Notes on Purushasuktam (The Cosmic Being)
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Notes on Purushasuktam (The Cosmic Being)

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Author: Swami Tejomayananda
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788175977549
Pages: 114
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About the Book

Purusasuktam is the most ancient hymn, found in the most ancient scriptures (Vedas) of the most ancient Cosmic Being (Virat Purusa). It takes us backwards in time, right to the dawn of creation and beyond, connecting us to everything and being of creation as part of a complete divine whole. It unfolds the fascinating process of creation as a divine act of sacrifice.

The sheer expanse of the cosmos is mind -boggling. Imagine getting to know the Cosmic Being, the Master of countless cosmoses, the 'totality of all', as your own Self! Swami Tejomayananda clarifies the subtle and deep aspects of these mystic mantras with references, notes and explanations.

Do get introduced to your cosmic beginning and the Cosmic Being, and discover the Universal Oneness of creation.


Man wants to be unique. We see this in the present age, as a craze to set world records - the oldest or the latest, the first or the last, the fastest or the slowest, the tallest or the shortest and so on. Purusa-suktam sets and breaks a lot of records. It is the oldest known hymn, in praise of the most ancient Being (God), who is the most universal, found in the oldest scriptures (Vedas) in the oldest and the most scientific language in the world (Sanskrit).

Suktam - That which is well spoken (sustu uktam) is called a Suktam'. It means a hymn in praise of God, as God is the only one who is truly praiseworthy. There are many such hymns in the Vedas in praise of God in His various aspects or forms like Srisuktam (Goddess Laksmi), Ratri-suktam (Goddess of night) and Narayana-suktam (Lord Visnu). The Purusa-suktam is in praise of God as the Cosmic Being.

Purusa - The word 'purusa' has many meanings. With reference to a gender, it means a man. It also means the individual being (jivatma) or the soul that transmigrates from one body to another. Here 'Purusa' does not mean a particular gender of human species or the individuality within each living being. It refers to God as the Cosmic or Universal Being who is full and infinite (purnatvat purusah) and who is also the indwelling Consciousness in all beings (puri Sayanat). The body is considered a city (purl) of nine gates (nava dvara) and the Self within is the Purusa. God, is therefore, the infinite substratum of the world (sarva-adhisthana) and the indwelling Consciousness/Self in all (sarva prakasaka).

Knowing God - We have many aspects to our personality - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. We ourselves know little about ourselves, then where is the possibility of others knowing us completely. No wonder each of us feels, 'No one really understands me!' However, a radiologist looking at his patient's MRI claimed to know him inside out!

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