Predictive Astrology

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Author: M.N. Kedar
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About The Author

Mahendra Nath Kedar son of Shri Kedar Nath, Sr. Advocate of Delhi, who was popularlu known as a saint and a True Bhakta of Lodr Shiva. A true Gandhian, freedom fighter, who never claimed the benefits of being a freedom fighter and never preferred his children to enjoy and take any benefits on account of his sacrifices for the independence. He used to wear Khadi clothes and used oil, soap etc. purchased from Gandhi Ashram only. Even for his children, he never purchased anything except Swadeshi articles. He followed his principles till his last breath. The author, preffered to have his father’s name Kedar as his “Sir Name”, so that he may get strength to follow the path of truth and to serve the society. Since his students days he devoted much of his time for the services of the society and many times he was felicitated. In March, 1994 on completion of his 60th year “SHASHTI PURTI” (ON 10TH June 1993), he was felicitated and honoured by the title of “VAISHYA SHIROMANI”.

He retired from Indian Audit and Accounts Department as Sr. Administrative Officer in June, 1991. He is fourth child among the thirteen children of his parents. He is Founder Chairman of Delhi Chapter I of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd.), Madras. In 1987, He started Astrological classes (JYOTISHA PRAVEENA AND JYOTHSH VISHARDA) at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi under the banner of I.C.A.S. with all grace and blessings of Late Dr. B.V. Raman, Founder President of I.C.A.S. and my Jyotish Guru. Shri K.N. Rao. The author born with Cancer lagna, Sagittarius Rashi (Moon sign), 9th & 10th lord Jupiter and Mars in the second house from lagna and I, IV and V house lords from the Moon in 9th housecould get success in establishing the astrological classes. The number of students swelled to six hundred by the end of 1994. Delhi Chapter I had to leave premises of Bhavan and had to start new centres for astrological activities in January 1995. Presently, the Astrological classes are held at seven places in Delhi and N.C.R.:

1. Pusa Road 2. Roop Nagar 3. East Delhi (Trans-Yamuna) 4. Hari Nagar 5. Saket 6. Faridabad 7. Noida (Sector 19) A correspondence course in astrology was also conducted by I.C.A.S. under supervision of the author as “Director of Correspondence Courses”.

He is a devoted, dedicated and selfless volunteer engaged in propagation of Astrology. In this book he had tried to put the ocean into a earthen pot (Gagar Mein Sagar). He has never claimed himself as successful and learned astrologer, though he has expertise in many branches of astrology. He wishes appreciation from the readers only.



Astrology is a divine science which enables us to peep into the future. The Vedic Astrology (most commonly known as Hindu System of Astrology) generally understood the science connected with Horoscope reading, Palmistry, Horary, Varshaphala, Mundance, Meteorology etc.

The horoscope depicts a picture of the results of the Karmas done by the native in his past births (known as Sanchit Karmas), which are generally called Bhagya.

Bhagya is only the accumulated balance of ‘Karma Phala’ available in the present birth, out of the Sanchit Karmas. When a Karma is done there will be its result, which is must to be enjoyed/suffered by the native.

The Karmas done by a Person can be easily grouped into the following three groups:- (i) SANCHIT KARMAS (ii) PRARABDHA KARMAS (iii) KRIYAMAN OR AGAMI KARMAS

The horoscope shows Sanchita Karma i.e. the balance of fruits of the karmas done in the past births (like a balance sheet of the past good and bad deeds). Out of these Sanchita Karmas the result of some karmas, which are known as Prarabadha, are allotted for this birth (present birth). The native is supposed to enjoy the fruits of the good karmas and to suffer misieries for his sins.

The fructification of these depend upon the order of the dasha the native gets during the present birth and on the gochara (transit position).

The third category of the karmas i.e. Kriyaman and Agami Karmas is the karmas the native will do in this birth. The results of these karmas can be enjoyed by the native during the present birth or they may also go to the deposit of Sanchita Karmas. This again depends upon the order of the present birth. We have seen many people working sincerely and are quite eligible to achieve certain results, but they don’t get it. The persons who were less sincere and were also not capable of getting, do get the favourable results. The difference is because the favourable dasha gives one the success and the unfavourable period denies the same to the other.

The predictive part is the most difficult and undependable one. One has to work hard to understand the meanings and application of the mysterious principles of Astrology. We should pray God to help us in learning this sacred science and also in serving the human beings with the help of Vedic Astrology.

The predictive astrology needs knowledge about the characteristics functions of planets, sings, houses, yogas, dashas and use of all limbs of astrology for getting accurate predictions. Here in this book sincere effort is made to explain every rule of astrology with an illustration to give the reader a crystal clear picture. This simple method would help the reader to do the correct judgement of the horoscope.

This revised edition is prepared after merging the three volumes which were first published in 1993. Three editions of these exhausted during the last five years. Not only beginners, but the senior students and even most of the astrologers have appreciated the work and are also using this as reference book. In this present revised sixth edition, many new paras, examples, some Annexures have been incorporated and some clarifications have been added where ever it was felt necessary to make the book more useful.

If the readers appreciate the book, they should thank to my Guru and almighty God.

My mistake may be excused. I will welcome the letters suggesting the improvements.




  Preface v
  Few Words viii
  Acknowledgements ix
  About the Author x
  Section I  
Chapter 1 Signs of Zodiac and Planets 3-23
Chapter 2 Signs and their characterstics 24-34
Chapter 3 Karakatwas of Planets and houses Part- I 35-42
Chapter 4 Awasthas of Planets 43-56
Chapter 5 Karakatwas of Planets and their houses Part- II 57-63
Chapter 6 Theories of birth time rectification 64-76
Chapter 7 Dasha and Antardasha calculations 77-99
Chapter 8 Results of Ascending signs 100-112
  Section II  
Chapter 9 Aspects 115-124
Chapter 10 Key planets for signs 125-140
Chapter 11 Ayurdaya And Maraka 141-172
Chapter 12 Planets in different signs 173-240
  Section III  
Chapter 13 Special Yogas 243-317
Chapter 14 General judgement of horoscope 318-343
  Annexure I (Dina Mrityu, Dina Roga) 344
  Annexure II (Ganda Moola) 345
  Annexure III (Refer Para 11.17) 347-350
  Annexure IV (Aspect of Rahu Ketu) 351-356
  Annexure V (Yogas) 357-369
  Annexure VI 370-381
  Charts of Mooltrikona and Exaltation Signs 387
  Table showing position of Navamsha of each Sign 388
  Payas 389
  Index 390
  Nav Graha Strotram 397
  Pratah Kardarshanam (Natural Zodiac) 398

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