The Nehru Dynasty: Astro Political Portraits (Nehru Indira Sanjay and Rajiv, A First Ever Probe Into The Bizarre Destinies Of India's Ruling Family By a Distinguished Astrological Researcher)

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Author: K. N. Rao
Publisher: Vani Publications
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 8189221019
Pages: 224
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About The Book

This Book presents Some of the most sensational and yet undiscussed historical, biographical and political facts about the Nehru dynasty.

It also presents many masterly astrological techniques used to show how the author, K.N Rao had made some of his best political predictions of his life through these such as the defeat and death of Indira Gandhi the tragic end of Rajiv Gandhi as early as may 1990... explained astrologically in a way which even laymen will enjoy.


The Nehru Dynasty
The secound edition of this book is being brought out as the demand for the book from Houdion, USA, London and many places in India could not be met. The supply of the book, became necessary for many reasons. Readers wanting the book told me that I should bring out the secound edition soon of if unsold copies of the first editions were still lying somewhere as it was not possible to know where the unsold copies become impossible as it was not possible. The latter course became impossible as it was not possible to know where the unsold copies of the first edition were lying. So a quick deigning the publisher with whom there never existed any copyright agreement. Besides was not required to share any part of the expense on its publication.

People had expected attact on me by the Nehru sycophants as they were not well educated in the facts mentioned in the book. Except one of them who is known for his habit of putting his foot in the month, having gravitated from a government service and become a distinguished Rajiv Gandhi sycophant none dare enter. Many of them did admit privately the controversial area that they were not aware of the facts mentioned in the book.

In the meantime, the government of India should have released the Nehru Papers (he died in 1964). It would have done greater damage to the image of Nehru, who loved himself more them his country. Some of the Lal Bahadur Shastri could have been released also. But it will never be possible because those papers were destroyed during the regime of Indira Gandhi who never wanted her father, Jawaharlal to be outshone out by someone someday to show how devilish was Indira Gandhi when it came to coercion into the worship of the dynasty the belonged to. The Nehru sycophants have been face-sitters during the last three years. Were Sonia Gandhi to decide to join politics openly then, (in 1993) and develop a sympathy or charisma among the Indira masses, the present prime minister, Narasimha Rao , would have found much stiffer opposition inside the party then outside. A typical Nehru sycophant is one who keeps one eye on the prime minister who can throw some crumbs of office at him and Sonia Gandhi who may be useful monetarily and politically in their careers. Most of them are bureaucrats and loyalty is not a strong principle with them. They are upstart who have walked into polities, and know all the tricks of corruption in the corridors of power. They never were men of convocation. If they found found Sonia Gandhi not yet declaring her intention to join politics, they had to throw the Nehru dynasty into the river Yamuna and walk with the prime minister. This is what happened in September 1995 when there was a massive cabinet reshuffle. Perhaps no other country has such a vast number of corrupt and opportunist politicians as we have in India. They succeed because of a totally corrupt political system and an ineffective system which the present Chief Election Commissioner has tried, so he claims, to reform.

It was to be expected that in a book in which I exposed the substandard political predictions of the so-called well-known astrologers, I had to become a target of their attact. I was hitting them at their most sensitive spot: for decades they have been playing on the fears of politicians and giving atrociously wrong predictions. Later fooling journalists, they claimed credit for predictions they had never given. Many of them had lifted my predictions to come to an astrology workshop, present a paper, and survive a grueling question answer session as they should have if they claimed to be astrologers. Since some of them edit some so-called astrological journals, they had to give political predictions without any understanding of the element. An astrologer has to have a high intellectual background. A stenographer, with a poor middle class background and a dismissed lower division clerk can try to become high-flying astrologers by playing down or concealing their past. If they had modesty and humility they would not have given such disastrous predictions. It is not necessary to hide one’s past. If someone’s father is a menial servant in a temple and the son does reasonably well one could be proud of it. ‘But to hide this fact, have poorest knowledge of astrology, and poorer command of English and big fraudulent astrological claim must be exposed. They are so badly educated that they cannot understand a fine constitutional point ever. It was been happening always. They court disasters with their wild predictions but cover up their failures. Some of them are in the payrolls of politicians and international espionage gangs. The prediction without any horoscope that in 1991 Jyoti Basu would become the prime minister of India might have belonged to this category. The other prediction given by the editor of an astrological journal that Sonia Gandhi run away in July 1991 (even the date, July 23, was given) was said to be well-rewarded, politically-motivated prediction. Such mercenary and purchasable morality of astrologers is what one must become aware of and become careful.

For the first time such tomfoolery was exposed in this book. I knew and anticipated an attack on me by them. I ignored them. If the cause of astrology is to be served, such charlatans who charge fabulously and cannot even show elementary knowledge of astrology had to be exposed. Intelligent readers of my book told me that the purpose had been well served. They knew how irrational these astrological political predictions had been and how they indulged in gimmicks after their vague predictions failed but which they distorted to show why they were successful. Soon after the publication of the book, one of the frauds who found a mention in the book was dismissed from his job in a hotel. The final purpose of doing it all was best served when some political told me that they appreciated when I told them not to take political predictions seriously.

While the attack was going on, the demand for the book could not be met. So a hurried decision had to be taken by me to bring a reprint of the book.

Besides, with the general election looming, a book of this type has its own value. The public of India must know a dynasty, so viciously promoted, has destroyed democratic values of the country.

It is here that a publisher with poor political anticipations and writer like me richer background differ on the need for the immediate release of the reprint.

Readers who have complained about the non-availability of the book may not feel disappointed now, I hope.


A Note on the Author6
The Nehru Circle11
Political Circle12
Chapter IA Preface in Purely Personal Tones14
Chapter IIThe Aims of Astro-political Portaits29
Chapter IIIThe Astrological Story of the Independence of India31
Chapter IVAstrology and the Nehrus35
Chapter VJawahar Lal Nehru50
Chapter VIThe Idealist69
Chapter VIIThe Nation73
Chapter VIIIA Reappraisal76
Chapter IXAstrological Inevitability80
Chapter XIndira: Some Fleeting Glimpses85
Chapter XIForetold88
Chapter XIIIndira's Dasha Periods108
Chapter XIIIThe Great Luck112
Chapter XIVAstrological Basis of The Predictions118
Chapter XVThe Tenth (The Most Tragic Prediction)132
Chapter XVIINdira: The Spiritual Side138
Chapter XVIIAstrological Inevitability145
Chapter XVIIISanjay Gandhi156
Chapter XIXRajivs Horoscop167
Chapter XXTHe Graveyard of Indian Astrologers176
Chapter XXIIThe Rings of Saturn196
Chapter XXIIIRajiv The Emperor of Iran Dies205
Chapter XXIVAstrological Inevitability208
Chaoter XXVConclusion213
List of Books by Vani Publications219
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