Osho: The Luminous Rebel (Life Story of A Maverick Mystic)

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Author: Vasant Joshi
Publisher: Wisdom Tree Publications
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788183281546
Pages: 268
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

From the Book

A rebel an iconoclast an enlightened mystic and an intellectual giant Osho (also known as Acharya Rajneesh and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) is all this and more. He brought about a spiritual revolution in the lives of those who cared to grow intellectually. He spoke fearlessly against orthodox religions priests politician’s age old traditions and anything he thought was a hindrance to the path of self realization. This made him the most talked about and controversial mystic of the twentieth century.

Osho The Luminous Rebel traces the story of Osho from his birth talking about his spiritual search for truth and the wondrous story of his enlightenment. The book also takes the reader form the early years of Osho’s struggle with authority figures to the much hyped city of Rajneeshpuram in the US and his incarceration in various jails poisoned by the US Government. He was later denied visas in twenty one countries across the world events he revels that exposed the true face of democracy.

Osho the luminous rebel is for all Osho lovers and admirers for the uninitiated and the spiritually inclined and for those who are just curious to know more.

About the Author

Dr. Vasant Joshi has been in the academic field for over thirty years working in India and in the United States of America. While in America Dr. Joshi came across the revolutionary works of Osho. He was so touched by Osho’s insights and his vision that in 1975 he arrived in Pune India to participate in a ten day meditation camp that Dr. Vasant Joshi was Initiated into sannyas by Osho and was named Swami Satya Vedant later Osho appointed him as chancellor of Rajneesh international Meditation University now known as Osho Multiversity.

Dr Joshi has traveled worldwide giving lectures presenting papers participating in seminars and conferences and conducting meditation workshops. In America he has served on the faculty of University of California Berkeley and at University of Michigan Ann Arbor he has held meditation workshops around the world including at the Unites Nations the world bank the pentagon as well as at Dr Deepak Chopra’s programme in San Diego in 1993 Dr Joshi presented at the earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro a unique ecology project from garbage to Zen garden developed by the Osho international foundation pune.


Lama Karmpa late head of the Kargyupta sect of Tibetan Buddhism says Osho is the greatest incarnation after Buddha in India. He is a living Buddha.

Indeed Osho offers both a seer’s enlightened vision and a brilliantly constructive blueprint for a new humankind and a new world.

Osho is not a person Osho is a phenomenon. One cannot comprehend his being and hence it is not possible to describe him in words. Osho is like the sun radiant powerful luminous and nourishing. Such as we can see everything in the light spread by the sun we cannot see the sun through our eyes similarly one can see the reality of life in the light of Osho but one cannot actually see him.

Osho is the awakened one the enlightened one – one who has seen that which is through pure consciousness and not through any mental projection. He shows that misery is the creation of the mind and that the mind can be transcended. Even though the story of his extraordinary life as beyond verbal description what little we may know of it can awaken us to find the same source of joy and divinity peace and creativity that lies within us.

Osho is a rebel not a non conformist. He is not the one who like the reactionaries goes from one extreme to another. He is always in a balanced state. Osho is not rebel as defined in the dictionary in the sense of one who is fighting back or fighting against indeed Osho’s rebellion is of that nature but fighting back gives only half of the picture it is incomplete. Osho not only fought against all that is wrong he nor only dismantled the old the rotten and the irrelevant but he also brought a new perspective a new light in which we can see ourselves and the world around us with greater clarity and understanding. He completed the other half of the rebellion he created a new vision for the entire humanity so that it may be a better life. This is why Osho is a self defining phenomenon he is his own definition. While on the one hand his rebellion consists of destroying the schizophrenic state of humanity the state of and consciousness and on the other hand he shared an all inclusive enlightened vision of life in its totality guided by awareness and Understanding love and meditation Zorba and Buddha.

He has no map no guide every moment is new to him. Every moment he arrives at a new space at new experience arrives at his own truth and his own vision. Truly his life and work are leela. A leela is where one cannot make any logical sense out of it, it is beyond logic and rationalism it is spontaneous existential Trans - rational divine play of absolute consciousness.

Osho is a rebel because he challenges the conventional ways and means of mankind by doing what is forbidden by the society in his own way in his own time and at the place of his choosing. A rebel does not fear whether what he does is forbidden because he does it in the interest of the future of mankind. In fact a rebel shows as Osho has shown through the power of his vision that he is the future of mankind.

A rebel is always alone in his fight against the false the life negative and the hypocritical Osho says I am in the majority of one. We cannot put him into any category. He declares I am a category by myself all rebels are a category by themselves Buddha Socrates Jesus, Kabir Meera all are mystics unique in their rebellion and in their vision. Osho calls such rebels the very salt of the earth.

Osho is basically a scientist of the soul. He is not a man of religion but his very being is a reflection of religiousness. He does not recommend that we go in search of god but rather through meditation love and awareness we can spread godliness all around us. Hence his message is be free from the clutches of the past discover your own path and move on with courage and commitment.


Preface 9
Who is Osho? 17
1The family 23
2Youth: The Years of Adventure 35
3Enlightenment 59
4Neo Sannyas: The Lotus in a swamp 90
5Shree Rajneesh Ashram: A Place of confluence 125
6The silent sage 146
7Rajneeshpuram in America 159
8Sheela and the hovering clouds over Rajneeshpuram 168
9Travesty of justice and democracy 177
10Trouble at home 186
11The World Tour 192
12He’s back 211
13I leave you my dream 222
Post Script
The Dynamics of Guru shishya Relationship 249
A conversation with Ma yoga neelam 254
The inner Circle and the Presidium 261
Osho’s life at a glance 263
Recommended Reading 269
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