Pranavaya Ashtang As The Origin of Therapy

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Item Code: NAP660
Author: Dr. Sneh Rani Jain
Publisher: International Digambar Jain Cultural Association, Sagar
Language: English
Pages: 71 (Throughout B & W Illustrations)
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Weight 200 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Author

Br. Such Rani Jain, B.Sc., M. Pharm., Ph.D. is the only so far known Decipherer of the Indus Texts who has meaningfully read the message or each Indus sign and given an elaborate Lexicon for- the Indus Sign texts. Not only that, she has also explored more than 52 Indus keys and 25 unique Indus Jina images that carry the Indus Texts on them. As a writer of this book she very skillfully leads the Readers through the Dogmatic meaning of each sign w Inch functions as a symbol of the shramanic guide of the ancient most Indian ewligion.

Basically being a Faculty Pharmacaeutical Sciences for almost 40 years and haying specialty in Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Sager, Saugar, M.P., India; she has not left even a single dot or streak unread of the Indus Texts seen k her.

She challenges that no one can decipher the Indus Script without taking help of the Jain Dogma and the traditional Jain Symbolic Expressions and feels sorry that the learned scholars are merely wasting time and energy following the other methods in vain.

Accepting the bold declared bet oiler on Internet by Steve Farmer of US Dollar 10,000.00 she smiles and says that she can show a text of 43 Indus signs on a Jina Image and still longer Indus texts in the text-carpets inscribed on the bed rock or Shrawana Belagola if he comes and wants to see them. She suggests that with no Taboos of Bias and Fear should any Epigraphist, Archaeologist or Historian should work on the issues of World Heritage like the Indus Culture and Indus Script leaving no approach unused. Then only can one reach and avail the essence of that rich and priceless heritage of mankind.

This book presents her independent arduous Research work of past several years and is her most precious gift to the Base Indus Archaeologists for their most valuable contribution on the Indus Valley Research.

Presenting Papers in each held History, Epigraphy and Archaeology Indian National Conference since 2001 she has drawn attention of the experts to the Theme expressions of the Indus Script. She has also written books namely: The Harappan Glory of Jinas, 2001; The Ethical Message of Indus Pictorial Script, 2002; Saindhav Pura Awashesh Ek Shashwat Abhivyanjana, 2002; The Seed Indus Rod, of Karnataka, 2003; Itihaas Bolta Hai, 2004; Saindhav Puralipi Men Dishaa Bodh, 2004; The Guide Book to Decipher the Indus Script, 2006, Introduction to *Jainism, 2006: Indus keys and some Indus Jinas, 2006: Symbolic Expressions in Jain Tradition and Evolution of the Indus Sign Script with few more to come.

Through International Seminars she has also acquainted her small audience with her new approach of deciphering the Indus script with no intent of hurting any one's feelings but to explore the facts and bring them to light to help the Fellow Researchers.

Her earnest desire is that more work appears on parallel lines to compare the transliteration of the Indus themes so as to get the best message of the Indus Texts found anywhere.


It may sound ridiculous that a Pharmacist speaks about History and sooner jumps in to Archaeology and Epigraphy turning interests in to Indology and Linguistics to present something related to Pharmacy, approaching Religion and Philosophy in the following pages.

In fact, Pharmacy being a para-medical profession concerns with all the fields of Humanity and Science. As a student of Pharmacy when we were taught a paper on Economics, Statistics, Latin and History we were puzzled as to where these subjects would lead us in this Profession with a background of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology? We could see only a small ring of sky open to us alike a frog in a well then. After completing the Master's degree one could realize the openness of the sky that a Pharmacist had as a challenge to meet in community, teaching, Industry, Hospitals, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Research and test controls including Sales and on administrative positions. Yes, a Scientist is a Philosopher too!

Recalling research while doing Ph.D., that sky got opened up further to look out for a topic for research that could match with the available Labs of the up-coming Department that had just moved from the old Barracks to its new Building with almost no settings. Limited apparatuses, limited gas, limited chemicals and sometimes no water and no electricity. Professor M. L. Schroffs roaring voice used to shake our nerves if no work was shown. In B.H.U. he had laid the foundation of Pharmacy as a single person, as Head, teacher, attendant and Peon of the founder Department. Work and Work was all for him. No excuse was possible to waste time. Arranging Labs, in the summer, stocking the reagents, maintenance of records, preparation of Syllabi, setting the instruments, arranging of Departmental Library, looking after the animal house were all to be done in the summer vacation only with limited hands so that the Semester could begin with its full swing. His way of working was totally different from the earlier running routine. Any Research work was only a dream then. What best could be done was selection of the topic and refer the Library in time saved from work. It so happened that many visitors on tea table including some teachers avoided sugar as precaution taking sodium cyclamate, and I got my topic of research to explore Anti-diabetic drugs from Vegetable origin consumable with food. Enlisting of popular anti-diabetic drugs began with their collection from where ever possible. The list went almost above 250 plants. At that time I realized what massive work must have been undertaken in recording the Indigenous drugs of India and compiling the volumes of Indian Medicinal Plants and saluted the authors.

Collection of fresh drugs in workable quantities, proper storage and their extraction afresh avoided spurious purchase. Total extractives were recovered and administered orally to the controlled test animals recording changes in blood sugar levels setting the maximal tolerant dose/Kg. whenever any drugs got collected. But the effective components were to be isolated, studied, dose establishment was required. After isolation of fractions through column chromatography they were to be identified chemically and testified again to confirm efficacy. To test them on Alloxan induced diabetic animals Indore medical College Labs were attended in Holidays. After confirming the effect, their chemical identity by I. R., N. M. R. studies in summer vacation were done at the NCL Poona and microbiological studies at the Bose Institute, Calcutta for work as well as training. Studies on the structure action relationship for the most effective fractions and to drop down toxicity factor from the molecules work at the Medical College, Lucknow was taken up. For final reporting of the results help from the Chemistry Department of the Aligarh Muslim University was saught. All this gave not only exposure but also insight in the Alphabets of Research.

With Post-Doctoral research on a poisonous plant, H. montagzzianum, Roxb. further experience on pollen toxicity and possibility of immunological activation were gained in Germany. Advancements through cell level studies lead to new possibilities of semi synthetic production of drugs like various Insulins. Cancer research took new leap in Radioactive isotope drugs, Radio-active Cow and handling of milked doses at the scheduled time of dosaging. Targetted and tailored doses developed with improved Bio-pharmaceutical and clinical pharmacokinetic approach opened new challenges of calculations and dose monitoring in USA Labs. Drug charged carriers and partitioned nano drug particles across different Barriers opened up new dimensions of targeted bioavailability of drugs. Advancements in field of Allopathy were tremendous over all, resulting with computerized programming for self medication too but they were proportionately costly too. Hence, World could not forget the alternative much cheaper systems of medicare like Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Biochemic, Hakimi, Siddhi, Naturopathy, hydro-therapy, Oil therapy, Mud-therapy, Physio-therapy, Acu-pressure, Acu-puncture, Magnet therapy and, Reki. With approval all over by the advanced nations too.

Getting close to the Shraman sanghas not only ancient traditions but also the ancient scriptural texts revealed an unheard, wholly new but most ancient approach of therapy known as Pranavaya Ashtang protecting not only the 10 Pranas but also caring mind, speech, body and the Soul along with the taken vows, to accept whatever comes ahead with equanimity. Not every human being can have this therapy but only the Bhavyas, determined on their path of austerity having a background of pre-earned merits and a developed stamina of winning over 22 afflictions known as 22 Parishah Jaya. Its symbolic expression seen in the pre-Vedic Indus script evidences its prevalence since the pre-Vedic hoary past. That Pranavaya Ashtang was actually prevalent amongst Sallekhis and lead to earn the Tirthankar Prakrati Naam Karma as does its symbol d show, only for the Nikat Bhavyas taking Satwik food.

Based on Sallekhana and Pre-Vedic Pranavaya Ashtang. a system meant for the Shraman ascetics with Vaiyavratya who, taking limited food and water only once a day religiously, while living under Nature, keeping normal, rather good and active in their self-opted traditional code conditions without medicines, made root of therapy in the Pre-Vedic India. For Laities, a Jain Ashtang Ayurveda resulted the same time. Veda meaning knowledge. The remaining seven aspects were very important, all by Kaya Chikitsa using restricted vegetable drugs with food as medicine. Rig-Veda written next too was a Jain Text on Rishabhdeo supporting Vegetarianism. Sam, Atharva and Yajurveda got written much later. The Vedic Ayurveda was only a sub-Veda, also an Ashtang, parallel to the indigenous Jain Ashtang compiled by selecting 18 Sanhitas, having little modified drug choice, recommended honey, cow urine and fermented broths, not acceptable by the Shrawakas, though carried the same name and much preferred by all others then.

Man fearing death, supporting the Indian belief of cycle of Swastika forgets the law of Nature and behaves in all possible tense ways unfavorable to his mental, physical and spiritual health. Fore-bearance and tolerance induce forgiveness and equanimity in every one. Pranavaya brings peace and ease looking within self, against the worldly charms that have no end. As found, the Indus texts also convey the same message bridging Pharmacy to Archaeology most simply as all Biopharmaceutical norms fail on Shramans! The Sky of research is open and vast with no limitations at higher levels.

What one needs is to store energy in wings and determination and alertness in mind to choose where to land not scaring for the boundaries which do not exist as, you go higher. Alike Viruses undergoing Lysogeny, remaining silent as dead crystals for generations and awakening suddenly to show effect, Jada and Chetan merge, masking the fields of observation in Nature all the time breaking limits of Truth that both Scientists and Philosophers try to explore, all their lives. So is this work, open to study the background of Pharmacy in our heritage!


Shramanism and Brahmanism are the two different and independently flourishing ancient religious Cultures of Pre-Vedic India, traceable through History and Archaeology, both believing in Swastika that exhibits its dominance in the Indus heritage as well. Swastika continues its importance and prevalence as an important symbol in the two religions so also in later evolved Buddhism too.

Ever since favourable gain is taken as progress in life and loss as the uncalled suffering by man that may be of possessions, health and wealth and of life of the near and dear ones under illusion. But illusion is world, of not one or two hours but of whole life. Loss is inevitable as the law of Nature because anything that comes is bound to go away being moving, else it could not come. What always exists is eternal.

There exist several mysteries of Nature after the basic necessities are fulfilled. The Universe, diversity in Nature, Soul, Mind, Thoughts, God, Birth, Death, knowledge in the living entities, the bundle of His etc. are some of the mysteries which one takes for granted but Thinkers have always thought upon them. Scientist is also a thinker who through practical approaches tries to solve them out in human interests. Life has been the main issue of concern always because survival, through its long span, everyone wants to live with ease, safety and comfort. Diseases, ailments, ageing, accidents and death impose problems. When no solution and no rescue is available one blames God; a fantasy that people have imagined in their own way to satisfy self with Myths and Logics leading to different Believes and Religions of creation, superficially in favour of their belief but against the basic Law of Nature as.... As you sow so will you reap!

Through the Swastika not only the Universe is reflected symbolically by we Indians, but also the cycle of rebirths; the Bhava chakra and Nature. Every creature lives without complaining of the problems of life in Nature except man making self away as much as possible from Nature inviting problems for self As much as our body gets exposed to Nature it gets stronger. Inhaling fresh air, the Lungs not only get Oxygen but also opened up for floating particles, settled on the outer membranes that get led away with cough, perspiration or wash. Some of them may leave antigens in traces in that short time to lead to auto-immunity. The soft, morning Solar-light on exposed skin not only brings Vitamin D but also induces immunity and strength. The whole body if exposed procures from Nature necessary nutrition topically. Walking bare foot brings auto immunity to children in villages and slums. As much one lives protected, away from Nature that much one gets weaker. Ancient Rishis and Munis used to live in Nature free from tension with their disciple wards as teacher-guardians keeping healthy all life. Mother Nature provides generously free Air and Sun for all in ample to cure and heal. However, service to ailing and needy ones became a religious duty by the pious ones to society with compassion and kindness called as. The four Gatis of Swastika are shown by a cross made of two Zigzags crossing each other.

Every arm of Swastika symbolizes the situation of current life in World for self. All humans on upper end of its visible arm and all the non-humans in the lower end of the visible arm; the Celestials on the upper end of the invisible arm and the Infernals on its lower end so that each of them after completing his/her life span will change his/her location according to the fruits of his/her own Ayu and Gati Karma. This is the game of Mother Nature for each living entity to undergo and face continuously, in the Swastika Culture belief. However Hindu belief takes swastika as an auspicious symbol for worldly gains, while Jains take it as a reminding warning for life after death, this human life being the superior most..

Through rebirths every Soul of Swastika symbolizes eternity of Soul also that sits in each living entity; as Swastika has taken several cycles since time unknown, so have the Souls by rebirths in the 8400,000 body forms making every living entity as his/her mother in a Chakra in some birth under the Indus belief. That makes every living unit related to each other making the whole world of living a family, their vital Energy making all independent units a family as per the first theory scientifically of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam!

The center denotes the fifth Gati of salvation as per the Jain belief. The souls seated on Periphery in a cross undergo faster cycle of rebirths when the endless knot turns into a wheel of rebirths with countless spokes in it. Those all who know the importance of Swastika do care for its center to save their human birth from tensions and utilize it to choose to be near the centre with the Live and Let Live others approach observing nonviolence with compassion, kindness, forgiveness and mercy maintaining vegetarianism to live natural and a scientific way of living.

As per the second, Vaishnava theory every Soul merges in the soul of God losing its individuality as every soul comes from Him. According to that too being all individual souls as the fraction of the Central Soul they all make a family. In a family everyone keeps concern of the welfare of each other. Yet only selfless, motherly caring and attentive individuals holding no discrimination of friends and foes adopt service to suffering ones; Vaiyyavratya for all other fellow beings with non-violent ways. Pharmacy, Medical and Para medical services thus got evolved as charity and special service, hand in hand with religion, all over globe, alike in India.

As per the third and scientific theory each Soul is vital energy. Let us see as to how the Soul energies differ from the energy of Matter in the Univerge, the Universe being full of matter so also with living beings.

According to the Hindu Mythology metaphorically the Soul is the fraction of the Creator, who is always free to call the Soul back, in the way he likes. The Nature is but the various forms of Matter and metaphorically Parwati, his wife. Actually Shiv and Parwati are Soul and Matter, both being the two types of energies of Jada and Chetan.

Shiv is Soul but each Soul has individuality which never adds up else the twins had one Soul and mother and foetus had also one Soul. With death of one the other would have also died. The Jain Philosophy deals with the two most scientifically, taking the Soul eternal as one of the six components of Nature. The two, Soul and matter or Jada and Chetan together make the world of varieties, aymbolized by Swastika, making all living a family.

Yet, violence all arround? Where as it should be the slogan Live and Let live others ! with service to all !

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