Practical Hand Book of Shalya Tantra
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Practical Hand Book of Shalya Tantra

Mohandas Indological Series 130
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Item Code: UAF179
Author: Anuruddh Gupta and Meenakshi Verma
Publisher: Chaukhambha Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9788195265848
Pages: 80 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
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It is my great pleasure to write a foreword message for 'Practical Hand-Book of Shalya Tantra' written by Dr Anuruddh Gupta, Dr Santosh Y.M, Dr Meenakshi Verma and Dr Praveen Kumar Yadav.
Ayurveda is ancient health care science. It is a Upveda of Atharvaveda and has been scientifically categorized into eight clinical branches in which Shalya Tantra is the important one. It is called the Science of life which deals with all important aspects of life.
The main ancient classical treatise on Shalya Tantra is Sushruta Samhita which explains the fundamentals of surgery including minor and major surgical procedures.
This book comprises essential theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. It provides a practical approach to surgical procedures with its limitations and precautions which are helpful for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
I congratulate and wish the authors for their efforts in bringing. a well presented precise and practical book of Shalya Tantra. I am quite a confidant that this book will provide insight into the subject interestingly and easily.


The term Ayurveda is derived from two words ayus unified state of physical body etc and veda means knowledge that mean the science of life. Surgery has longer history than using medicine in Ayurveda. Shalya tantra or the technique of surgery is one of the eight branches of (Asthahanga) Ayurveda. Ayurveda surgeons are traditionally known as dhanwanatareeyas (after dhanwantary).
The word shalya is derived from sala-swala which means the foreign body or noxious element which spread all over the body very quickly on entering the body.
Thus this tantra or branches of medical system is so named because of its swiftness and accuracy in dealing the emergencies. Shalya tantra deals with diagnosis and removal of all foreign bodies. grass blades, wooden pieces, sand particles, metallic substances like bullets, rods, nails, etc. Salya is not only means a foreign body but also the substances like mudagarbha pus which is harmful either to body or mind and salyatantra means the measures to eliminate them from the body.
This book based on trividha karma and yogyashasoothreeyam which is described in short for the students. In shalya tantra Trividh karma includes Purva karma (Pre-operative), Pradhan karma (Operative), and Paschat karma (post-operative).
Pre-operative means Preoperative care is the preparation and management of a patient prior to surgery. It includes both physical and psychological preparation.
Or prior to any routine or emergency surgery, investigation need to be done mainly for anaesthesia fitness preoperatively and the preparation of skin is also needed, Pradhan karma means main surgical procedure either minor or major and finally paschat karma means after surgery.

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