Planets and Education

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Author: Naval Singh& K. N Rao
Publisher: Vani Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2023
ISBN: 8189221507
Pages: 236
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

This is a very original book with the most original research ever written on educational choices for a student and will be most useful for guiding anxious parents in helping choose for their children right type of education.

It took me years of research to arrive at a dependable classification of subject according to planets and rashis. In the stream of humanities, it was easy to guide as I have been a student of humanities all through.

When it came to the choice of technical and semi technical subjects, I was ready with broad guidance but Naval Singh offered to complete it as he could being a science student.

What Naval Singh has produced here will be most useful generations of students. Astrologers should make a brilliant use of this fundamental research and add to their techniques instead of wandering in wilderness.

This research will entitle Naval Singh to be remembered as belonging to the category of topmost astrology researchers of twenty first century.


The story of this project began with a research class of Shri K.N. Rao which I attended on 24.09.2006. In the research class Shri Rao demonstrated the techniques/probable parameters for career in naturopathy and some of the research students have also presented case studies on this basis. After completion of presentation by research students, Shri K.N. Rao took a chart from his own collection and explained the educational pattern of a boy using Vimshottari dasha. The boy was having some obstacles in his education and he was not taking interest in the studies. Shri Rao had indicated good education for the boy and also prescribed a Saraswati mantra to be redted 108 times daily so that the boy could concentrate on his studies. Later, as told by SM K.N. gao, he completed his education and did a course in floriculture from a foreign country. Shri Rao also expLained the role of Jupiter in the study of Biology. He said that Jupiter is Jeeva and whenever it comes under the influence of technical planets (Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) in a chart, it provides inclination to study Jeeva-Nigyan (Biology) but Jupiter has to have some relationship with the education giving houses. From the days of my study and research in astrology I have the habit and deep thrust to check the applicability of principles and parameters being taught in the classroom.

After completion of class, on the same day, when I was moving out of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, one of our Jyotish Alankar students met me at the exit point of the Bhavan and requested me to read his chart as he wanted to take some astrological tutelage for his research work. I asked him to give his birth details and told him to contact on Monday. He rang me on Monday for astrological guidance at about 11:30 AM. Immediately I switched oh my computer and calculated his chart. When I looked into his horoscope, what I found, was unbelievable. He was then running the mahadasha of Jupiter, his fifth lord, placed in the seventh (Taurus sign) and aspected by the Mars. In navamsha chart, Jupiter, again the fifth lord, placed in own aspected by the Saturn. Instantly I asked him “Are you doing research in biology or Biotechnology?” He said, “Yes, I am pursuing Ph.D., in Biotechnology at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) New Delhi.” For some time, I was silent and could not do anything except to remember Rao Saheb and said to myself God! After that I wrote an article for the Journal of Astrology under the title “A Study in Biotechnology” using the horoscope of this research student as case study. His horoscope is as under.

After completing the July 2006 research session, Shri K.N. Rao asked me to conduct a research on educational counselling and career pattern with the help of the same research batch that was taken by him. In the beginning of the session in January 2007, a table was provided to me by Shri Rao for research guidelines in education which was devised by him after a long research and experience and has also been Published in the Journal of Astrology, year 2001; October, December Issue. My research is based on the parameters and table given by Shri Rao. I have modified this table after studying number of charts and the modified version of this table is given in Table In this research work, I have applied the same parameters as given by Shri Rao in his book “Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time” for educational and career counselling. The parameters are based on the study of 5th house, the house of education and are reproduced here,

(I) The nakshatra in which the fifth lord from the lagna is placed and the influence of other planets and the lord of the house involved.
(ii) Then see the influences on the fifth house and the fifth lord from Mercury.
(iii) Combine both; the influences of planets to decide the various educational choices avaIlable.
(iv) The strongest of those choices and the mahadasha running wilL ultimately decide the choice of higher education and the career pattern.
The ongoing parameters have been applied on the birth and navamsha charts only to decide the educational pattern. However, Maharishi Parashara has prescribed the role of Chaturvimshamsha chart for education. This chart can only be used where time of birth noted is 100% correct. Keeping in view this aspect, in the majority of horoscopes, I herve confined myself to use the birth and navamsha charts along with Vimshottari dasha for deciding the educational pattern. This chart has also been used by me in some cases where time of birth is 100% correct.

This book is designed in six sections viz. Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Management and Education Abroad. A chapter of the fourth sections of this book i.e. Doctors - education about diseases is written by Dr. Vishal Wadhwa, an allopathic doctor.

Introduction to the Updated Edition

The first edition of this book published in March 2008 was sold out much faster than expected. In the first edition, different parameters for determining the type of education one will pursue in different technical fields have been dealt in detail using Birth chart, Navamsha chart and Vimshottari dasha. In this updated edition, I am including various combinations for outstanding education and break and re continuation of education based on the study of different classics. New techniques for in-depth analysis of horoscope for determining career pattern of an individual have been revealed in this updated edition. More case studies have also been added in different chapters.

Given below are various astrological combinations based on analysis of the fifth house, Mercury and Jupiter as given in the Pancham Vivek of “Jataka Tattvam”, an astrological classic by Mahadev Pathak. These combinations are directly or indirectly related to the education as the author has emphasized the role of fifth house for education.

(A) Buddhimaan Yoga (Yoga for intelligence)

Satarshe shubbe shubh-drisbtiyute buddhimaan

If the fifth house in a horoscope falls in the sign of benefic planet and is associated or aspected by the benefic planet(s), the person will be intelligent. Besides, if Rahu is in the fifth house, the person becomes an expert In understanding inner meanings of things. Rahu makes one sharp-minded. Aspect of Mars on fifth house also blesses one with sharp and logical mind.


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Part 1: Physical Sciences
Part 2: Engineering and Technology
Mechnical Engineering80
Civil Engineering96
Chemical Engineering108
Electrical and Electronics Engineering117
Computer Science and engineering131
Part: 3 Biological Sciences
Part 4: Medical Sciences
Doctors Education about Diseases179
Part 5: Fmanagement
Hotel Management200
Part 6: Education Abroad
Study Abroad217
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Streams of Education227
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