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Navamsha and Female Horoscopy

Navamsha and Female Horoscopy
Item Code: NAO731
Author: R. Nanjundaiah
Publisher: R. Nanjundaiah, Bangalore
Language: English
Edition: 2018
Pages: 52
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.5 inch X 7.0 inch
weight of the book: 110 gms
About The Book

The Navamsha is an important divisional chart without which the study of natal chart for the predictions may not give effective, correct results and misleads the principles of the subject. Any one who is interested in analysing the natal chart has to understand the analysis of navamsha chart also. This book is prepared to enable the learners of astrology and practitioners of astrology, to easily understand the principles of Navamsha and apply the same in practice. This book also contains some principles of Drekkana and Results of Shastiamsha, in addition to Female Astrology. These are very useful for analysing the results of the charts.

About The Author

The author of this book is R. NANJUN DAIAH B.Sc,.B.E.(Mech) is a practicing astrologer, and Faculty at, BJS Bangalore. He is one of the founder Trustee and at present he is a Treasurer of Bharathiya Jyothisha Samsthan, Bangalore. He is also a life member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. He was also a faculty with ICAS , Bangalore chapter .1. He has acquired the astrological knowledge by studying the subject under the guidance of learned, well known, leading, expert Astrologers of the city. He had shown keen interest in Astrology right from boyhood and had experimented many of the principles putting into practice. He had attended many national and international seminars and met many learned astrologers in the different systems of Astrological sciences and I acquired the knowledge of the subject. He has special interest in predictive astrology using Ashtakavarga system of predictions, Horary system of prediction, Application of Divisional charts, Transit results, apart from Vastu Shastra and palmistry etc. He has specialised in the field of horary and Ashtakavarga system.

At present he is teaching the subject related to Astrological Sciences at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan , Bangalore. And the classes are being conducted by Bharathiya Jyothish Samsthan Bangalore. This book on Navamsha and i Female astrology is prepared for the application of Navamsha in predictive astrology with case studies and is very useful for the learners of astrology and also for the practitioners in the field.


  Prayer 3
1 Role of navamshas in predictive astrology 4
2 Marriage — promise of marriage after marriage. 5
3 Classification of navamshas. 7
4 Puskara navamshas. 10
5 Navamsha starts with. 12
6 Drekkana and dhatu —Mula- Jeeva Navamshas 13
7 Classification of Drekkanas 14
8 Results of drekkanas. 16
9 Important Navamshas. 17
10 Results of Vargottama Planets 19
11 Results of 64th navamsha 20
12 Vunerable planets 22
13 Eventful years in ones life. 26
14 Rasi-Tulya navamsha and navamsha Tulya Rasi 29
15 Results of Udit navamshas. 30
16 Results of rising navamsha 32
17 Results of planets in own navamsha 34
18 Results of planets in different navamshas. 35
19 Cause of death. 40
20 Important points. 42
21 Female Horoscopy. 43
22 Results of Shashstiamsha 48

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