with the help of homeopathy.


Since this ‘Prescriber’ is not unfamiliar to most of Homoeopaths, so it needs no lengthy preface.

The Jain Publishing Co., Delhi approached me in 1979 with a request that hundreds of orders for supplying the book both from Indian and Foreign Homoeopaths were pending with them, so either | might revise the book or allow them to reprint the existing edition as printing of the revised edition will take a long time.

I was busy then in writing the second book ‘‘Graphic Picture.of Selected Remedies’ and could not afford to revise the Book.

Lest the reputation of publisher—who is one of the biggest Publishers of Mecical Books—should suffer for not supplying the book in time, so I acceded to their second alternative request for reprinting of the existing edition of the book. Thus the book has already seen the light of the day tenth times.

Incidently the book has carved out for itself truly a good name in the chorus of warm unsolicited tributes that it has been I receiving month after month from Homoeopaths of many parts of the country as well as from foreign countries, is an indicaticn.

This edition appears with some additional features and new materials to make it more useful and serviceable.

I have tried to elaborate and make more illuminating some of the existing alphabetical headings with added cross references in order to help the busy practitioner to find out the right medicines without much ado.

Again I have included treatments for some more diseases. which did not find place in previous editions. This was necessitated by my own need as patients suffering from such diseases came to me for consultation or sent letters to me for their treatment both from India and foreign countries. The time of puberty is very critical and delicate in a girl's life and several derangements occur in her life in certain cases. I have massed them together under one head ‘‘Derangements at Puberty."

Pains in certain parts of the body are sometime so terrific that the sufferer wants instant reliefs. The physician is equally anxious to give him or her instant relief without delay. The Preventives need early administration of a drug to save the patient to fall a prey to an epidemic illness or other ailments. I have grouped together such Pains, Prophylactics and Preventive under a separate chapter V.

I have included some more ‘Nosodes' which are more helpful and efficacious these days in the treatment of certain maladies. I have included some more drugs for external applications in some diseases.

I have again taken advantage of experiences of some more eminent 2nd famous physicians in the science of healing and am greatly indebted to them. Their names along with the books authered by them appear in the Bibliography and in certain cases their names have been mentioned below the headings and in certain cases deliberately not mentioned.

I need not repeat what I have mentioned clearly in previous editions that I claim no originality and my sole aim is to benefit the patients by utilising experiences of other authors and not for any pecuniary gain. I have given only salient and most significant symptoms of certain diseases most succinctly and suggested treatment only to a few efficacious medicines other- wise the book might become bulky like certain Materia Medica thus jeopardise its name as a Quick Bed-Side Prescriber.

If this revised edition continues to serve the same purpose of relieving the sufferings, distresses of even a few _ ailing patients then I shall consider myself fully rewarded.

The greatest Healer is Lord (Shri Rama) and while ending this preface I earnestly pray to Him for curing or even mini- mising the sufferings of such patients who utilise this book for their troubles.


It is with pleasure that I read the book "QUICK BED-SIDE PRESCRIBER" compiled by Mr. J.N. Shinghal. Mr. Shinghal is an ardent student of Homoeopathy and has taken great pains in collecting the material for the book. The main question is whether there was need for such a reference book for whom it will be helpful. In my opinion, this type of Homoeopathic Quicx Prescriber will be of immense help to the beginner, whereas for the veteran it can also offer suitable hints many a time, especially at the bed-side. Naturally, a book of this nature can not do perfect justice to the principal method of selection in Homoeopathy, i.e. selection by repertorisation. The main difference between this type of reference book and a good repertory is that former suggests one or two important remedies fora group of symptoms, the latter suggests a number of possible remedies of different degrees of efficacy for a single prominent symptom. But a book like this will, from practical point of view, be very helpful in selecting the proper remedy quickly, specially when attending patients outside the office and in most cases the selection will be right. But betore one takes to this type of a reference book one must possess a thorough knowledge of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica, The book is surely not meant for those who have no adequate knowledge of the individual Homoeopathic drug stock. We should be thankful to Mr. Shinghal for having undertaken to compile a book of this nature which is likely to be of immense benefit to all types of Homoeopaths.

I wish him every success in this endeavour and also wish that it reaches the hands of many Homoeopaths in India and abroad for their own benefit.

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