Our Films Their Films

Our Films Their Films

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Author: Satyajit Ray
Publisher: Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8125015655
Pages: 220
Cover: Paperback
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Satyajit Ray: Our Films, Their Films

Satyajit Ray (b. 2 May 1921) studied in Presidency College, Calcutta, and then at Santiniketan where he specialized in the Fine Arts. He worked in an advertising agency till the release of his first film, Pather Panchali, in 1955. ray has gone on the make thirty feature films and five major documentaries, and has won practically every major award in the film world. In 1992 he won the Oscar, for a 'lifetime achievement' in films. In 1978 the Oxford University conferred on him the Degree of Doctor of Letters honoris causa; in 1985 he received the D.Litt. from Calcutta University, and in 1987 the Legion d'honneur from France.

Ray put to rich and effective use in cinema his profound knowledge of music, both Indian and Western. A man of varied interests, Satyajit Ray has distinguished himself as a designer of books and as a writer of stories in Bengali for children.

This book brings together Ray's major writings and talks on film making and film makers, and presents them in two sections. 'Our Films' is devoted mainly to his own experiences and contains many interesting anecdotes, but also has observation to offer on trends in Indian films. 'Their Films' deals with some films from abroad that have become landmarks in the history of the cinema from the silent era to the present day, and offers glimpses of great directors like Renoir, John Ford, Kurosawa and Charlie Chaplin, who are Ray's personal favourites.

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Cinema has never been saved by writers. We may have more of them now than ever before, but at the same time there are more and stronger shoulders now to shrug them off. No. Words are not enough. Words need the backing of action, or there is no revolution. And the only action that counts is that which a film maker calls into play by snapping out his words of command in his own particular field of battle. If his victory, and of many others like him, restore even a little of the dignity a great art form has lost, only then can we talk of having a revolution.'


Acknowledgements vii
What is Wrong with Indian Films?19
Extracts from a Banaras Diary25
A Long Time on the Little Road30
Problems of a Bengal Film Maker38
Winding Route to a Music Room44
Film Making48
The Odds against Us57
Some Aspects of My Craft63
Those Songs72
Meetings with a Maharaja76
An Indian New Wave?81
Four and a Quarter100
Renoir in Calcutta111
Some Italian Films I have Seen120
Hollywood Then and Now128
Thoughts on the British Cinema142
Calm Without, Fire Within152
Moscow Musings162
The Gold Rush168
Little Man, Big Book172
Akira Korosawa180
Tokyo, Kyoto and Kurosawa187
New Wave and Old Master194
Silent Films199
A Tribute to John Ford208
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