Padyavali of Sri Rupa Gosvamin

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Author: Gaurav Raina
Publisher: Shri Gadadhara Gaurahari Press, Vrindavan & Chaukhamba Publishing House
Language: (Sanskrit Text with English Translation & Notes)
Edition: 2008
Pages: 261
Cover: Hardcover
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The Padyavali is an anthology of devotional verses in Sanskrit compiled by Sri Rupa Gosvami. Sri Rupa was one of the six principal associates of Lord Caitanya Mahprabhu (AD 1486 - 1534). Lord Caitanya was the founder of the Gaudiya (or Bengal) school of Vaisnavism.

Rupa Goswami has chosen 388 verses composed, in various mete3rs, by a little over a hundred devotee poets. The verses are placed under several headings and deal with various aspects of the nature of bhakti, of the aspirations of devotees and of the deeds and exploits of Lord Krsna and His associates.

The rubrics are so chosen as to structure the text beginning with general principles of bhakti, interspaced by narrations of pastimes of the Lord, culminating in expressing the superlative form of the love of Radha and the gopis for Krsna.

I have assumed that the reader is familiar with the personality of Krsna and the happenings of His life when He incarnated on this earth. The reader will, perhaps, be served best without an elaborate introduction or detailed comments on the verses. Sparing the reader such 'guidance' would enable Him to see the verses, in the simplicity, innocent charm and emotional appeal, just as I discovered them. In this way the reader will also be able to appreciate the genius of the compiler in creating a collection of verses in logical structure and smooth harmony.

The six gosvamis of Vrndavana, along with several other devotees of Lord Caitanya, have written an enormous amount of literature of the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sect covering virtually every branch of classical Sanskrit – philosophy and theology, poetical narrations of Krishna's divine lilas, drama and dramaturgy, ritual and codes of conduct, grammar, rhetoric and poetics, and prosody and music. Of the six gosvamis, Sri Rupa's contribution to this vast literature is substantial and unique.

Sri Rupa Gosvami was a Karnataka brahmana whose ancestors migrated and settled in Bengal. He and his brother Sanatana Gosvami were high officials at the court of the Muslim ruler of Gauda (Bengal). Although they did not convert to Islam, they had accepted the Muslim titles of Dabir Khas and Saker Malik respectively. The two brother enjoyed immense authority and perks of office under the Muslim ruler and had also acquired considerable wealthy. But when they met Lord Caitanya, He so enamoured them by His personality and His teachings, that they gave up their offices and joined Him as ascetic disciples. And from then on it was only pure, blissful Krsna bhakti for them as taught by their Lord.

It is difficult to find suitable words within the English language, to describe adequately the depth of feeling and emotion of the authors of the verses, for it is best imbibed in the original Sanskrit. While translating the verses into English I have tried to capture the mood of the devotees, as best as I could. It is hoped nevertheless that the readers of this beautiful transcendental anthology will be able to relish much of the sentiments of divine love expressed in them.




Invocatory verses (mangalacaranam) 2
The glories of Lord Krsna 4
The glory of worship 6
The good fortune of obtaining divine love 10
The glory of the divine name 11
On singing and chanting the names of the lord 22
The glory of narrating the sportive exploits of the Lord 27
Meditations on Sri Krsna 31
The Lord's parental affection for His devotees 34
Draupadi's expression (of gratitude) when the Lord came to her rescue 35
Glory of the devotees of the Lord 36
Devotees humbly express their helplessness 41
The intensity of faith of devotees 49
The earnest prayers of devotees 57
The yearning of the devotees for their Lord 63
Denunciation of moksa 71
Eulogizing bhagavata dharma 73
Prayers to the Lord while making offerings to the deity 75
The glories of the city of Mathura 78
Eulogy to Vrndavana 81
Salutations to Lord Nanda (the foster father of Krsna) 82
Prayers to mother Yasoda (the foster mother of Krsna) 83
Lord Krsna's childhood exploits 84
The Lord's boyish playfulness during His infancy 88
The Lord steals butter 91
The Lord's visions in His dreams 95
Expressions of Krsna's parents' astonishment at their son's exploits, their tutelage of their son and other sports 97
The Lord protects the cows and other sports 100
Krsna's love for the gopis 104
Radha's questions (to Her friend) when She first set sight on Krsna 105
The friend's reply 106
Radha's expression of Her incipient love for Krsna before they met 107
The deliberations of one of Radha's clever friends 117
Questions to Radha by Her friend 118
The jestful assurances of Radha's friend 120
A sakhi describes to Krsna Radha's love for Him 121
Krsna's feelings for Radha are narrated to Her 124
Radha prepares to meet Her lover (Krsna) 126
Radha's friends speak to Her 128
The playful sports (of Radha and Krsna) 129
The jestful utterances of Radha's observant friends after the playful activities of Radha and Krsna 130
The utterances of a naïve cowherd boy 131
The comments of a friend during her daytime sports with Radha 132
Radha's emotionally charged utterances 133
Radha's friend indulges in humour 135
The next day a sakhi reminds Radha about Her tryst with Krsna 136
Radha's replies to her friend who was testing Her (i.e. Her resolve to meet Her beloved) 137
Radha dresses Herself and prepares Her abode to receive Her beloved 139
Radha's longing for Her separated lover 139
Radha's disappointment at Krsna's failing to keep His appointment with Her 141
Radha's anger at Krsna for His infidelity 141
Radha addresses Krsna when She was displeased at His infidelity 142
Radha's outpourings during the mood of dejection that came upon Her after the episode of Krsna's infidelity (and after His consequent departure) 144
Radha's friend instructs Her when Krsna returns in the evening 145
Radha in Her mood of jealous pride 146
Radha's friend addresses Her upon Krsna's departure 148
The statements of the messenger Krsna sent to Radha 148
Radha speaks to Krsna's messenger 150
Comments of Radha's shrewd friend during Radha's estrangement with Krsna 150
The counsel of Radha's friend who was harshly disposed towards Krsna 151
Radha's reply to Her friend 152
Radha's friend's critical comments of Krsna 155
Radha speaks in Her state of distress 156
A friend speaks to Radha when She is lost in thought of Her separated lover 156
Radha's reply to Her friend 157
Krsna pines for His beloved (Radha) 158
Radha is pleased by Krsna's entreaties 159
Radha's friend speaks to Krsna 160
The events of the next day 161
A friend speaks to Radha when, with the pretext of plucking flowers, She was searching for Krsna 163
Lord Hari's conversation with Radha when She went to the bank of the Yamuna river 164
Radha's words (when Krsna tried to prevent Her from leaving) 166
Radha in full control of Her lover (Krsna) 167
Krsna's dreams after His playful activities 167
Krsna's flute is stolen (by Radha) 168
Radha addresses Krsna's flute 169
Lord Hari returns to Vraja in the evening (after grazing His cows) 171
Radha's good fortune (of meeting Krsna upon His return to Vraja) 173
The Lord milks His cow 175
The message of sakhi Candravali is narrated to Krsna 176
The Lord lifts the Govarhana mountain 177
The Lord's sporting pastimes in His boat 180
Krsna's dialogues with Radha 187
The Lord's rasa dance 191
Krsna addresses the gopis 194
The replies of the blessed gopis of Vraja 195
The questions asked by Radha and the gopis when Krsna disappeared from the scene 197
The utterances of Radha's sakhi 199
The expressions of celestial beings 200
The Lord's water sport 201
Candravali's sakhi addresses Radha's sakhi and expresses her envy 202
The meaningful statements of Radha's sakhi 202
Radha's friends address Her 203
A sakhi addresses Radha 206
The sakhi addresses Candravali 207
The sakhi addresses Candravali's husband 207
The Lord's eternal pastime (nitya lila) 208
Radha's sakhi speaks of Lord Hari's imminent departure to Mathura, His departure being part of His manifest lila 209
The utterances of Sri Radha 210
Lord Hari enters Mathura 211
Expressions of the women of Mathura 212
Radha's lamentation (at Krsna's departure) 214
When in Mathura, Krsna reminisces about His mother Yasoda 224
Lord Hari reminisces about Radha 225
Lord Hari Addresses Udhava 226
Udhava conveys Lord Hari's message to Radha 227
Udhava's utterances as he was going to Vrndavana 228
Udhava addresses the gopis of Vraja 230
Upon seeing Udhava, Radha speaks to Her friend 231
Udhava addresses Radha 232
Radha's sakhi addresses Udhava 233
Radha's sakhi delivers a message to Krsna 235
She (Radha) speaks with feelings of wistful longing and envy 242
A jestful but desp0erate message from the maidens of Vraja 243
A candid message (from the gopis) 243
While residing in Dvaraika, Lord Hari suffers pain of separation (from Radha) 245
The song of (Radha) the Empress of Vrndavana as She laments Her separation from Her Beloved 248
The message of the gopis of Vraja 248
The King of Dvaraka (Krsna) addresses (His friend) Sudama 251
Sudama's expression (of surprise) at seeing his own house etc. 252
The gestures of (Radha) the Empress of Vrndavana on the battlefield of Kuruksetra 253
Radha addresses Krsna while they are alone and when He is supplicating Her (for forgiveness) 254
Radha addresses Her sakhi at that place 255
Concluding invocatory verses (mangalacaranam) 257

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