Nectar from Numbers ~Anka Sudhanidhi~ (Transcendental secrets revealed through numerical themes of Vedic philosophy)

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Author: Purushottam Das
Publisher: Jiva Institute, Vrindavan
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 0967038715
Pages: 250
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
Weight 370 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

Preface to Second Edition

Almost 15 years have passed by since the first edition was published. Though fervor to practice authentic devotional service has not altered by the grace of the lord, many things have changed in our life. We have spent several years in the holy dhama seriously studying and trying to imbibe the Gaudiya Vaisnavas' teachings. We have also studied Harinamamrta vyakarana – Sanskrit grammar. During both studies we have come across many original scriptures and have decided to update this book and to reflect what the original scriptures conveyed; consequently, it has enhanced authencity, and usefulness of the book.

The edition has been revised such that it is a complete "face-life" of the original manuscript. Now, it stands as a complete reference book. We have provided brief explanation of each listing instead of just posting them as a "laundry list". Of course, this has resulted in increase in the size of the book considerably; however, it has also made the book an independent reference source. New Microsoft easy. Thus, this new revised edition will be more useful than the previous edition.

When the first edition was first published during the Gaur Purnima festival in 1992, many of Governing Board Commissioners (GBC) of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness members were enthralled by the book. It had so happened that asta sakhis (eight main gopis) were to be installed on the altar very next day, but no one among the GBC's knew the exact position of the main gopis with respect to the position of their Lordship, Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. This Nectar from Numbers book provided that precise information with the original reference so that every one in the assembly was pleased. Since then, this book is known as the "Number Book." It was sold out in less than two years.

Nectar from Numbers contains a wealth of mystical, philosophical and historical references arranged in such a way that both the novice and the well seasoned spiritual aspirant may gleam a depth of knowledge not found in any other single publication. I have personally searched for years. Purchased hundreds of texts, and languished for hours trying to find references that you have now made easily available by just opening your book. From scholars to devotees, everyone will find great sustenance for their intellect and food for their soul among each and every page. Not only a reference text, it is a true labor of love and nectar of illumination found between the numbers of Divinity.

Though the first edition went out of publication in short period, our study combined with additional responsibilities delayed the publication of second edition. We are hoping that this edition will also receive similar response from the readers. However, a caution warrants that some of the conclusions drawn here from the scriptures may not be acceptable to all readers. Please bear in mind that all statements are valid and authentic according to Gaudiya vaisnava's books. Modern scholars consider two great epics and puranas including Bhagavat purana as mythologies, while Vaisnavas treat Bhagavat purana as "cream of Vedas." This book is meant for those who have highest regard for Srimad Bhagavat purana. Readers are encouraged to contact the author for any queries.




The best and easiest way to please the Lord  
Maha-mantra 1
Most munificent incarnation 1
One-letter mantra 1
Original Supreme Lord 1
Primary Veda 2
Supreme scripture 2
Categories of brahmacari 3
Categories of guru 3
Divisions of creation 3
Division of energies, or sakti 4
Divisions of sankhya philosophy 4
Functions of the mind 4
Kinds of conjugal mellows 4
Kinds of devotional practice 4
Kinds of living entities 5
Kinds of maya in terms of Lord's potency 5
Kinds of universal devastations 5
Main personalities in the Bhagavad-gita 5
Meanings of Hari 5
Names of the Lord and goals achieved 6
Path, ways of living 6
Potency of ignorance, avidya 6
Sets of goal 7
Sets of Lord Krsna's expansion 7
Types of atma 7
Types of bhagavata 7
Types of Creators 7
Types of dynasty 8
Types of expansions of the Lord 8
Types of guru 8
Types of mixed-marriage 8
Types of material elements 9
Types of transcendentalists 9
Types of yogic path or ways to leave the body 9
Types of material elements 9
Types of transcendentalists 9
Types of yogic path or ways to leave the body 9
Births of the Lord's doorkeepers, Jaya and Vijaya 11
Births of Vasudeva, Devaki and their son Supreme Lord 11
Bodily features of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu 11
Categories of asat-trsna or unwanted material desires 12
Categories of perfection in devotional service 12
Categories of pure devotees or siddha bhakta 12
Categories of subtle desire 12
Classes of devotees 12
Constituents of a body based on Ayurveda 13
Coverings of living entities 13
Daughters of Svayambhuva-manu and their husbands 13
Deities and results of their worship 14
Destinations of a dead body 14
Dhamas or abode of God 14
Divisions of activities 14
Divisions of energies of the Lord 15
Divisions of Lord Caitanya's pastimes according to Cc 15
Energies or saktis of the Lord 15
False ego in three modes of material nature 15
Guna avataras and their carriers 16
Kinds of chanting 16
Kinds of creation 16
Kinds of persons Sri Krsna consults based on Bhagavatam 16
Modes and its relevant creation 16
Modes of Material Nature, Their Colors and Metals 17
Perspectives about the purposes of Vedas 17
Phases of pranayama 17
Phases of time or Kala 18
Planetary systems within one Brahmanda 18
Powerful impetuses for enhancing bhakti 18
Prasthana-traya 18
Presiding Deities of the modes of nature 18
Presiding Female Deities and Their Potencies 19
Presiding Lords in Jagannatha Puri 19
Principle Reasons for Lord Caitanya's Descent 19
Profession of a vaisya 20
Prominent friends of Sri Krsna in Vrndavana 20
Reaction period of results of action 20
Recommended initiation age for upanayana samskara 20
Sets of energies of the Lord 20
Solitude association for a celibate is forbidden with 21
Spiritual authorities 21
Stages of advancement in mystic yoga 21
Stage of age 21
Stages of creation 22
Stages for development in bhakti 22
Stages of dependence of a woman 22
Transcendentalists and their perceptions 22
Types of activities of mind 22
Types of happiness 23
Types of invocation 23
Types of kama, desires 23
Types of Miseries 23
Types of Miseries 23
Types of Sri Krsna's flutes 24
Types of yoga and its followers 24
Vaisnava views of the pranava, AUM 24
Visnu's expansions in the material world 24
Ways of acquiring knowledge, pramana 25
Most intimate Devotees of Lord Sri Caitanya 27
Anti-effects related to religiosity 29
Asramas and their corresponding duties 29
Associates of Sri Krsna when He stole gopis' clothes 30
Basic bodily demands in human and animal life 30
Causes of Anarthah, unwanted things 30
Characteristics of Absolute Reality 30
A chaste wife's attitude 31
A chaste woman's duties 31
Classifications of pujaris in fire sacrifice 31
Criticisms to a Vaisnava should be avoided 32
Defects of a conditioned soul 32
Designations of material advancement 32
Dhamas, the holy places in India 32
Diplomatic principles for ruling 33
Directions and hidden treasures 33
Divisions of Brahmacarya 33
Expansions of Sri Krsna 33
Kinds of foods and their examples 34
Kinds of householder or Grhastha 34
Kumara 34
Material Miseries 34
Miscreants or duskrtinah 35
Nama-abhasa 35
Nutshell verses of Bhagavad-gita or catuh-sloki 35
Nutshell verses of Bhagavad-gita or catuh-sloki 36
Appearance places of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu 36
Principles of Varnasrama-dharma 36
Residential preferences based on the three modes 37
Sinful effects 37
Sources of physical body 37
Sri Krsna's horses on the chariot when He was in Dvaraka 38
Sri Krsna's garments while He was in Vrndavana 38
Stages of consciousness 38
Stages of a sannyasa 38
Pious people who approach the Supreme Lord 38
Stages of the vanaprastha 39
Subtle senses, their worshipable and presiding Deities 39
Symbols of Lord Narayana held in His lotus hands 39
Symptoms of Kali-yuga 40
The sound component of Aum and their meanings 40
Things Kali-yuga diminishes 40
Types of cosmic annihilations 40
Types of an enemy or satru 41
Types of a follower 41
Types of nayak or hero in a drama or an anecdote 41
Types of vira or brave person in a drama or an anecdote 42
Unwanted things or anarthas 42
Vaisnava sampradayas 43
Varnas or Social Order 43
Varnasrama and their quarantine period 44
Vedas and their propounders 44
Verses that inspired Sri Sukadeva to return 44
Visions of a madhyama-adhikari 45
Wives and children of Arjuna 45
Yugas 45
Arrows of Cupid 47
Articles of worship or pancopacara 47
Aspects of deity worship 48
Auspicious trees 48
Basic subject matters or tattavas of Bhagavad-gita 48
Brahmanical professions 49
Brothers of Nanda Maharaja 49
Categories of secondary mystic perfections 49
Characteristic of intelligence 50
Chaste women known according to Vedic literature 50
Durations and places of Sri Krsna's pastimes 50
Expansions of Lord Balarama 51
Factors required in execution of any action 51
Features of Lord Caitanya 51
Fine limbs of Sri Krsna 52
Forbidden acts in Kali-yuga, kali-varjaya 52
Gross material elements and their qualities 52
Irreligious qualities caused by hoarding gold or wealth 53
Kinds of ingredients, or pancamrta 54
Kinds of miseries, or panca-klesa 54
Kinds of unavoidable killings 54
Knowledge-gathering senses and their objects 55
Large limbs of Sri Krsna 55
Levels of realizations 55
Names of Pandavas' Conchshell 56
Primary rasas in devotional services 56
Prime devotional activities 56
Products of a cow known as panca-gavya 57
Rasapancadhyayi 57
Sons of Draupadi begotten by the Pandavas 57
States of nescience 58
States of suffering or pavarga 58
Teachings of Lord Caitanya through His main associates 59
Types of liberation 59
Working senses 60
Anantas 61
Atatayi or assasins can be killed without karmic reaction 61
Bodily transformations 61
Brahmanical duties 62
Categories of superiors 62
Characteistics of pure devotional service or bhakti 63
Children of Devaki killed by Kamsa 63
Demoniac qualities 64
Devotional exchanges 64
Enemies of a practitioner or a sadhaka 64
Energy centers or Kundalini-cakra in the body 65
Faults that obstruct one's pure devotional service 65
Features of conjugal loving affairs in devotional services 66
Forms of pragmatic political science 66
Goswamis and their temples in Vrndavana 67
Initial Questions by Saunaka Rsi to Suta Goswami 67
Immovable entities 69
Kinds of Incarnations and their examples 70
Offenses or aparadha to a vaisnava 70
Opulences that define Bhagavan 70
A person guilty of an animal killing 71
Persons to whom human beings are indebted 71
Philosophical systems and their propounders 72
Principles favorable for pure devotional service or bhakti 72
Processes of surrender 73
Raised limbs or anga of Sri Krsna 73
Sad-bhuja, the six-armed-form of Lord Caitanya 73
Sad-sandarbhas by Srila Jiva Goswami 73
Sisters of Devaki 74
Species of Life or divisions of living entities 74
Stages of Dhruva Maharaja's yoga practice 75
Urges or vegah 75
Urmies, infirmities 76
Vedanga or auxiliaries of Veda 76
Vedic seasons 76
Associates of the wind-god, Maruda-gana 79
Bath, or snana 79
Ciranjivi, those who have very long life 80
Dhatus of the body 80
Dvipas, or islands, surrounded by oceans 80
Elements of a gross body 81
Feminine qualities 81
Holy Rivers 81
Instructions to be taken 81
Lower planetary systems, or Patala and their governors 82
Means for a successful performance of a sacrifice 82
Moksa-dayika-puri 83
Mothers 83
Natural qualities of a ksatriya 84
Progressive stages of prema 84
Reddish limbs of Lord Krsna 85
Sages during the period of the present Vaivasvata-Manu 85
Singing meters 86
Sun planet and planets underneath Sun 86
Upper planetary system 86
Activities forbidden for a brahmacari or a celibate 87
Astaksara-mantra 87
Asta-kaliya-lila 87
Astanga-yoga 88
Children of Devaki 89
Creations from Brahma's body 90
Deity from pratima 90
Ingredients of arghya water used in deity worship 90
Lotus resemblance, or astakamala on the body of Krsna 91
Main eight gopis and manjaris in yoga-pitha 91
Marriages, or vivaha 91
Paraphernalia of Lord Krsna 92
Presiding Deities of the eight layers of the universe 93
Presiding deities and their directions 93
Primary queens of Sri Krsna 94
Satvika-vikara, symptoms of existential ecstatic love 94
Siddhi 94
Stages of a heroine or Nayika 95
Uncondemnable falsity 96
Varieties of demigods created by Lord Brahma 97
Verses composed by great acaryas, or astakam 97
Bhisma deva's advice to civilized human beings 99
Brahminical qualities 99
Expansions of Lord Hari as the Sungod 100
Gates and directions of a material body 100
Grahas, planets 101
Islands, or Navadipa and corresponding practices 101
Navayogendra and their answers to the King Nimi 101
Philosophical foundations of Gaudiya Vaisnavism 102
Processes of devotional service and perfected devotees 102
Saktis of the Lord 103
Sargah, creations 103
Service to a tulasi, a basil plant brings all auspiciousness 104
Stages of devotional service 105
Symptoms of ecstatic emotions, or bhava 105
Analogy of a body with the chariot 107
Articles of worship, or dasopacara 107
Incarnations, or dasavatara and their pastimes 108
Kinds of air in body 109
Offenses to be avoided in the holy dhama 109
Offenses to the holy name of the Supreme Lord 110
Original sons of Lord Brahma 111
Perceptions of Sri Krsna at Kamsa's wrestling arena 111
Secondary siddhis 112
Sons of Krsna by eight main queens of Dwaraka 112
Topics of Srimad Bhagavatam 113
Names of Lord Rudra 115
Principle Rudras 115
Vedic meters 115
Wives of Lord Rudra, or Rudranis 115
Aditya 117
Articles of worship, dvadasopacara 117
Cantos and chapters of Srimad Bhagavatam 117
Characteristics of soul, atma 118
Confidential associates Gopala of Lord Nityananda 118
Forests of Vrndavana 119
Great personalities, Mahajanah 119
Niyama, prescribed duties 119
Presiding deities and associates of the Sun 120
Primary rasas or transcendental mellows 121
Qualities of a Brahmana 122
Secondary rasas or mellows 123
Twelve Syllable Mantra, Dvadasaksara 124
Vaisnava months, mantras, tilaka, and ekadasi 124
Yama, primary disciplinary principles 125
Zodiac 126
Anubhava, ecstatic symptoms of love 127
Instructions for civilized human beings 128
Witnesses or saksi 129
Different names and places of Maya-devi 131
Manus 132
Manvantaravatara 132
Opulence required to become an emperor of the world 133
Vedic faculties of knowledge, caturdasa vidya 133
Unwanted things arise due to accumulation of money 135
Milking of mother earth by various persons 135
Tithis according to the lunar calendar 137
Articles of worship, or Sodasopacara 139
Kalas of Lord Krsna expressed in Sanskrit vowels 139
Kalas of Lord Krsna 140
Kala of moon 141
Purificatory rites should be performed 141
Spiritual energies of the Lord 142
Limbs of the Lord related to the universe 145
Chapters of the Bhagavad-gita and their verses 147
Doorkeepers of the Lord in pairs 149
Divisions of Vedic knowledge 149
Mahabharata 150
Maharathi sons and grandsons of Krsna 150
Eighteen Major Purana 150
Material contaminations, or Mahadosa 151
Syllable mantra, or Astadasaksara 152
Wives of Vasudeva 152
Marks on the lotus feet of Sri Krsna 153
Marks on the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani 153
Items of knowledge 155
Subject matters of Hari-bhakti-vilasa 157
Gurus of the avadhuta brahmana 159
Names of Lord Visnu 162
~24½ ~
Letters of Kama gayatri mantra correspond to moons the body of Lord Krsna 165
Lila avatarah 167
Elements according to Sankhya-yoga 169
Transcendental qualities of Srimati Radharani 170
Main associates of Lord Krsna in Vraja-mandal 173
Qualities of devotees 174
Different types of demigod worship and the results can be achieved by solely worshipping them. 177
Constellation stars, naksatra 181
Sins and punishments in hellish planets 182
Constellation stars, naksatra 181
Sins and punishments in hellish planets 182
Kalpa of Brahma 187
Principal for civilized life 187
32-letter mahamantra 191
Bathing ghats of the River Yamuna in Vrndavana 191
Offenses on deity-worship 191
Physiolgnomy of a great person 193
Vyabhicari, or subordinate feelings 195
Qualities of a saintly king 199
Arts and science Krsna learned in 64 days 201
Items of deity worship 207
Transcendental qualities of Lord Krsna 212
One hundred life times 219
One who performs one hundred asvamedha yajna 219
Upanisad 221
108 beads on a chanting Japa-mala 221
~Miscellaneous Categories~
Duration of life 223
Vedic concept of Growth of an embryo 224
Vedic time vs. modern time 224
Abbreviations 226
Acknowledgements 288
The Author 229

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