Numerology for Lovers

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Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Author: P. Khurrana
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788129116250
Pages: 130
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
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Numerology influences your love and sex life: your birth number reveals a mysterious aspect of your basic traits and plays a vital role in determining your compatibility with the other numbers.

Are you a bold or a shy lover? Every number is responsible for a refined; romantic or a violent passion of expressing love. Your love can bring a joyous union or it can prove detrimental; it all depends on your equation with the other numbers. Noted astrologer and T.V. personality, P. Khurrana has thrown a good deal of light on the complexities of love and sexual life which can lead to sympathetic understanding between lovers and their sweethearts.

Are you looking for a right partner? Read this book and spot your lover spontaneously. This book will definitely facilitate you to smoothen the path in the journey of love and of course, it will bring a joyous message to every human heart.

P. Khurrana has pursued the science of Astrology, Mantrism, Numerology & Sun Signs, Vastu and Tarot Readings with great passion. Columnists, author and a devotee of Lord Shiva, his work has been acknowledged worldwide. He features as an esteemed performer on Live India; Zee T.V. (Punjabi) and ETC Channel. He is often contacted by Bollywood for mahurat of films. He is an adviser to many VVIPs, actors and business tycoons.


‘Numerology’ is the influence of prominent numbers which determine behavioural characteristics of an individual. There are various books which can help you know yourself and your close – ones better on the basis of their number. This book goes a step further, and helps you in knowing the way these numbers uncover the facts related to your love an sex life.

While Astrology has been the main parameter to know a person’s character on the basis of his birth date and time, Numerology, on thee other hand, not only educates us about the character of an individual, but also hints at the chemistry between various kinds of people. There are endless combinations in Numerology which determine the success of relationships.

There are basic traits of every person born on a specific date, and that date influences the character of a person. For instance, a Number 1 person is usually an outgoing person and is likely to have a large social circle. Numbers influence a person’s attitude, his thought process and his view towards life. Also, a person’s behaviour and attitude towards a person of another number varies as both the numbers may influence each other in a negative or positive way. A person may be hated by one and loved by another. So, it also depends on the kind of impact one number makes on the other. ,p> Numerology makes it easy for lovers to know the positive and negative side of each other. It helps them know the kind of association they will have with their partner, and helps tackle the differences in their personality. The study of this science facilities in knowing the sexual characteristics of a person as well. It helps a person in understanding the sexual preferences and traits of their partner, since a partner may not be able to express it.


‘Love’ being the most beautiful of human emotions, determines the constitution of a person’s life and the happiness that revolves around it. An envoy of positivists and bliss, it enlightens you with the realization and acknowledgement that a messenger of god, in the form of love, has opened his arms for you, in spite of your flaws and imperfections. Love has no limitations or boundaries, and so sprinkles its magic on everyone.

Love works in the most unexpected and mysterious of ways. Each living being has a desire for love; it encourages us and gives us the strength to go beyond our capability to look out for our loved ones. Love has many forms: it can be a mother’s love for her child or he love for a beloved. In whichever form, love has one spirit and one ray of divinity. As years pass by, one’s perspective towards love might change, but the soul of love will remain the same. Every living being has the power to love and be loved.

There can never b a single definition of love. It has a different meaning for everyone who has loved. But what we generally perceive as love is attraction for someone, being possessive, being concerned for their happiness, and relating to their emotions. Love is eternal – unlike other worldly things it does not come with an expiry date.

If you haven’t experienced love, surely you have been in the company of somebody who has. Also, we never forget our first crush of first love, which even after years remains a fresh memory in our mind, an impression in our heart. It has the power of bringing a smile to our face whenever we reminisce about those special moments.

One cannot ignore the presence of love. A teenager suddenly becomes overly – conscious about his looks. I still remember, my roommate in high school used to wake up early every morning (including Sundays) so that he could go for a walk. I know he was not health conscious, given the fact the he lied on junk food. Spraying on the best perfume and getting dressed in smart clothes that were not even remotely related to gym clothes, he had turned into somebody else. It is that excitement and restlessness in which you see a friend, that makes you smile.

Sometimes, you witness a friend making mistakes in love, and you end up feeling helpless because love sometimes seems like ‘black magic’ which limits your ability to think. He would save money his parents sent him to buy little gifts for his ‘friend’. Not surprisingly, he flunked his exams. My roommate’s girlfriend (his morning walks did pay off) swore to being together till eternity; but fate had other plans. A few weeks later, he found out that she was feared by everyone. Being a friend I had warned him of the consequences, but I think he thought me to be a villain at that time. So, as I had anticipated, he not only had a broken heart, but a few broken bones as well (I guess I always had the power to see the future!).

I have always been a keen observer of human psychology. I believe that disappointments in love are likely to teach a tougher lesson than anything else, making you stronger and cautious in the matters of the heart. It may take a lot of patience and time for you to find that special someone who is more than just a crush, but whenever you fall in love, you will firmly believe that this is going to last forever.

We do not and cannot fall in love with everybody we come across. So, it makes me think that somebody else might be in love with the person we are indifferent to or hate. So, the only difference lies in the fact that everybody has a different persona, which may seem appealing to one and appalling to another. It is at this point the compatibility of one person with another comes into existence.

Now that I can study my friend’s behaviour, I realize his birth date was 9th, which means Number 9 and the number signifies Mars. Birth on this date makes a person emotional confused and unpredictable and likely to make hasty decisions, though he had all the other qualities that a girl would want in a man. It is just the compatibility of people born under this sign with others which played its role. Each number influences a man and a woman differently.

I have come across many people who do not believe in Astrology. Venturing into this field out of sheer curiosity acquainted me with the effect and role of various stars, planets, numbers and stones on a person’s character and life. Therefore, after writing various books on Numerology, I felt the need to write ‘Numerology for Lovers’, a book on Numerology which essentially deals with lovers.

I have made huge efforts in writing this book for lovers. I hope it helps all the lovers to know the significance of numbers in your love and sex life.


Introduction xi
Preface xiii
Acknowledgments xvii
One 1
(Persons born on 1, 10, 19, 28 of any month) 1
Love Messages 3
Positive Traits 3
Negative Traits 3
You have compatibility with Number 2, Number 5 and Number 7 6
Compatibility of Number 1 with Number 1 10
Your are not compatible with Number 6 and Number 810
Add Colour to your Love Life 12
Number 1 13
Two 15
(Persons born on 2, 11, 20, 29 of any month) 15
Love Messages 17
Positive Traits 17
Negative Traits 17
You have compatibility with Number 1, Number 5 and Number 7 20
Compatibility of Number 2 with Number 2 22
Your are not compatible with Number 8 and Number 922
Add Colour to your Love Life 24
Number 2 25
Three 26
(Persons born on 3, 12, 21, 30 of any month) 26
Love Messages 28
Positive Traits 28
Negative Traits 28
You have compatibility with Number 6 and Number 9 31
Compatibility of Number 3 with Number 3 33
Your are not compatible with Number 4 and Number 833
Add Colour to your Love Life 35
Number 3 36
Four 38
(Persons born on 4, 13, 22 and 31 of the month) 38
Love Messages 40
Positive Traits 40
Negative Traits 40
You have compatibility with Number 2, Number 5 and Number 7 43
Compatibility of Number 4 with Number 4 45
Your are not compatible with Number 3 and Number 845
Add Colour to your Love Life 47
Number 4 48
Five 50
(Persons born on 5, 14 and 23 of any month) 50
Love Messages 52
Positive Traits 52
Negative Traits 52
You have compatibility with Number 1 and Number 4 55
Compatibility of Number 5 with Number 5 56
Your are not compatible with Number 8 and Number 957
Add Colour to your Love Life 59
Number 5 60
Six 62
(Persons born on 6, 15 and 24 of any month) 62
Love Messages 64
Positive Traits 64
Negative Traits 64
You have compatibility with Number 3 and Number 9 67
Compatibility of Number 6 with Number 69
Your are not compatible with Number 1 and Number 269
Add Colour to your Love Life 71
Number 6 72
Seven 74
(Persons born on 7, 16 and 25 of any month) 74
Love Messages 76
Positive Traits 76
Negative Traits 76
You have compatibility with Number 1, Number 2 and Number 579
Compatibility of Number 7 with Number 7 82
Your are not compatible with Number 4 and Number 983
Add Colour to your Love Life 85
Number 7 85
Eight 87
Love Messages 89
Positive Traits 89
Negative Traits 89
You have compatibility with Number 6 and Number 792
Compatibility of Number 8 with Number 8 94
Your are not compatible with Number 4 and Number 995
Add Colour to your Love Life 98
Number 8 98
Nine 100
(Persons born on 9, 18 and 27 of any month) 100
Love Messages 102
Positive Traits 102
Negative Traits 102
You have compatibility with Number 1, Number 3 and Number 6106
Compatibility of Number 9 with Number 9 107
Your are not compatible with Number 4 and Number 8108
Add Colour to your Love Life 111
Number 9 112
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