Points To Ponder Talks and Messages of Swami Satchidananda

Points To Ponder Talks and Messages of Swami Satchidananda

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Author: Swami Satchidananda
Publisher: Anandashram
Language: English
Edition: 2000
Pages: 194
Cover: Paperback
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Swami Satchidananda, born in 1919 as Anantasivan, went through a period of struggles and trials in his early life, and when he was only 30, came under the spell of the unique personality of Swami Ramdas. It was as if Swami Ramdas was waiting for his arrival, for, they took to each other instantly as Guru and disciple. At the behest of his Guru, he took to Nama Japa and later embraced the order of Sannyas. Guru-seva and dedicated service of all became his watchwords. He served the two great saints, Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai throughout their lifetime. After the Mahasamadhi of Swami Ramdas, he assisted the Mother in the day to day affairs of the Ashram. The great Gurus were grooming the Swami, as it were, to carry on the noble mission they had started for the good of humanity. In 1989, when Mother Krishnabai left her mortal coil, Swami Satchidananda inherited the mantle of running the Ashram. With his exemplary qualities, he has become the guiding spirit of the Ashram. He follows the footsteps of his great Masters in loving and serving all based upon universal vision. Devotees all over the world look upon him as the very embodiment of their Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji. Pujya Swamiji has completed over 50 years of glorious and dedicated service in the Ashram.



The teachings of the saints are not mere strings of words or a neat array of precepts; each utterance by them is charged with Grace and Power. The words of the Masters help the seekers in character building which is the underlying theme of the spiritual practices, viz, Sadhana. Verily, their Words of Grace generate a subtle process of inner purification in the deep lakes of our minds. However to realise the therapeutic effect at a conscious level and to draw maximum mileage out of their teachings, one has to adopts a discipline of frequent contemplation letting the mind reflect on the messages again and again, like turning over the beads of the rosary as an aid for constant remembrance. Such an exercise would, in due course, chip away the age-old conditioning of the mind and open up new dimensions, cutting a new path in our inner journey. The teachings of the Realised Beings come as a benediction to the mind, which is grouping and stumbling in the dark corridors of delusion.

This revised and enlarged edition of “ Points to Ponder ” is divided into two parts. In part 1 ‘ Light of Supreme Reveals Itself in a Life of Perfection’, we have presented a compilation of talks given by Pujya Swami Satchidanandaji from 1990 to 1999 on occasions like Jayanti, Mahasamadhi daya etc. of his Masters – Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai, endearingly called as Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji by their devotees. The expression ‘Beloved Papa’ also stands for the Lord of the Universe seated in everybody’s heart. Pujya Swamiji who had the rare privilege of moving closely with two great saints, serving Beloved Papa for 14 years and Pujya Mataji for 40 years, gives us inspiring accounts of the fascinating life of perfection lived by his Divine Gurus, radiating their luster of love and service towards one and all. Listening to the lives of saints and sages is, indeed like inhaling the fresh fragrance of scented blossoms wafting in the pleasant, cool breeze in springtime. Pujya Swamiji uses such occasions to draw our attention to the timeless message of Universal Love and Service proclaimed by his Masters and also to highlight and reiterate pertinent aspects of Sadhana to straighten our floundering efforts and uplift our sagging spirits. The caption of each talk conveys the central theme covered therein, to enable aspirants focus on the message which may be appropriate at that juncture in their Sadhana. This section also includes talks given on other occasions.

The second part titled ‘ Guiding Rays from the Anchorage’ contains excerpts from Pujya Swamiji’s letters to the devotees. Though the problems are varied from mundane to spiritual, his responses invariably include inter alia, the prescription of constant remembrance through repetition of the Name of God, practice of Universal Love and Service, surrender to Supreme Will and prayer. All the topics from the first edition have been incorporated in part 1 from topic 1- 13 and from 17 – 33. All the talks in Part 1 and II are arranged in this book according to the central message contained therein and not in chronological order. May the all-merciful Beloved Papa, Pujya Mataji, Pujya Swamiji and other Mahatmas bestow their Blessing on us to drink abundantly from the fountain of Wisdom and nourish our yearning soul with the nectar. May their Guiding Rays illumine our path and correct our vision to perceive the Light of Supreme in one and all.




  Preface VII
  Seeker to Saints - The Transition X
  My Humble Prayer to Beloved Papa IXX
  Special Prayer to Pujya Swamiji XX
  Part 1: Light of Supreme Reveals Itself in a Life of Perfection  
  Life of Perfection 1
1 Beloved Papa - Our Perennial Source of inspiration 2
2 Renuniation is Perfect Detachment 4
3 Beloved Papa is in All Forms and Beyond 5
4 Pujya Mataji's Universal Consciousness 8
5 Pujya Mataji's Unique Devotion to the Guru 10
6 Unparalleled Service to the Guru 13
7 All-consuming Devotion and Seva to the Guru 15
8 Her Noble and Compassionate Heart Wept for us 18
9 This is Our Mataji 20
10 What Life Has Tought Me 23
11 Ashram - A Sacred Place to Love and Serve 26
12 Make the Ashram a Haven of Peace and Bliss 27
13 Celebrations Are Only for Exclusive God-remembrance 29
14 Everything Moves by His Will Only 32
15 True Sannyas ia an Internal State of Mind 35
16 Let Us Meditate on Divine Mother's Attributes 37
  Guideposts on the Path of Inner Journey 40
17 Spiritual Life 40
18 Philosophy and Common Man 41
19 Sole Aim of Human Life is to Reach the Source 43
20 Live in Love and Harmony; Give up Petty Likes and Dislikes 45
21 Guru Seva Not to be Limited to the Form of the Guru 47
22 Intense Ram Nam Repetition is the Greatest Guru Seva 49
23 To Be Always in Love and Joy, Depend on God's Name 50
24 Cry Out to Him for Intense Aspiration 51
25 Pray to Him for Intense and one - Pointed Devotion 54
26 Taking the Name of God Should Change Your Attitude 55
27 Chanting with Devotion Leads to Divine - consciousness 57
28 Sadhana Not to Be Limited to Time and Place 60
29 Give up the Sense of 'I' and 'Mine' 61
30 Erase thr Little 'I' 63
31 Sublimate the Ego 64
32 Resist the Down-pullingForces 65
33 Surrender to the Guru, He Takes Care of You 69
34 Way of Life for Sadhaka in the Ashram 70
35 Qualities of a Sadhaka 72
36 Sadhana at Home till One becomes Ready 75
37 Best Form of Worhip is to See Him an All 76
38 Surrender Bring Victory and joy 78
39 Let Us Love Him with All Our Heart 81
40 Company of Saints - A Great Blessing 82
41 Realise your Divinity 84
42 Guru IS Our Only Refuge 85
43 Gita -A Barometer of Spiritual Progress 87
44 Let Us Become Serious Seekers 89
  Power of Love 91
45 All - embracing Love Endears you to Him 91
46 Love Purifies and Makes the Mind Dwell on god 92
47 Love Expansively and Enjoy Eternal Happiness 93
  Talks on Other Occasions 96
48 Homage to Bhagvan 96
49 A Small Price for Removing the Veil 98
50 Real Devotee Sees Only Purify 100
51 Perseverance Is Necessary 102
52 A Call to the Youth 106
53 Children's Day Message 108
54 Depend on Inner Satsang 109
55 Ram Nam Takes One to Great Height 110
56 You Are the Research Station 113
57 There is Only Unity 114
58 Revere All Saints 117
59 Purpose of Forming Satsang Samitis 119
60 Divine Life Society (DLS) Conference 120
61 Develop Respect for All Religions 122
62 University of Religion 125
63 Spiritual / Religious Institutions and Government Control 126
64 Message to SCIFAD 127
  Part II: Guiding Rays from the Anchorage  
  Power of Saints and Satsang 130
  Glories of God 134
  Divinity in All and Everything 136
  Spirtualise the Worldly Life 138
  On Renunciation 146
  Hints to Aspirants 148
  Do Not Get Disheartened; for God Is Always with you 162
  He Is Our Protector ; Surrender to His Will 167
  Cycle of Karma 172
  Role of Spiritual Institutions 174
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