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Author: M.K. NAIK
Publisher: Abhinav Publication
Language: English
Edition: 1984
Pages: 259
Cover: Hardcover
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About the Book:

While numerous collections of critical essays on Indian poetry in English have appeared during recent years, none of them has perhaps the range and the depth of this volume. Instead of confining its attention merely to post-Independence poetry alone as most of these collections do, it tries to cover the entire panorama of Indian English verse right form its hesitant beginnings in Henry Derozio to the present day. Furthermore, apart form presenting authoritative evaluations of the work of the major poets, it also offers intensive textual analyses of outstanding poems like "Savitri', 'Gitanjali' and 'Jejuri'.

The contributors include eminent scholars such as D.R. Srinivasa Iyengar, V.A. Shahane, Paul Verghese, S.K. Desai, Prema Nandakumar and the editor, M.K. Naik.

The carefully selective Bibliography appended to the collection has further enhanced its value as a comprehensive collection of incisive critical studies covering the entire range of Indian poetry in English. This volume is a worthy successor to this editor's Perspectives on Indian Drama in English (1977) and Perspectives on Indian Prose in English (Abhinav Publications, 1982).

About the Editor:

Distinguished critic, editor and historian of Indian English Literature, M.K. Naik has published numerous studies including Raja Rao (1972 and 1982), Mulk Raj Anand (1973), A history of Indian English Literature (1982), The Ironic Vision : A Study of the Fiction of R.K Narayan (1983) and dimension of Indian English Literature (1984). Prominent among the collections edited by him are Critical Essays on Indian Writing in English (1968, 72 and 77), Aspects of Indian Writing in English (1979) and The Indian English Short Story : A Representative Anthology (1884).

Professor Naik was awarded a National Fellowship for research in 1978. He Presided over the thirty third session of the All India English Teachers' Conference held in Delhi in 1982.




Preface vii


Henry Derozio: An Assessment-C.Paul Verghese 1


Toru Dutt: The Mona Lisa of Indian Poetry in English-G.S. Balarama Gupta 10


The Poetry of Sri Aurobindo- K.R. Srinivasa Iyergar 17


Savitri-Prema Nandakumar 41


The English poems of Rabindranath Tagore- Bhupendranath Seal 64


Gitanjali-Viswnath Chatterjee 77


Sarojini Naidu: Poet of the Old Verties-P.V. Rajyalakshmi 90


The Alienation Games: The Poetry of Nissim Ezekiel-K. Raghavendra Rao 98


Mixing Memory and Desire: Small-Scale Reflections on the Poetry of A.K. Ramanujan- S.K. Desai 109


'The myth-Worm Behind the membrane of Fact':
The Poetry of K.N. Daurwalla - M. Sivaramkrishna


'The Naked Earth and Beyond': The Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra -Vasant A. Shahane 144


A View of Kamala Das-Vrinda Nabar 158


Jejurl: A Thematic Study -M.K. NAIK 169


Some Post-Independence Poets-C.V. Venugopal 179


Modern Indian English Women Poets: An Overview-Sunanda P. Chavan 190


The Achievement of Indian English Poetry-M.K. Naik 208


Select Bibliography-M.K. Naik and Kaveri Bose 222


Notes on the Contributors 246


Index 249


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