Osho – A New Vision of Women’s Liberation

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Author: Osho Rajneesh
Publisher: A Full Circle Book
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8176211605
Pages: 147
Cover: Paperback
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My own vision is that the coming age will be the age of the woman. Man has tried for five thousand years and has failed. Now a chance has to be given to the woman. Now she should be given the reins of all the powers. She should be given an opportunity to bring her feminine energies to function, to work. Man has utterly failed. In three thousand years, five thousand wars; this is man’s record.

The feminist movement started trying to imitate men so that women could be equal to men. This is both psychologically and spiritually wrong. A woman has different qualities to develop. She is not just to be a carbon copy of man; she has to be her original self. Therefore, I say, they need equal opportunity to be different and to be their own selves. And the further away woman and man are from each other, the better is the possibility of their becoming complementary in a harmonious, loving relationship.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is now known simply as Osho.

Osho has explained that His name is derived from William James’ word ‘oceanic’ which means dissolving into the ocean. Oceanic describes the experience, He says, but what about the experiencer? For that we use the word ‘Osho’ Later he came to find out that ‘Osho’ has also been used historically in the Far East meaning “The Blessed One, on Whom the Sky Showers Flowers.”

Osho is an Enlightened Master of our time. All the words printed here are spoken works, spontaneously addressed to an audience for thousands of seekers from around the world.


Part I
1. If You Don’t Know What You Are Missing… 8
2. The Fear of Intimacy 23
3. Man’s Conspiracy 32
4. Your Male Chauvinist Attitude Hurts 41
5. Nobody Wants to be Used 45
6. Without Freedom, Love Dies 50
7. Only A Thing can be Possessed 53
8. Love is like a Bird On the Wing 57
9. You Have Lived Many Times 61
10. Fear And Fascination Exist Together 65
11. No Birth Control, No Abortion: Global Suicide 71
12. A Woman is Hurting In the Deepest Core of Her Being 73
13. A Slave Cannot Be a Friend 83
14. Tantra Has Never Been Male Chauvinistic 91
15. Pregnant with Enlightenment 99
16. Who Wants to be a Man? 103
Part II
Interviews By Lia Paradiso 111
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