Nilkanth Charitra

Nilkanth Charitra

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Item Code: IHL125
Author: Baps Sadhu
Publisher: Swaminarayan Aksharpith Publications
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 817526196X
Pages: 144 (Illustrated)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch

We read in Ghanshyam Charitra about Shirji Maharaj’s divine and miraculous childhood sports. After that Ghanshyam Maharaj renounced the world and sojourned in the forests. He was then known as Nilkanth Varni. He traveled to various pilgrim places in India for seven years. He undertook severe austerities. Finally he met Ramanand Swami who initiated him into the sadhu order and renamed him Sahajanand and appointed him as his spiritual heir. The account of the extraordinary life of the Lord narrated in Nilkanth charitra is based on the established scriptures of the Swaminarayan fellowship. For the convenience of readers a map indicating Nilkanth’s travels has also been incorporated.

Many interesting anecdotes found in the various accounts of Nilkanth’s life which may awaken the varied interests of youths and inspire them to higher spiritual endeavor are narrated here.

The present publication is a translation with slight modifications to suit the medium of the Gujarati book Nilkanth Charitra.

The book has been so designed as to serve part of the examination curriculum for youths. More specifically it is offered as a textbook for the second of the examination Satsang Pravesh in the series.

It is our earnest prayer that children youths and aspirants of knowledge will study these book carefully and pass the examination with flying colors and above all derive immense spiritual benefit and please Bhagwan Swaminarayan and our beloved Guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj.


1Tell my people I am safe 1
2The Attributes of a Tyagi 2
3Gives Darshan to Veniram and Revives Raghunandan 3
4Redemption of Ascetics 7
5On the Way to Badrinath 10
6Spurns Mahantship 11
7Visits Badrinath and Manas Sarovar 14
8Discourse to Maharaja Ranjit Singh 15
9Compassionate Nilkanth 16
10Nilkanth in Vanshipur 18
11Enters a Dense forest 21
12Destruction of Ghosts and deliverance of Yogis 21
13Meeting with Himalaya 24
14Severe Austerities at Pulhashram 25
15Mohandas meets Nilkanth 28
16At the Palace of king Mahadatt 29
17Meeting Gopal Yogi 31
18Blesses the king of Nepal 33
19Redeems the Telangi Brahmin 35
20Defeat the Pibek 36
21Uplift of 900,000 Yogis 40
22Religious Preaching 43
23Nilkanth at the house of Jairamdas 46
24Redemption of Jambuvan 47
25Nilkanth Leaves Jairam’s House 50
26Reunion with Nilkanth 51
27Nilkanth in Jagannathuri 51
28Destruction of Asuras in Manaspur 54
29Redemption of Rata Bashiya 56
30Ungrateful Sevakram 59
31Bhagwandas Has Darshan of sacred foot marks 61
32Shiv Parvati come for Darshan of Nilkanth 67
33Nilkanth in Totadri 69
34Northwards from kanyakumari 70
35Nilkanth in Gujarat 72
36Nilkanth at Bochasan74
37Leather touched water is impure 76
38Who gave the right to kill? 78
39Revealing his divinity 80
40Nilkanth at the house of lakhu Charan 83
41The story of Ramanand Swami 84
42Darshan to Narsinh Mehta 88
43Nilkanth in Loj 92
44Significance of Nilkanth’s travels 95
45Darshan in two forms 98
46Separate assemblies for men and women 98
47Plugged the hole in the wall 100
48cling to the pillar 102
49Miracles galore 103
50Letter to Ramanand Swami 107
51The glory of Nilkanth 110
52Meeting Ramanand Swami 111
53The Police chief Experience Samadhi 114
54Receives Vasihnavi Diksha 116
55Appointed as head of fellowship 117
56The passing away of Ramanand Swami 122
Glossary 124
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