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Item Code: NAD350
Author: Arthur W. Ryder
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Edition: 2023
ISBN: 8172240805
Pages: 378
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 440 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
Shipped to 153 countries
Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
Wisdom of Ages

The Panehatantra contains the mast widely known stones in the world In fact, it is urnversally acknowledged as the best collections of stories known to civilize man.

The central theme of the Panchatantra is the harmonious development of the powers of a man, a life in which security, prosperity, resolute action, friendship and good learning are so combined as to produce lasting joy And this noble theme is presented in an artistic form of perfect fitness, in five books of wise and witty stones, in most of which the actors are animals.

This immortal work on the Art of intelligent Living has traveled all ever the world in translation, and in translations of translations And through more than 20 centuries, this masterpiece of Indian Literature has never failed to bring delight to hundreds of millions, and to awaken intelligence in the young, through its wise and witty hints on a diversity Of themes, such as:

Winning of Friends

Love and Marriage

Making Money

Diplomacy, Happiness etc.


One Vishnu Sharman, shrewdly gleaning

All worldly wisdom’s inner meaning,

in these five books the charm compresses

of all such books the world possesses

And this is how it happened.

In the southern country is a city called Maidens’ Delight. There lived a king named Immortal-Power. He was familiar with all the works treating of the wise conduct of life. His feet were made dazzling by the tangle of rays of light from jewels in the diadems of mighty kings who knelt before him. He had reached the far shore of all the arts that embellish life. This King had three sons. Their names were Rich-Power, Fierce-Power, Endless-Power, and they were supreme blockheads.

Now when the king perceived that they were hostile education, he summoned his counselors and said: “Gentlemen, is known to you that these sons of mine, being hostile to education, are lacking in discernment. So when I behold them, my kingdom brings me no happiness, though all external thorns are drawn. For there is wisdom in the proverb:

Of sons unborn, or dead, or fools,

Unborn or dead will do:

they cause a little grief, no doubt;

But fools, a long life through.

And again:

to what good purpose can a cow

that brings no calf nor milk, be bent?

or why beget a son who proves

A dunce and disobedient?

Some means must therefore be devised to awaken their intelligence.”

And they, one after another, replied: “0 King, first one learns grammar, in twelve years. If this subject has somehow been mastered, then one masters the books on religion and practical life. Then the intelligence awakens.” But one of their numbers, a counselor named Keen, said:” O King, the duration of life is limited, and the verbal sciences require much time for mastery. Therefore let some kind of epitome be devised to wake their intelligence. There is a proverb that says:

Since verbal science has no final end,

Since life is short and obstacles impend.

Let central facts be picked and firmly fixed,

As swans extract the milk with water mixed.

“Now there is a Brahman here named Vishnu Sharman, with a reputation for competence in numerous sciences. In trust the princes to him. He will certainly make them intelligent in a twinkling.”

When the king had listened to this, he summoned Vishnu Sharman and said: “Holy sir, as a favor to me you must make these princes incomparable masters of the art of practical life. In return, I will bestow upon you a hundred land-grants.”

And Vishnu Sharman made answer to the king: “0 King, listen. Here is the plain truth. I am not the man to sell good learning, for a hundred land-grants. But if I do not, in six months’ time, make the boys acquainted with the art of intelligent living, I will give up my own name. Let us cut the matter short. Listen to my lion- roar. My boasting arises from no greed for cash. Besides, I have no use for money; I am eighty years old, and all the objects of sensual desire have lost their charm. But in order that your request may be granted, I will show a sporting spirit in reference to artistic matters. Make a note of the date. If I fail to render your sons, in six months’ time, incomparable masters of the art of intelligent living, then His Majesty is at liberty to show me His Majestic bare bottom.”

When the king, surrounded by his counselors, had listened to the Brahman’s highly unconventional promise, he was penetrated with wonder, entrusted the princes to him, and experienced supreme content.

Meanwhile, Vishnu Sharman took the boys, went home, and made them learn by heart five books which he composed and called:

(I) “The Loss of friends,” (II) “The Winning of Friends,” (Ill) “Crows and Owls,” (IV) “Loss of Gains,” (V) “Ill-considered Action.”

These the princes learned, and in six months’ time they answered the prescription. Since that day this work on the art of intelligent living, called Panchatantra, or the “Five Books,” has traveled the world, aiming at the awakening of intelligence in the young. To sum the matter up:

whoever learns the work by heart,

or through the story-teller’s art

Becomes acquainted,

His life by sad defeat -- although

the king of heaven be his foe-

is never tainted.

Table of Contents

Translator’s Introduction 3
Introduction 11
Book I -- The Loss Of Friends
The Loss OF Friends 17
The Wedge-Pulling Monkey 21
The JACKAL And THE WAR-Drum 35
Merchant Strong-Tooth 41
Godly And June 48
The ,Jackal At The Ram-Fight 51
Tile Weaver’s Wife 51
How The Crow-Hen Killed Tile Black Snake 61
The Heron That Liked Crab--Meat 63
Numskull And The Rabbit 66
The Weaver Who Loved A Princess 73
The Ungrateful Man 90
Leap And Creep 96
The Blue Jackal 98
Passion And The Owl 103
Ugly’s Trust Abused 108
The Lion And The Carpenter 113
The Plover Who Fought The Ocean 116
Shell-Neck, Slim, And Grim 118
Forethought, Ready wit, And Fatalist 119
The Duel Between Elephant And Sparrow 122
The Shrewd Old Gander 125
The Lion And The Ram 126
Smart, The Jackal 130
The Monk Who Left His Body Behind 138
The Girl Who Married A Snake 140
Poor Blossom 142
The Unteachable Monkey 145
Right-Mind And Wrong-Mind 146
A Remedy Worse Than The Disease.. 148
The mice That ate Iron 152
The Results Of Education 155
The Sensible Enemy.. 156
The Foolish Friend 160
Book II- The Winning Of Friends
The Winning Of Friends 169
The Baroda birds 171
Gold’s Gloom 183
Mother’s Chandelle’s Bargain 185
Self-Defeating Forethought 187
Mister Duly196
Soft, The Weaver 207
Hang-Ball And Greedy 210
The Mice That Set Elephant. S free 218
Spot’s Captivity 222
Book III - Crows And Owls
Crows And Owls 233
How The Birds Picked A King 244
How The Rabbit Fooled The Elephant 247
The Cat’s Judgment 252
The Brahman’ S Goat 259
The Snake And The Ants 261
The Snake Who Paid Cash 265
The Unsocial Swans 266
The Self-Sacrificing Dove.267
The Old Man With The Young Wife 273
The Brahman, The Thief, And The Ghost275
The Snake In The Prince’s Belly 277
The Gullible Carpenter 279
Mouse-Maid Made House 282
The Bird With golden Dung 286
The Cave that talked 288
Thefrogsthatr0de Snakeback 293
The Butter blinked Brahman 295
Book IV - Loss Of Gains
Loss Of Gains 305
The Monkey And The Crocodile 305
Handsome And Theodore 310
Flop-Ear And Dusty 315
The Plotter Militant 318
The Jackal Who Killed No Elephants 320
The Ungrateful Wife 322
King Joy And Secretary Splendor 324
The Ass In The Tiger-Skin 326
The Farmer’s Wife 328
The Pert Hen sparrow 330
How Super smart Am The Elephant 332
The Dog Who Went Abroad 335
Book V – Ill consider Action
Ill-Consider Action 339
The Loyal Mungse343
The Four Treasure-Seekers 344
The Lion Makers 350
Hundred-Wit, Thousand-Wit’ And Single-Wit 352
The Musical Donkey 354
Slow, The Weaver 356
The Brahman’s Dream 359
The Uniform Wing Monkey 360
The Credulous Fiend 365
The Three breasted Princess 367
The Fiend Who Washed His Feet 368
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