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A Practical Guide to Prediction through Dasha System

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Author: Dr. S.C. Kursija
Publisher: All India Federation of Astrologers Societies
Language: English
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9788195154555
Pages: 104
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description


Prediction is the chief objective of Predictive Astrology. A learned astrologer has to make study of the three different parts of a horoscope – 1. Yoga, the combination of planets and Lords, 2. Period-sub-period i.e. dasha, 3. Gochar that is, transit. All the three parts are the supplements of each other. Yoga is the most important among all the three parts. Period-sub-period i.e. dasha may prove to be futile if there is no Yoga in a horoscope. For example, Period-sub-period cannot bless a native with a child if there is no Santan Yoga in his horoscope. Dasha might be of Lord of fifth house or of Karaka planet. Likewise, Gochar too cannot do anything if there is no Yoga in a horoscope. So, all the three parts are essential to have the result.

In the book, I have tried to put what I have learnt by experience. My views might not be approved of the scriptures, but it does not mean that the scriptures are wrong or erroneous. I do respect all the rules mentioned in the scriptures, exalted planets render benefic results. But in practical life, it has been experienced that the said planets prove to be unable in rendering favorable results. Take one more example. In winter, Sun proves to be pleasing, whereas the same Sun is scorching in summer when it is exalted. It is the need of the hour to ponder over the matter afresh. Learned astrologers should express their views in black and white, which will be beneficial for the society we live in.

In the book a study of only of the said three parts has been mentioned and that is vimshottari dasha. Maharshi Parashar has mentioned 43 Dashas in his “Brahat Parashar Hora Shastra.” But here in this book the Vimshottari Dasha has been mentione elaborately in particular, which his used extensively. Besides, the Ashtottari and Yogini Dashas have also been narrated briefly.

The book has been composed keeping in view the problems of the students of All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies on the inspiration of Mr. Arun Kumar Bansal, President of the Federation. It has also been kept in view that the book may prove to be useful for the other students of Astrology. It is up to the students to decide how for I have been successful in composing the same.


About the Book

After getting the basic knowledge of Astrology, it is essential to analyze the running and coming dashas and give prediction on the basis of that. Dasha is such a medium which tells when a native will taste the fruits of success and attainment and when to suffer from grief and sorrow. Parashar has described about 43 dashas but the most authentic dasha is considered to be the Vimshottari Dasha. The cycle of Vimshottari Dasha consists of 120 years and a native enjoys any dasha one time only in his/her lifetime. However every Mahadasha has 9 Antardashas.

In this book, Dashas and Antardashas have been dealt with in detail and their results have been explained taking into account all the parameters. In the end yogini Dasha has also been described and its results have been explained. This book has specially been designed for the students of All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies but the other students interested to know this subject can also get benefitted equally with the study of this book.



Chapter 1 Period: An analysis 1
  Vimshottari Dasha 1
  Exercise 5
Chapter 2 Horoscope 7
  Benefic and malefic planets 7
  Qualitative strength (Gunatmaka Bala) 11
  Exercise 28
Chapter 3 Period of Sun 29
  Prediction of Sun Mahadasha in different houses 30
  Mahadasha of Sun & Antardashas 31
  Exercise 33
Chapter 4 Period of Moon 35
  Prediction of Moon Mahadasha in different houses 35
  Mahadasha of Moon & Antardashas 37
  Exercise 39
Chapter 5 Period of Mars 41
  Prediction of Mars Mahadasha in different houses 42
  Mahadasha of Mars & Antardashas 43
  Exercise 45
Chapter 6 Period of Rahu 47
  Prediction of Rahu Mahadasha in different houses 47
  Mahadasha of Rahu & Antardashas 49
  Exercise 51
Chapter 7 Period of Jupiter 53
  Prediction of Jupiter Mahadasha in different houses 53
  Mahadasha of Jupiter & Antardashas 55
  Exercise 57
Chapter 8 Period of Saturn 59
  Prediction of Saturn Mahadasha in different houses 60
  Mahadasha of Saturn & Antardashas 61
  Exercise 64
Chapter 9 Period of Mercury 65
  Prediction of Mercury Mahadasha in different houses 65
  Mahadasha of Mercury & Antardashas 67
  Exercise 68
Chapter 10 Period of Ketu 69
  Prediction of Ketu Mahadasha in different houses 69
  Mahadasha of Ketu & Antardashas 70
  Exercise 72
Chapter 11 Period of Venus 73
  Prediction of Venus Mahadasha in different houses 73
  Mahadasha of Venus & Antardashas 75
  Exercise 78
Chapter 12 Period of the lord of a house: An analysis 79
  Mahadasha Results of Different Houses 79
  Period/Sub-period of different planets in different houses 83
  Exercise 85
Chapter 13 Some Rules for making Prediction 87
  Exercise 91
Chapter 14 Vimshottari Dasha 93
  Prediction on the basis of Karkatva of the houses 93
  Exercise 98
Chapter 15 Prediction of Vimshottari Dasha 99
  Exercise 109
Chapter 16 Prediction of Yogini Dasha 111
  Result of Yogini Dasha 115
  Result of Yogini Sub period 116
  Exercise 126



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